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Chapter 14: Aftermath

The family members standing around Theo all had their jaws dropped, as they saw the giant tornado coming down.

The hail storm picked up, as golf sized ice balls started falling. Shattering any car window with their speed.

At this moment, Theo who kept screaming started floating to the air. As his shouts of pain got louder and louder. He still hadn't realized that his enemies were no longer around him.

A surge of wind left his body, as everyone around him were thrown off. Sending them crashing on the nearest trees.

His eyes and body were shrouded with electricity. He looked down, seeing only a couple of blurs. His brain in it's pained state immediately identified them as enemies.

Lifting his hands to his side, lightning started condensing in his palms.

Alice paled seeing this, Edythe soon followed realizing what was about to happen to them by reading Alice's mind.

" ROSALIE! If you don't manage to make your mate see reason. We're all dead!" The ever happy Alice shouted to her sister. Urgence clear in her plea.

" What?!" Asked Rosalie surprised. She was still in shock at how powerful her mate seemed to be. She thought she knew him a little at least. Since they had started dating for only a couple of days. But she never in her wildest dreams would have thought her boyfriend to be this scary.

" Talk to him! I don't have time to explain! Any outcome I see where you don't convince him we're allies turns into blank futures!" Alice shouted. " And blank is not something good!" She added worriedly.

Alice couldn't leave Jasper's side because if she stopped holding him. He would try to suck Theo dry. And the moment he even tries, Jasper gets shot by a lightning bolt, completely disintegrating him.

Edythe who always thought of herself as pretty strong with her gift and had developed a little ego due to it. Finally realized what true power meant. She was scared, every muscle in her body screamed for her to run away. Since she was the fastest of her family. She thought she might have a chance to make it out alive. But her love for them kept her grounded.

Even Emmet who was always eager for a fight. A man who as a human had fought a bear barehanded, was rethinking his fighting chances for the first time in his life.

"Theo!" Rosalie shouted while waving at the screaming teenager who was floating in the air a couple of meters form her.

He looked down, as his electric filled eyes caught her small figure, from the height he was at now. She looked like a simple ant. Something he could easily crush between two of his fingers.

She gulped, loudly to get rid of the accumulating venom in her mouth. Her instinct were on high alert. So her body was ready to defend her anytime with how much venom it kept producing. In addition, some dumb ass had bit her mate robbing him of his humanity and now her and her family were about to be blasted by what could only be described as a vengeful god.

Her day went from one of the best she ever had to the worst in a couple of minutes.

" Theo listen it's me Rosalie! You know your girlfriend." She shouted unsurely as she for the first time felt inferior the longer her eyes held Theo's storm filled ones.

" You remember don't you?" She asked again. Alice kept signalling for her to keep going as her voice seemed to bring him back in control.

Theo's electric filled eyes seemed to start dimming as his eyes now looked a mix of grey and white. Like storm clouds.

" Rosalie? Is that really you?" Theo asked unsurely. From his height she seemed so small. And with the tears that kept flowing out of his eyes due to the constant pain. It was even more blurry.

" Yes it's m....*BOOOOOOM*" Rosalie was interrupted and sent flying as the giant tornado Theo had summoned unconsciously finally entered in collision with the floor.

Rosalie shout of pain, immediately reignited Theo's rage as he thought she was under attack. This time completely losing himself to the pain and rage he was feeling. His hand extended forward as lightning started falling from the sky.

Lightning bolts started flying everywhere as the Cullens immediately picked up Rosalie and started running away as far away from Theo as possible.

(A/N For people thinking it isn't possible to be blinded by rage and pain. I'm here to tell you, that you actually can. It happened to me once. Where I got extremely mad at someone during a fist fight. If my friends hadn't noticed and stopped me I would've probably have caused someone irreversible brain damage. It's like you blank out, and let your emotions take control of your movements. And when your fit of rage stops you realize how fucked up what you were doing was. Like for me, stomping someone head on the concrete. Not a good thing to do 😅. I thankfully don't live that type of life anymore. So yeah that's what is happening to Theo. Why the extensive explanation, it was to answer the numerous questions that were about to be asked. And no I do not encourage violence. Ans I'm not bragging in any way shape or form. It's actually quite sad that I have to justify myself this much and I'm pretty sure there will still be some hate.)


(3 days later)

The burning pain I was feeling all over my body finally stopped. And as soon as it did. I finally managed to start thinking clearly.

Looking around me I realized I was in what looked like the inside of a Tornado.

I immediately controlled my powers and made it stop.

The tornado could be seen slowly flowing back into the clouds. But what seemed even stranger was how slow it seemed.

I looked around me, and was mesmerized by how slow the leafs seemed to fall and how slow the giant red truck seemed to be falling in my direction.

In my panicked state I raised my hand to block the vehicle that was coming down from the sky, only to find myself lifting it. Looking strangely at my arm that seemed to be holding the massive truck in the air with ease. I started examining it, a strange bite mark was situated in my forearm.

The memories of what happened before I lost complete control of myself seemed to finally come back to me. As I now fully understood the strange phenomenon I was living.

I had become a vampire.

Dropping the massive truck in front of me, I noticed the bent in the shape of my hand print on the spot where I caught it.

'Mhm? This truck seems familiar?' I thought.

Flipping the truck back on it's wheels, I gasped in shock as I realized to who it belonged to.

It was Bella's Truck, I immediately started panicking. Thinking of the worst possible outcomes.

Not knowing where exactIy I was. I took to the sky and started looking around for the nearest sign of civilization.

While flying I started feeling a strange burning sensation in my throat.

'Damn! I can't go back to civilization if I'm thirsty I'll end up causing a blood bath' I thought. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I started looking around the forest while flying for any big animal to take care of my hunger. Since most animals had the instinct to run away from any natural disasters it took me a couple of minutes of flying around juste to spot a moose.

I immediately flew down at incredible speed, exceeding any I've ever flew at. Since for the first time my eyesight, reflexes and body could keep up with the strain of flying at high speed.

Leaving behind me a supersonic boom, as I for the first time I broke the sound barrier.

The moose couldn't even react in time as I had already sank my arms around his body and slammed him to the ground. Before sinking my teeth into his neck.

My instinct seemed to take over me as my eyes darkened and I seemed to be in some sort of trance. The blood of the moose tasted really good. I wonder what humans would taste like. I'll have to ask Carlisle for some blood bags and if he refuses I'll just steal some from the hospital. I could even go after murderers and rapist but I'll first have to get used to taking a life.

Just killing this innocent goose made me feel a little guilty, but animals were always viewed as a source of food to me. So I could easily cope with the change of diet without a problem.

Now if I start with only drinking blood bags, slowly I would start seeing humans as a source of food as well. But in the time being I know I won't be able to stomach killing a human, even the scummiest of them all. Since it still goes against my values and I still view myself as a human being.

Finishing off drinking the moose in what felt like 2 minutes. I got up and took flight again, this time looking for a river. I was full of mud, blood and had some tree branches stuck in my hair. I needed a small shower to get the filth away. Since I couldn't just waltz in a city looking all bloodied, people would immediately start asking questions.

Not even 30 seconds into the air I spotted a fall and flew down to take a quick shower under it.

5 minutes later, I was completely clean. My clothes were still a mess and I had no T-shirt on but I at least managed to get all the blood out.

I took to the sky this time looking for any sign of civilization so I could learn where exactly I was.

After a short 5 minute flight I arrived at what seemed to be a closed coffee shop. Near a highway.

Looking at it's insignia I read, ' Tim Hortons'.

"What the fuck am I doing in Canada?" I thought out loud.

I heard rattling sound coming from the back of the coffee shop. I quickly flew down on the roof of the shop, and checked where the sound was coming from.

Finding a teenage girl, opening the shop. With her hands fidgeting from the cold. Hmm, I didn't realize how cold it was. I must look strange with no T-shirt on.

I silently jumped down and landed behind her, before coughing in my hand slightly. *hmm*hmm*.

" AAAAAA!" The 17 years old looking girl shouted dropping her keys in the process as she turned around and started looking at me with a scared expression.

I couldn't hold it in seeing her scared expression and just started laughing.

The girl visibly relaxed and just looked warily at me before asking. " What can I help you with? The shop isn't open yet? So you'll have to wait for a couple of minutes outside."

" No I'm not here for coffee, I'm kind of lost. And would like direction to the nearest city." I said as I calmed down from my fit of laughter.

The young women seemed mesmerized by my voice and looks as she visibly blushed.

Leading me to hearing her quickening hearth and the flowing blood inside her veins. I felt the familiar burn in my throat due to hunger. But manager to ignore it.

" Well you just have to drive that way for about 30 minutes and you'll be in Victoria." She replied as she started playing with her hair.

" Well thanks for the help. I'll be going then." I said before turning around and walking away toward the parking lot. She assumed I had drove a car here, so she didn't ask about my lack of T-shirt. Which meant I had to play it off to not arouse suspicion.

The moment I was out of her eyesight, I took to the sky. Following the directions I was given, I quickly arrived in what looked like a port city. Not a lot of people were outside their homes as it was still early in the morning.

I flew to what looked like a library and broke in using the wind in the other side of the window to open it from the inside.

Before closing the window behind me. Not hearing any alarms I assumed I was in the clear and made my way to one of their computers.

I booted it and searched for a way home. Victoria is the nearest Canadian city to Port Angeles. Only a short 25 miles away, so it would only take me a 2 minute flight at the speed of sound and I would be back in Port Angeles. Which is 45 miles away from Forks. So a grand total of ~6 minutes and I would be back home.

Satisfied with my finding, I quickly left the Library and flew toward my home. Praying along the way that my accidental rampage didn't injure my family.

6 minutes later, I stood in front of what was left of my house. The house was completely destroyed. I couldn't feel my feet under me anymore as I felt my eyes fill up with tears that would never fall.

I slumped my body heavily on the ground as I started wailing in regret and self despair.

A roaring engine, took my attention away from the broken house. Turning in direction of the sound, I saw the red convertible Rosalie drove make its way in front of the debris. Before stopping.

Rosalie left her car and slowly walked toward me before enveloping me in a hug.

" It's all right, everything is going to be ok." She said soothingly. " I know you feel strange, and have this unnerving feeling of burning thirst. Let me help you."

I looked back at my destroyed house not knowing what to say. She seemed to understand me as she reassured me. " Don't worry about your family, they're all okay. They took shelter in my house."

Hope come back to me, as I embraced her tightly in my arms out of joy and relief. Not feelings as guilty as I was.

" You might want to restrain your strength or you might break me." She said feelings herself being squeezed in my arms.

Realizing I was a new born and I could break her if I wasn't careful I released her from my embrace and sat in front of her on the pavement.

" I think I owe you an explanations." I stated seriously now that I knew my family was safe I wanted for Rosalie and I to clear the web of lies. Even if just a little.

" Yes, you do!" She said with a slight glare. Seeing as I wasn't making any excuses for myself. She continued, " But if anything, we both do." She admitted with a resigned sigh.

" Let's go talk in a more private setting I feel like this is going to be a long conversation. And I don't want to have it sitting on the pavement." I said with a slight smile, trying to lighten the mood.

She smiled at me before taking my hand lifting me up from the pavement. Before walking by my side to her car.

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