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Reborn in Omegaverse as Unrivaled Subdominant

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Author: inflict

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In a world of Alpha, Omega, and Beta... A Sigma was reborn!

"Those gangs attacked me because they thought I am the weakness of Alpha Weifeng? Hah! I could be a weakness to someone but I, Chuntian, certainly am not born as a weakling! I don't want to kill, but, the next time those rascals appear in front of me, I won't hesitate to teach them a good lesson and claim their resources and wealth!"


An accidental death awakened Loraine's consciousness and triggered the cycle of rebirth. She woke up to a world with pheromones called Omegaverse.

In this world, she took the identity of a 16-year-old girl named Chuntian, a pampered eldest child of the Lan Family.

However, this girl manifested the traits of neither Alpha nor Omega. She possessed a unique type of pheromone that was not accepted by the majority. The pheromones of the subdominant.

In terms of pheromones, Alpha had naturally possessive and suppressive traits while Omegas were submissive.

But subdominants have extensive and oppressive pheromones. A profound ability that could potentially challenge the dominants in their society.

This world believed that subdominants were dangerous. A hazardous existence that could cause chaos. Thus, Chuntian had to live away from society.

If this world discovers her ability, she would be captured and will be subjected to different medical experiments.

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The unrivaled inflict once again did an engaging story! I like how lively the writing style is! I think this one will have a long adventure ahead, so I will not comment on the story development yet. Looking forward to more chapters!

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Leaving my mark her for the future... This story is great!! The way this story is written makes me feel like the Author is on cocaine(not in a bad way). The chapters feel swiftly written with the few grammar mistakes here and there, and the main character has such an interesting and wild character that she seems rather entertaining. In fact, many of the next characters feel like that based on their dialogues. The dialogues feel alive, but aim more to the aggressive and direct side, which tells the emotions of the characters vividly. So, in conclusion, it's a gist of good and bad. I'm not sure how the story will continue, but for now, everything seems good except for the few grammar mistakes in the "telling".

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Hello :) Thank you for checking my new novel. Hope you enjoy this journey till the end! Feel free to send powerstone votes and drop a comment or review too! :) Expect: Romance + Action + Family Drama + Strong FL and many more...

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After reading all recent chapters, I think the author calculated well the FL attitude by making her subconsciously self absorb or something in the very first chapter. It does make sense because lone wolf only rely on themselves. I want to read more author. Pls update more. more. more...

View 2 Replies

Dear Immortal Lady, This novel that you've written has piqued thy interest and I couldn't wait to shower you with compliments, "compliments~ compliments~ Take it all!" hehehe. After reading the first 3 chapters, this is my verdict: Writing Quality: Have you seen the clouds in the sky? The writing quality is heavenly~ Story Development: Like the growth of a fair maiden? Something worth admiring for~ Character Design: Like a descent of a meteor. Although it was fast, it'll leave an impression! Particularly the female lead and male lead. Well done! Updating Stability: She's an immortal~ she writes without sleep, or taking a bath? well I hope she updates like the night. World Background: It was so interesting! Particularly the rebirth part, I love the concept! And of course, her new world which is something to look forward to! Overall: The author is beautiful. Sincerely Yours, Immortal Beggar that fell in the stinky pond.

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Great start!✨🏆😻 Its my first time adding Omegaverse novel in my library but I have the general idea. Omega get pregnant regardless if they r boy or girl right? 😅 Hope for more updates on this author 🙏

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I like where the storyline is going. I think their families will clash? Not so sure but I look forward to the time when the meeting of our leads happen. I'm excited how they will meet? please continue your update, author. [img=coins][img=coins][img=update]

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The plot is interesting and I have few giggles while reading the chapters :P. I look forward for more updates of this.

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Rebirth in Omegaverse is interesting premise! I love the story so far. I think this will have unexpected twists and turns and I want to tell the author that I am ready for it! Please update more. I added this in my library to follow Chuntian as subdominant. Will she get pregnant even though she is not fully Omega? ( cough! Am I so ahead? I can't wait author. Lol )

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This storyline and plot have great potential and I like the story. I have this review because the FL and ML finally meet! Hah! May the author update more. Keep it up! More powers! [img=recommend][img=update]

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