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Chapter 13: Confrontation


" Who are you?" I asked furiously.

" Oh me, nobody. But you have garnered the attention of certain people. And they need your help." The voice said in a crazy like tone.

" And what makes you think I would help you?" I seethed.

" Well it's either you help us, or your sister is dead." He replied gleefully.


"Well it's either you help us, or your sister is dead."He replied gleefully.

I grit my teeth in anger before replying," what do you want?"

" Simple, we need your abilities." The individual said in a singsong tone.

"What abilities are you talking about?" I asked hoping he wasn't after me for my powers.

" Don't play dumb with me kid. I can break your sisters throat in the time it takes for you to blink!" He said in anger.

" IF YOU LAY A FING..." I started saying in anger but was interrupted.

"Calm down, I'm currently in your room. Your sister doesn't even know of my presence in the house." He said.

" I have in my company a couple of people that are interested in meeting you, we'll be waiting." He added before hanging up.

I looked at Rosalie who seemed shell shocked even if she tried her best to make it look like she wasn't hearing everything that was said.

I'm pretty sure everyone in their household had sharp enough of a hearing, to hear both the anonymous speaker and I conversation clearly.

I didn't realise how angry I truly was till I looked at Rosalie who seemed to visibly flinch at my sight, my eyes were crackling with electrcity as the biggest storm forks had ever known was brewing.

The groans of the house could be heard as outside some trees started to fall due to the wind pressure.

I tried to calm myself down but I just couldn't, I was angry and scared. Angry at this random intruder and at my own naivety for thinking the story would go excatly as shown in the movies. And scared at what might happen to my sister and father if I don't make it home fast enough.

" Theo what's wrong with your eyes? Are you allright?" asked Rosalie.

" Sorry Rose, something important came up I have to go." I said as I started walking hastly toward her bedroom door and opened it forcefully not minding closing it behind me as I left her room.

As I exited her room, I was met with the whole Cullen's who all had their eyes wide when seeing my eyes sparkle with electricity.

I tried to calm myself down and keep my powers contained, If my rage kept increasing I might accidently end up causing a cyclone or a tornado.

" Theo are you allright? What is going on?" asked a worried Alice.

" Alice, please get out of my way. I don't have time to talk right now." I said as I forcefully pushed her and her family out of my way.

I made my way to the door, the cullens following after me and pestering me with questions along the way. But all I could hear, was the intruders mocking tone, echo in my head. And by the velvety sound of his voice, I was pretty sure he was a vampire or some other supernatural creature.

As I made it through their door, I concentrated a large gust of wind at my feet and propelled myself in the air at high speed. Leaving at their door step the Cullens who all had their jaws dropped at my flying figure.

I didn't care about keeping secrets at the moment, I'll I cared about was protecting my family at all cost. Whatever comes after is for future me to take care of.

As I was flying toward my house, I kept thinking of who might want my abilities. And kept always coming to one conclusion the Volturi.

I finally made it in front of my house, and dropped to the ground in the forest near it. Not to bring any unnessesary attention to myself.

I took my phone out of my pocket and called Bella's phone. Wanting them as far from my family as possible if anything were to go wrong.

" Are you here yet?" The same voice said in a bored tone. " My companions and I are getting more and more hungry we might decide to snack on your sister." The voice said clear amusement in his voice.

His statement confirmed that they were vampires, human blood drinking vampires.

"Come to the forest near my house I'll be waiting for you there." I said before hanging up. Not in the mood to hear anymore of his playfulness in a situation so serious to me.

A couple of seconds after hanging up, 3 blurs came running out of my window, before stopping and smelling the air lightyly to find my exact location.

The three men, then ran in straight line in my direction before stopping in front of me. The moment I laid my eyes on them.

My heart started pumping blood faster into my body as I recognized two of the vampires in front of me. And managed to have a slight idea of why they were after me.

The one I didn't recognize had a playfull smile and was jugling with Bella's phone in his hands. Identifying him as the secret caller.

While the two other vampires I recognized as Vladimir and Stefan from the Romanian Coven. They were both seated on top of a tree trunk, that fell due to the storm I was unconsiously producing.

" So here is the wonder boy, you guys have tasked me to find." The unkown vampire said while gesturing theatrically at me.

" He is special indeed." Vladimir said as he approached me while glancing into my eyes who were still sparkling with lightning.

" What are you people and what do you want?" I asked keeping the facade of not knowing they were vampires.

" We are what your kind call vampires." Vladimir said. " As for what we want from you? It's simple we need your gift to win a certain war." He finished.

" A war? I don't want anything to do with a war. And what are those gifts you people are talking about." I said while keeping a defensive stance. I wanted to gather as much information, before a fight erupted. While also stalling hoping I would get some help from my girlfriends family.

" We know you can fly and shoot lightning bolts, and with your eyes like that it's not easy to hide." Vladimir said.

"And besides it's not like you have much of a choice." Stefan added from his side. " You either help or your family gets slauthered."

" Stefan! You need to be more welcoming. He's about to be our guest after all." Vladimir chided before turning his attention back to me.

" How about this? In exchange of helping us we can offer you immortality." Vladimir offered. His offer was tempting I could just become a vampire and betray them. Not that I really cared about any of them.

" Why all the talking, you guys promised me one of the 3 Volturi's thrones at your sides. If I help you find gifted individuals. We are future rulers!" exclaimed the unkown vampire before disappearing from my view and lifting me up, by the throat.

" And as rulers! WE TAKE WHAT WE WANT!" He exclaimed crazily.

I grabbed the hand on my throat with my right hand, and let my anger flood into my system.

I concentrated on dropping the temperature around me, as the rain that was falling started to turn into hail. I could shatter the hand he was holding me with, if I used my Quake ability. But it won't stop him from killing me right after. I needed him to be distracted. And I needed a way to stall both vampires that were with him.

Stefan and Vladimir who saw him lifting me like some ragdoll got mad at him. " Vasile! Drop the boy." Commanded Vladimir as he crouched ready to pounce on the now named Vasile.

" You guys are boring, all I have to do is bite him. And a sire bond would link him to our Coven. So why all the talking. We can train him overtime, till he learns obediance!" Vasile snarled at them.

Before turning toward me and giving me a menacing look, he proceeded to open his mouth and approach his head to my throat in a biting motion.

I extended my left hand in front of me and pushed his face away from my neck. Trying to entice him into biting into my arm rather than my neck. Which would leave me in a vulnerable position.

Vasile took the bait and proceeded to bite me on my left hand.

Having his jaw locked in my hand, Vasile went into a sort of trance at the taste of my blood. Making him unable to react to anything I was planning to do to him.

I grasped his head with the hand he was biting and wrapped my other hand's fingers on the arm he was using to strangle me.

Before englobing them in a white Quake-sphere. Both Stefan and Vladimir who were about to pounce on him, stopped moving in wonder at my unkown ability, that they were witnessing for the first time.

I made sure to englobe his whole head and arm that was strangling me in my Quake spheres before bursting them.

Vasile seemed to realize what was about to happen to him, when the pressure around his head and arm increased dramatically and as he felt the particles constituting his bodyparts shake ominously. He was about to crush my neck with his arm to prevent me from demolishing him.

But he was too late as his head and arm shattered into thousands of pieces. Making the rest of his body stop responding and stop moving like some statue.

No matter vampire or human, without a brain to command the body, he couldn't move.

At the same time I concentrated on the hail that I made fall on purpose and started englobing both vampires in a thick layer of ice. I knew they would be able to break through it with ease.

But all I wanted was to stall them so I could take flight. And once in the air I was invincible.

The loss of Vasile hand on my throat, made me drop the ground gasping for air. I knew I was still in a dangerous situation and wanted to fly up as fast as possible to finish the two other vampires.

As I was about to stand back up and take flight. To start my lightning assault on Vladimir and Stefan.

A seering pain made it's way through my left arm. Making me grab onto it and grunt in pain. The venom Vasile had poured in my system was already starting to act.

It felt like someone was boiling my blood, and making it course into me.

I wanted to tear my arm off if it could lessen the insurmountable pain.

Stefan and Vladimir, were shell shocked at the situation. Never in their wildest dreams would they have thought a human could vanquish a vampire so easily. To them vampire where made to rule over humans while human were mere cattles to them. A source of food, like cows or plants.

With me squirming in pain on the ground they had all the time in the world to break through their ice confines. They both seemed more cautious of me. As they had a slight fear in their eyes.

"Incredible Stefan! Did you see this, such potential! With him in our side the Volturi has no chance of winning! We can reclaim what was once ours!" Vladimir said with glee as he spat the name of the Volturi like it dirited his mouth to speak about them.

Vladimir approached me cautiously this time, afraid I might have another gift he didn't know about.

Vasile's report was already wrong. The only knowledge he had of me was my ability to shoot lightgning and fly. Nothing else. And in a mere couple of seconds he saw me seemingly affect the wheater with my mood, squash a vampire diamond like body with a simple touch and encase them in ice instantly.

To him I was a dangerous weapon, and I needed to be treated with caution.

" Don't go near him Vladimir. He destroyed Vasile with a single touch." Stefan warned as he saw his long life companion approach my crouching figure.

Still wriggling on the ground due to the pain, every time I tried concentrating on the wind to make myself fly away from them. I would lose control due to the immense pain I was being put through. My clothes were dirtied from all the rain, hail and strong winds. And even the soothing cold feeling it usually brought me to be in a storm couldn't extinguish the lava like burn I felt in my blood.

Vladimir, took a couple more steps toward me before he was sent flying into a tree. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

*CRACK* a loud thunder like strike was heard, as Rosalie appeared in a blur of speed seemingly coming out of nowhere.

Followed by a second *Crack* sending Stefan into a tree near his friend. Leaving in its place a crouching Edythe.

" Theo! Are you Okay?" Rosalie asked worriedly as she made her way to my side in a blur of speed. While crouching next to my figure.

" Damn Rosalie, to think you would beat me in a contest of speed. You must really care for the guy?" Edythe said trying to lighten the mood.

The pain was so intense and seemed to still be continuously rising, that I couldn't even feel or hear my surrounding anymore. The moment I flet a cold hand touch me, I instinctively cocked my right hand back and sent a punch to the person who touched me.

A loud *carck* was heard and fortunately for Rosalie and unfortunately for me, I couldn't concentrate well enough on my powers and only ended up sending a normal punch in what felt like marble. Resulting in a broken knuckle on my part. Which only made me scream in more pain.

Through all the pain, I kept one clear goal in mind and it was to keep my control in check at all times. And after that last strike, I lost it all.

A giant blob of clouds in rotation, started falling from the sky. As the pressure of the wind started increasing. Trees, started getting uprooted from the ground and took to the sky. As they seemed to be sucked into the forming tornado.

Vladimir and Stefan who immediately got up after being struck were about to rush back in to snatch me, but were intercepted by the 7 vampires that appeared in the clearing.

Alice was stroking Jasper soothingly trying her best to make him resist the smell of my blood that kept pouring out of my right arm.

Emmet walked next to Edythe with a huge grin seemingly ready for a good fight.

While Carlisle was hurriedly walking toward me, to assess my situation. With Esme at his side wanting to comfort Rosalie who seemed to be in shock when she noticed the bite mark on my arm.

Seeing as they were outnumbered Vladimir and Stefan ran away promising to themselves that they would return to get their prised weapon against the Volturi.

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