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16.97% Reborn: Super God of War / Chapter 102: Empathetic Person's Hood (Legendary Fragment)

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Chapter 102: Empathetic Person's Hood (Legendary Fragment)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


Lin Jie stared at his experience bar, it started to move so much that it was visible to the naked eye. In the blink of an eye, it started to crazily increase, only stopping until it reached 80%!

The clone of a Light Hero that had yet to complete her training had such a huge amount of experience points! If he could kill Yatasha… Lin Jie shook his head, if he really did that, the Priest army that had lost a Light Hero would most likely kill him, right?

If the Light Hero of a job died, it would result in the effects of the job's skills to decrease significantly, and by that time, Lin Jie would really be hunted down by the Holy Church's allied forces.

After Yatasha died, a helmet that looked like an old and worn-out hood was dropped. Also, there was a Holy Essence.

[Empathetic Person's Hood] (Legendary Fragment)

No job restriction

Requires: Level 0

Defense: 20-25

Health Points: +150

Mana: +350

Additional effect: The Healing Spells that you channel and the Healing Effects you receive are both increased by 30%.

Additional effect: Blessing Skill. Carries out judgment every 10 seconds, 20% chance of enhancing oneself by one of the blessings, level 2 Strength Blessing, level 2 Wisdom Blessing, level 2 Angel Blessing, level 2 Weapon Blessing, level 2 Protection Blessing, level 2 Shield Blessing.

Note: Empathetic Person's Hood is unable to unleash all of its strength, you need to find ???, ??? then can you unleash its attributes.

Legendary Fragment! Lin Jie's pupils constricted, but it was such a pity that the equipment was a cloth armor. Although Warriors could equip it too, after all, the effects were not as practical as heavy armors.

The defense augment of cloth armors was too low! Also, 350 mana was simply a waste of resource on Lin Jie.

He tried equipping the hood, switching with his original equipment. Lin Jie's weapon shone a golden light, which was the effects of the weapon blessing that increased 10 points of Critical Hit Damage and 10 points of attack lower limit. It was one of the most widely used concentrated blessings.

Temporarily treating it as equipment that added buff was not bad either.


At the periphery of the forest, as though throwing a flash bomb in the dark night, the light ray was directly projected towards the Ninth Heaven!

Yatasha's clone was killed by Lin Jie, and thus her ability was influenced. That attack just now must have been the Light Sword Saint's move!

Lin Jie stored his spoils away and hurriedly ran towards the direction of the target.

"Darkness must be eradicated, you are too soft-hearted, it is also a sign you have fallen." Mogata lifted his Great Sword that was a total of two meters long and pressed it onto Yatasha's neck. "Don't come and stop me again!"

As he finished, the aura of his sword suddenly skyrocketed hundreds of yards, nearly obliterating the whole forest.

If that attack landed, who knew how many living creatures would die, even undeads!

"Stop…" Yatasha stretched out her right hand weakly. On her tender white palm appeared a small chain, just barely stopping Mogata with great difficulty.

"Fool." Mogata's flexed his muscles, and the chain broke. Yatasha spat out a mouthful of blood instantly.

Lin Jie stared at the scene, resisting the urge to rush up there. 'How could it be like this? That is the blood that a Light Hero had spat out! It's good stuff that can allow one to create potions past one's level! How can it be wasted like that! Such a waste, such a waste! If only I could take a bottle and rush up there to fill it up with blood, how good would that be, hehe.'

At that moment, the light sword in Mogata's hand had already condensed to the maximum, and he screamed loudly as he slashed out.

Lin Jie hurriedly knelt down, only to see a sharp sword aura slashed past the tip of his head. Countless big trees fell together with a loud sound and mourning sounds could be heard one after another.

Countless of undeads died, and many innocent villagers also fell under the sword.

"Cleaning complete!" Mogata fangs could be seen as he smiled. "Darkness should be executed!

"Esteem Lord Sword Saint," Lin Jie only voiced out now, he said, "Lord Commander Tyrese wishes to obtain your help, please join the War of Light."

Mogata looked at Lin Jie with disdain. "I can. However, you have to complete my mission."

"What mission?"

"Kill this woman," Mogata said coldly, "The law of Light does not allow me to kill her, but you can, Warrior, I will seal her strength, bring her corpse and come find me!"

—'You have accepted the mission [For the sake of Light]."

Mogata used his sword to slit another cut on Yatasha again, and then he slashed open space before leaving.

Lin Jie checked Yatasha's stats.

Yatasha that was on the verge of death: Level???, Health Points: 1/???


Lin Jie violently gulped down his saliva, killing her clone alone could even drop Legendary Fragments, if he killed her… would Legendary Equipment be directly dropped?

Legendary, the super equipment that had not appeared even in the whole seven years of Lin Jie's previous life! It was known to be the equipment that was able to annihilate thousands of enemies!

"I have fought for Light and kindness for all my life, but I have never thought I would die by the hands of Light." Yatasha closed her eyes in sorrow.

Lin Jie's was struggling crazily internally.

'Kill her! Consecutively break through tens of levels, legendary equipment, what mission do you still need to do? You'll directly become invincible, kill!' said a voice.

'Yes, yes that's right, kill!' said another voice.

A shred of craze flashed in Lin Jie's eyes, killing a Hero! No one had done so even in the past seven years of his previous life — it was a golden opportunity placed right in front of him!

Even if killing her could cause imponderable consequences in the future, he could still profit, right?

With benefits right in front of him, Lin Jie was as though a crazed gambler at this moment.


Suddenly, a horrifying sound could be heard, and an ice lance pierced through the air towards Lin Jie!

Lin Jie hurriedly dodged it, a biting cold air swept pass Lin Jie's face and allowed his brain that was muddled by greed to gradually cool down.

In the distance, a Mage figure stayed there for a few seconds, then disappeared and left.

"Who was that guy?" Lin Jie touched his face, his health bar quickly recovered back to full health, and the Lin Jie that calmed down was carefully considering the pros and cons. Killing her would most likely change the story's trajectory. In his previous life, Yatasha had played quite a huge role in many important big future events.

After a total of 10 minutes, Lin Jie finally decided.

Not to kill her!

Returning after rebirth, Lin Jie's biggest advantage was knowing the future. If he changed it himself, wasn't it putting a noose around his own neck?

Yatasha closed her eyes slightly, prepared to welcome death, but she did not expect her body to become warmer gradually.

She opened her eyes, and this Warrior, who was like a Devil, had actually placed her clone's Light Essence into her hands. Her health bar recovered by tens of thousands every second.

In the blink of an eye, she recovered fully.

"You…" Yatasha was a little moved, but she quickly said, "Don't think just this alone can change your nature."

Lin Jie shrugged his shoulders. "I was just saving humans only."

Yatasha lowered her head in silence, she murmured, "Undeads, maybe they also had some conscience."

Lin Jie kept silent, people with different principles could never work together, and that was such an example.

"Tyrese requested you to find Mogata? Looks like an uprising occurred at the Devils Fork, right?" asked Yatasha.


Yatasha bit her lower lip and said after a long while, "I will report to Tyrese. Warrior, if you have some conscience, I hope that you can stop killing the innocent."

"I only kill those who should be killed," replied Lin Jie calmly.

She slit open the teleportation circle, then turned around and said, "To heal his own injuries, Mogata is searching for a huge amount of Primordial armors. I know of something that could heal him, it is deep within the main hall of Solomon's Temple."

With those words, Yatasha planned to make an elegant exit by entering the teleportation circle.

"Hey, little sister!" Lin Jie suddenly shouted, "I saved you, aren't you going to give me some compensation?"

Yatasha's face turned red and took out a talisman. "For you."

—'You have received the Rebirth Talisman.'

"Also, my red name!" Lin Jie pointed at his head. "Your curse has made me hated by everyone, you can help me remove it now, right?"

"You… are not allowed to wantonly kill people anymore." Yatasha waved her hand and removed the red name.

"Thank you, little sister, give me a little more…"

Yatasha ran into the teleportation circle swiftly as if she was about to fly. She actually fled.

Lin Jie almost had his nose out of joint from anger. 'I should have seized the chance to steal all your items when you were still weak.'

However, very quickly, a few system prompt messages dispelled his unhappiness.

—'You have successfully invited Yatasha to join the War of Light! You have received 150,000 experience points, Guild of Light reputation 10 points, War of Light 200 points!'

—'You have leveled up to level 13! You have received 5 free stat points and 2 fixed stat points.'

Lin Jie's eyes nearly popped out, 200 Light points!

—'You are now placed first on the War of Light points ranking, do you wish to reveal your name?'

Lin Jie thought for a while and put on his Hermit Helmet, and then he chose yes!

First Place: Codename Lone Wolf, Light points 200!

What did 200 Light points represent? Having a comparison, the second place was the level ranking's first place, Fire French Small Beef with 41 Light points.

That was the disparity!

The War of Light points ranking recorded the first 10 players with the most Light points. It was the battlefield of many Workshops and Guilds where they fought for a spot in it. After appearing on the ranking, whether it was accepting missions or the direct transaction of Light points - which was selling of items redeemed - was quite a good choice.

The benefits Yatasha gave him were not only these but also the talisman in his hand. It was akin to Divine equipment.

[Rebirth Tailsman]: Special Item (Special Items can only be used once, this would be the same for all subsequent Special Items), revives on the spot after death, no loss of experience points or equipment, and receives 30% increase to movement speed and upper limit health bar augment, lasts for 10 minutes.

In Lin Jie's previous life, the number of revival-type items could be counted in one hand! At least, in those seven years, Lin Jie had never used such a luxurious item.

That Rebirth Talisman was the best out of the best.

Meanwhile, Lin Jie's name that was red for almost a month also finally returned to normal.

That was not the main focus. Remember when Lin Jie was at the Holy Church praying, he received the perverted Bishop's blessing [Empathy] status?

[Empathy]: The Holy Light forgive sinners. Your evil score is decreased by 100.

Now, Lin Jie's evil score was already 0 points, Empathy's effects had a fundamental change! Now all humanoid living creatures' favorability towards him had increased by 100 points!

What was that concept? That meant that even if Lin Jie entered Qifeng Mountain for the first time, he would not be attacked by bandits.

That meant Lin Jie could enter and exit neutral tribes freely!

That meant the trip to Solomon had some hope of success!

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