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35.71% Reborn to Meet 7 Princes / Chapter 10: Am I Wrong

Am I Wrong - Reborn to Meet 7 Princes - Chapter 10 by IceCream_Girl full book limited free

Chapter 10: Am I Wrong

"Excuse me," Miyoung says to a passing girl servant, "Where is the courtyard for the Hwarang task?"

The servant blushes as she points to the left, "It's just down this path and to your left."

Miyoung flashes a smile.

"Thank you."

The servant's face turns a tomato red, and she hurries away.

Taeyang slaps Miyoung on the back.

"Jun, my man. You're popular among the ladies I see."

Miyoung smiles. .

"Probably not as popular as you Taeyang."

"Of course not," Taeyang says, "I'm pretty sure that this handsome face of mine is much more popular than yours."

Miyoung slaps him.

"So arrogant and vain aren't we?"

Taeyang shrugs, "What's wrong with being arrogant and vain?"

Miyoung fumesssssssssss.

"UGHHH! You're despicable!"

"I'll take that as a compliment."

By the time they've stopped bickering, they've arrived at the courtyard where the first task or test for being a Hwarang will be held.

The two are greeted by an eunuch who will be in charge of giving the test.

"I don't believe that the others will come anytime soon," Miyoung says.

"Yep," Taeyang says, "They're probably just getting their food right now."

The eunuch, who had been listening to their conversation, decides to join the conversation.

"You mean to say that all the ones that completed the first task this morning have just gotten to the cafeteria to eat."

Miyoung nods.

"When we were leaving the cafeteria to come here, they had just gotten to the cafeteria."

The eunuch sighs.

"Since you two are the only ones here as of right now, I don't see why I can't give you the task to complete."

"What are we gonna do?" Taeyang asks excitedly.

"You must play an instrument," the eunuch says.

At the word instrument the two freeze.

'Do you know how to play an instrument?' Miyoung mouths.

'A little bit. . . .' Taeyang mouths back.

"What instruments can we choose to play from?" Miyoung asks.

The eunuch claps his hands, and servants bring in at least twenty different instruments.

Taeyang sees the drums and breathes a sigh of relief.

[I should be fine. I can play a sick beat on the drums.]

When Miyoung sees the zither, she has this odd feeling.

[Have I played a zither before? I don't think so. . .]

"Whatcha gonna play Taeyang?"

"Imma play the drums, brother. What about you?"

"I might play the zither, but I'm not really sure yet."

"Well," Taeyang says, "Doesn't hurt to try right?"

Miyoung nods, her coffee colored eyes uncertain.

Taeyang brushes back his bluish black hair away from his eyes, and raises his hands.

"Eunuch! Can I start now?"

The eunuch nods.

Taeyang raises the drum sticks (no, not chicken), above his head, and strikes the drum.

(It'd be pretty funny though if he did play the drums with chicken drumsticks though.)

His bluish black hair bounces up and down as he strikes the drums again and again. The sound that comes from the drum makes it seem like Taeyang has been playing the drums all of his life. The steady beat, and the occasional trills here and there definitely show that Taeyang is not new to playing the drums. After he has striked the last note, Taeyang sets down the drumsticks, wiping his sweaty forehead, brushing his hair aside. His golden eyes find the eunuch in charge of the test.

"Was that good enough eunuch?"

The eunuch, in a daze, snaps out of it hearing Taeyang's voice.

"Huh? Oh, yes, that was wonderful! You pass to the next round. Now, it's your friends turn."

[Screw it.] Miyoung thinks. [Let's just play the zither.]

Bringing the zither to the center of the courtyard, Miyoung sits down with the zither resting upon her lap.

[Let's do this, Miyoung.]

Just before she's about to strum the zither, she feels a sharp pain in the back of her head. Memories start to rush through. She sees the other Miyoung playing the zither, her hands gliding over the strings. She hears the songs, and can visualize herself playing the stringed instrument.

[So I did play the zither before. Now then, let's knock some people's shoes off.]

By now, some of the other competitors have just reached the courtyard. They surround the center of the courtyard, waiting to see what kind of skills Miyoung has.

Miyoung raises her hands then sweeps them over the strings. Her hands, fast and nimble, pluck the strings of the zither, creating a pleasant melody. The song she's playing is fast and difficult, requiring her hands to travel up and down the strings. Her hands move rapidly, plucking string after string, bringing the song to life. And when she plays the last note, all those that have gathered are speechless.

[How? How is he so good?]

"How was that Eunuch?"

The eunuch is at a loss for words.

"It was perfect, perfect young man."

Miyoung sets the zither back in its place and bows.

"Thank you for the compliment Eunuch."

Miyoung signals Taeyang.

"Well then, my friend and I will be off. We'll see those of you that have passed tomorrow." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Miyoung and Taeyang walk out, and the other competitors look around nervously.

[We don't stand a chance do we?]

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