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10.71% Reborn to Meet 7 Princes / Chapter 3: Dionysus

Dionysus - Reborn to Meet 7 Princes - Chapter 3 by IceCream_Girl full book limited free

Chapter 3: Dionysus

Miyoung wakes up yet again, feeling sharp pain to her head.

[UGHHHH. Huh?]

Miyoung feels another wave of pain as she sees all the memories of the other Miyoung pass through her mind.

[Hmmm. . . . . So this Miyoung is part of a distinguished noble family, but that noble family was murdered. So, she's going to the capital in order to get the King's help. Well, might as well grant this girl's last wish of getting revenge. After all I did take her body. . . .]

She sits up in a bed that makes her skin itch. She scratches her arm and looks down to find herself in a bed of. . . hay.

[No wonder I'm so itchy, I've been lying in a bed of hay. Wonderful. Just wonderful.]

After she has overcome the struggle of getting out of the hay, Miyoung looks at her outfit.

[Oh great.]

Rolling her eyes as she fingers with the traditional Korean dress, a hanbok.

[This is just wonderful. Not only did I wake up in hay, but I'm in ancient Korean times?]

Brushing herself off, Miyoung walks out of the stable. More like attempts to. She doesn't even get halfway out of the barn before tripping, and landing on her face. The horses even laugh at her, their cheerful whinnies echoing throughout the barn. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Hey, don't laugh at a girl for trying," She yells at the nearest horse. "It's a lot harder than it looks."

The horse, with a black coat, snorts.

"You can't even say anything," Miyoung retorts.

As she makes her way through the barn, her thoughts keep returning to that horse.

[I swear. That horse was rolling its eyes, and not just rolling its eyes, but it was laughing at me too!]

Miyoung trips again, and the neighs of the horses sound again.

[I swear. They're just watching me to get a good laugh!!!]

After she trips the third time, and still hasn't made any progress in exiting the stable, Miyoung loses it.

[That's it, screw being a girl. If I have to walk around in this fluffy, heavy thing, you can forget it. I'm gonna crossdress because there is no way in Hell, in HELL that I'm going to walk around in a hanbok and trip literally every single second. I'll literally be the laughing stock of the era.]

Making her way back to the back of the stables, Miyoung starts searching for a boy's hanbok.

Opening a door in the back of the stables, she finds a room filled with a variety of hanboks as well as boots.


Closing the door behind her, Miyoung starts to look through the hanboks. Settling on a light blue hanbok, Miyoung quickly changes into her new clothes. Having previously been part of a criminal hunting organization, there were times that she was required to cross dress. Thus, cross dressing was something she was comfortable with.

After slipping the last layer of clothing on, she pulls back her hair into a bun like the men of this age. Pulling on the smallest pair of boots, she also grabs a bag that was in the room along with the bag of coins that was hidden behind some of the clothes.

[Dear, God. Forgive me, but I'm trying to survive here. Please forgive my sins, and I'll do my best to repent.]

This time she makes it out of the stable. . . . Without tripping.

Outside of the stable, she finds a stable boy. She taps him on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, but is that black horse for sale?"

"Oh," the stable boy says, "That trouble maker? My master would probably give him to you for free. No one likes that horse. Wait here for a bit, I'll get my master."

Miyoung waits kicking a couple rocks on the ground. Hearing footsteps approach, she sees the stable boy and a middle aged man wearing a light purple hanbok walking together.

Bowing, Miyoung greets the man.

The man returns her greeting similarly.

"You wanted to take that trouble maker of a horse?"

Miyoung nods.

"You can have him then," the man says, waving the sleeve of his purple hanbok, "I'd be glad if you could take that horse off my hands."

"Thank you," Miyoung says, as she bows to show her gratitude.

The man turns to the boy, "EunTaek, go grab that horse and give this young fellow a saddle, reins, and a whip."

The young boy scurries off.

The man turns back towards Miyoung.

"I've never seen you around. Are you from outside of *Silla?"

Miyoung nods, her once auburn hair, now a black with natural brown highlights.

"I've just come to the country."

"You speak our language quite well," the man compliments. "I'm sure, you'll find Silla to be an amazing place."

Hearing the whinny of a horse, the two see that the stable boy has returned with the troublesome horse barely under his control.

Miyoung walks over, and takes the reins from the boy.

"Thank you."

Looking at the man in the purple hanbok, Miyoung speaks, "Where is the nearest city?"

"It'll be a little bit down that way," the man says pointing to the dirt road ahead. "If you follow that path, it'll lead you to the capital city which isn't to far from here. I suggest that a young lad like you go to the capital. You'll have a better chance finding a job and opportunities. If you maintain a good speed, you should be at the capital by sunset."

She thanks the stable boy's master, then hops onto the horse, and urges the horse into a trot. Giving the boy and the middle aged man one last glance, she bows before she and her black stallion take off..

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