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Chapter 101: Killing the Clone

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The sound of the flute playing came to an abrupt stop, and the only sound left was the collision of the undeads' jawbones, making it seem comical yet frightening.

"Hello, stranger that came from afar." Kahn looked at Lin Jie's direction and waved his hand. "I know your purpose of coming, but I still wish for you to maintain respect for the undeads too."

Lin Jie walked out from within the forest and said respectfully, "Within undeads, they could also be split into good and evil. I have conversed with the Lich Head Allaso, it was he that taught me this."

Kahn's eyes flashed a shred of a thoughtful expression.

—'Your favorability in the eyes of Immortal Youngster Kahn has increased by 100.'

"Young warrior, what is your purpose for coming here?" asked Kahn, "To recruit me as cannon fodder for the War of Light?"

Lin Jie nodded his head. "Yes."

"Hahaha, I like your straightforwardness." Kahn suddenly started floating. He did not have legs, it was empty below his waist area. He laughed as he said, "Tyrese that stubborn old woman isn't as cute as you, this is my reply, you can bring it to find Tyrese."

—'You have gotten Kahn's letter, return and pass it to the Commander.'

After acquiring the letter, Lin Jie tore apart the returning scroll and was back at the City of Light, but he did not pass the letter to Tyrese as it was that letter which was the most important item!

Lin Jie came to the surrounding of the Holy Church, which was the place where the Holy Light was the densest.

—'Do you want to open Kahn's letter?'


Lin Jie tore open the letter in one shot and a ghastly dark fog permeated from the letter.

"Young man, you shouldn't have been so impetuous…" Kahn's phantom appeared, and the many Priest guards turned pale with fear. Holy Light and Holy Flame landed in abundance, dispersing the phantom.

The content words gradually appeared.

'Beautiful Tyrese, I believe you still remember me. An uprising had occurred at the Devils Fork, you need a considerable number of people. However, just relying on those people that have not reached the level of a hero is not enough to match the darkness. This warrior has received my approval, I hope you can give him the mission. This is the locations where the four Warrior Heroes last wandered…'

'You have viewed Kahn's letter and learned of the existence of Warrior Heroes. They can assist to confront the Devils! You must find them. You have taken the letter for yourself and decided to depend on yourself to single-handedly find the four Heroes."

—'You have accepted the mission [Four Sword Saints].'

'Mission acquired!'

The reason why Lin Jie did not hand the letter to Tyrese was that after he gave the letter to her, he could only accept the mission [Find the Three Sword Saints].

Although that difficulty was also extremely high and, rewards were rich, but after all, it was not as important as finding the four Sword Saints.

As for the reason… as everyone knew, the stronger the strength of the female Paladins, the thicker their hymen, and Commander Tyrese's first boyfriend was our great Wind Rider Sword Saint!

That pitiful Sword Saint, after he dedicated all his strength to seal the Devils Fork, a certain part had decreased in ability that caused both of them to separate and go their own ways.

Therefore, Tyrese had a weird attitude to the Wind Rider Sword Saint, so players that went to find her would only be given the mission to find the other three Sword Saints.

Finding the four Sword Saints mission did not belong to the general plot mission, but it belonged to the players' autonomous activating-type mission, and the rewards would be even richer.


"Fu Sheng, should I do the War of Light mission?" Netherblue sent a message to ask. "I found an unexplored map, I don't know which to choose."

Lin Jie thought for a while, then he sent the material he sorted out the previous night and said, "Let Qiu Yuan, Bu Yi, Water, the three of them to follow the hints on the material to do the mission. If they could gather a complete set before the enormous dungeon is released, it would be advantageous towards getting dungeon first clears."

"Dungeon first clear?" Netherblue was a bit excited.

"Yes, there is a huge difference between the dungeons in the enormous dungeon. At that time, we would still need to cooperate," Lin Jie smiled as he said, " Stop all matters such as exploring unexplored maps, focus on clearing missions. In at most half a month, the dungeon will be released, make good use of your time."


Lin Jie returned to the Sky Provisions Shop. The Level 2 Provisions shop became more high class after exquisite renovation.

After entering the shop, the congested crowd nearly squeezed Lin Jie out.

Seeing Seven Ears strolling behind the counter, Lin Jie went up to him, "You are so free."

Seven Ears smiled bitterly. "With Bella at the counter, it's not like I can do anything anymore."

"Cough, gender advantage," said Lin Jie awkwardly, looking inside from the outer ring.

Bella saw Lin Jie from far away and gave a charming smile. Now, she no longer relied on exposing here and there to attract players, and her outstanding sales ability could also let Seven Ears be promoted to the boss behind the scene.

"Boss, after a while, you will need to recruit some Potioneers," Seven Ears said, "The expansion pack is coming soon, and the demand for potions will increase greatly."

"You take full charge of it, I'll just be a hands-off owner and leave everything to you, hahaha." Lin Jie laughed. He only needed to give them the overall direction, and the rest could be completely handed over to Seven Ears to handle.

Lin Jie went up to the second floor, and after he used the materials that were bought previously to create the Berserker Potions, he then opened the letter and studied the direction of the mission detailedly. Finally, he locked on his target to Prague City!

Lin Jie's two old friends were there—Light Sword Saint Mogata and Priest Hero Yatasha!


Forest of Thorns.

It was the only road which must be passed if one wanted to make their way from Prague City to Ramos Town. It was full of thorns, even if one wore heavy armor, they would also receive 30 points of damage per second.

That was a natural barrier that NPCs could rarely pass.

Every day, there would be hundreds of NPCs that would have their legs injured, in addition to the uprising of the Devils Fork, the thorns were also infected by the power of the Devils. Many of the villagers that were cut by the thorns had become zombies.

Creak…. Creak….

The thorns pierced into the rotten soles of the undeads, and then hideously pierced out from the instep of the foot, it was an extremely shocking scene.

Rotten Leg Undead: Level 16 Undead, Health Points: 1,900

To find the Light Sword Saint, firstly one had to find the meddlesome Yatasha. As to how one could lure her out, that method, Lin Jie had much experience in it.


Using Forward Charge, Lin Jie who had Feather Drop Gem could ignore the thorny terrain and easily travel through the thorny bushes with sharp spikes. His Broken Blade slashed at the undead's head.

Before attacking, Lin Jie had already drunk the low-level Berserker Potion, his muscles were faintly filled with torridity.

Army Obliteration!



-412! (Critical Hit!)

The undead's health bar was instantly emptied to half.

The Broken Blade and Withered Leaf Sword followed up with the hot pursuit and pierced through the undead's rotten heart. Before the Withered Leaf Sword was pulled out, Lin Jie realized that his Broken Blade's cooldown had already ended, which was a pleasant surprise.

That was the powerful point of the Wolf Run Swordsmanship! Increasing movement speed by 15% in the battle, the effectiveness of killing monsters was extremely high, and it could even take the opponent by surprise in PK.

There was an abundance of blood as Blood Soul Multi-Slash was activated. The near 1,000 points of damage directly slashed the Thorny Undeads into pieces.

Lin Jie's EXP bar increased by about 0.01%, the number of experience points the Thorny Undeads provided was quite a lot. After picking up the Undead Hand Bone that was dropped, Lin Jie continued the massacre.

The wails of the Thorny Undeads reverberated around Lin Jie's ear, and he got more excited as he continued killing.

At that moment, two townsfolk walked there and tried to get to the opposite side. Just as they raised their legs, the thorns that were like poison snakes immediately slit open the villagers' feet.


A dark air surged from the villagers' bodies, and they started to mutate!

Lin Jie was quick with his hands and was sharp-sighted. He immediately activated Hunter's Forward Charge and Weakness Exploit, taking advantage of before they could finish mutating and directly killing them.


A loud sound could be heard, Holy Judgement descended! Lin Jie was stunned.

"You again!" barked Yatasha. Her fingertips could not help but start trembling. "You devil! Is my judgment to you still not enough to awaken your conscience?"

Light Priest Hero Yatasha had appeared!

She could still reluctantly accept Lin Jie slaughtering undeads, but now that he was killing a person right in front of her face, how could the soft-hearted little loli stand that?

According to her character, at that moment, it was perfectly normal even if she directly used Soul Cage to lock Lin Jie up for a few hours. However, Yatasha only cursed Lin Jie angrily, but she did not channel any divine spells.

According to the timeline, the Yatasha now was fighting with the Sword Saint Mogata that was slaying evil beings everywhere!

Both of them were people that advocated Light to the extreme! Yatasha was too kind, so kind that she thought undeads also belonged to Light; Mogata, on the other hand, was overly extreme, obsessed with slaughtering dark-type monsters endlessly.

Now, both of them were in confrontation! Therefore, the one that came was Yatasha's clone, just how much capability could a clone have? She was just a small Priest, even if she would be the Light Hero in the future, she did not have much powerful strength now.

Lin Jie threw an Inspect spell to her.

Priest Yatasha: Level 20 Priest, Health Points: 12,000

As expected, Lin Jie's eyeballs turned, and in his heart, a bold idea was brewed.

Hunter's Forward Charge!

Lin Jie turned his body into a shadowy black figure. As swift and sudden as lightning, he attacked Yatasha, and it was a critical hit. Flame Boost was activated, and Blade Aura was attached to it, as he aimed at Yatasha's clone and slashed down!


"You devil!" Yatasha was furious, she waved her staff, and the Holy Light torrent that was like huge waves smashed Lin Jie, knocking him off his feet!


Lin Jie's health bar immediately dropped dangerously low! However, Yatasha did not kill him. Even though she thought that Lin Jie was a devil, one should not forget that this woman was such a kind-hearted Priest that she would not even kill undeads.

Lin Jie pushed his luck and activated Death Rage and Blood Power, his attack instantly breaking through 500 points!

Forward Charge!

With sharp, powerful force, the Broken Blade directly pierced into Yatasha's heart.

-1015! (Critical Hit)

Yatasha's pupils constricted, just as she was about to make a move, she saw that Lin Jie's health bar was almost empty so she angrily stopped her move, hoping that the Holy Judgment could quickly cooldown, wanting to control him.

She raised her hand and used a Healing Spell on herself.


'This abnormally strong little loli!' Lin Jie howled in his heart.

Lin Jie had nothing to fear, the Withered Leaf Sword followed the momentum and blood splattered all around, Blood Essence flew out and condensed within Lin Jie's body.

"Stop, human!" Yatasha shouted loudly, using Healing Spell on herself non-stop.

Lin Jie's muscles were filled with ecstasy. Even if combo strikes were easily interrupted, the Blood Essence's strength continuously surged towards his muscles and his attack power value broke through crazily! 600 points! 700 points! 1,000 points!

Lin Jie attacked crazily. He wanted to grasp every bone in Yatasha's body within his hands, then pierce through that heart which could increase combo strikes again!

That frightening and crazy attack continued for a total of 30 minutes!

Not far away, a Mage that was looking for the mission target all around looked at the Warrior within the thorny bushes in astonishment.

"See if you can continue to regen? Die!"

With a yell from Lin Jie, the Broken Blade's blood reservoir was vigorously filled to the maximum!

Blood Soul Multi-Slash!



30 minutes of stacking, in addition to the enhancement of attack by Blood Soul Multi-Slash, Lin Jie finally killed Yatasha's clone instantly!

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