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42.85% Reborn to Meet 7 Princes / Chapter 12: Run

Reborn to Meet 7 Princes Chapter 12 - Run

Chapter 12: Run

"You excited Jun?"

"For what?"

"Did you know that today is the final round of the competition?"


"Didn't you notice that a lot of the competitors have been sent home?"

"I haven't been paying attention Taeyang."

"You should be!! If we pass the final round today, not only will be known as part of the Hwarang, but we'll also be able to serve the princes first hand."


"Oh, come on! Give me a reaction or something Jun!!''

"Let's just get ready Taeyang, that way we can finish first."


Miyoung draws her hair back into a tight bun upon her head, pushing the hairpin through her hair.

Taeyang has also just finished fixing his hair.

"Finished Jun?"

"Yep ready to go?"

Taeyang nods.

The duo walks out into the courtyard just as the gong starts to sound.

The eunuch sees them, and tells them where their final test is being held.

"Today your final test is being held outside of the palace. Get your horse ready along with a bow, and a weapon of your choice."

"Thank you," Taeyang and Miyoung say before bolting towards the stables.

Once near the stables, Miyoung whistles.

"GoSaeng," She shouts. She then turns to Taeyang, "I'll grab your horse, get our weapons."

Taeyang nods, running off to a different side of the stable where the weapons are displayed.

GoSaeng runs out from the stable, and Miyoung quickly hops into the saddle. She whistles again, and Taeyang's horse trots out of the stable. Bending down in the saddle, she reaches down and grabs the Taeyang's horse's reins. She urges GoSaeng into a trot, and it's not long before she sees Taeyang, running with weapons in hand, towards her. Taeyang hands Miyoung a bow, and a whip. Miyoung slips the quiver and bow onto her back, and wraps the whip around her wrist. Taeyang jumps into the saddle, a sword on his hip, and the bow and quiver on his back.

"Let's go," Taeyang says.

Miyoung nods.

The two urge their horses into a gallop after getting directions from an Eunuch. Exiting the palace, the two race through the crowded streets, gathering attention of many.

"Are those some of the new Hwarang?" One says.

"They're really handsome," says another.

"I wonder where their headed. . . ."

Miyoung ignores all the compliments, while Taeyang, winks and waves as he passes by.

Miyoung rolls her eyes.

"Such an attention seeker, aren't you?"

"The people love me, I don't know what you're talking about Jun." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After they've gotten through all the crowded streets, the duo finds themselves in an open pasture.

An eunuch greets them.

"Today your test to become both a Hwarang and a bodyguard of the princes is to defeat the enemy force that has entered Silla. Good luck."

The eunuch runs off, leaving Miyoung and Taeyang alone.

"Should we wait for others to arrive?" Miyoung asks.

"We'll wait for now, but if the enemy gets to close then we have to engage."

Miyoung nods.

The duo waits. And waits. And waits.

Soon, they are joined by a several other competitors.

Miyoung and Taeyang turn their horses around to face the other competitors.

"What are your names?" Miyoung asks.

A man with hazel eyes, that had yet to lose his baby face was the first to reply to Miyoung's question.

"I'm Choi Min."

Another competitor who was clearly a nervous wreck, was second to respond.

His dark brown eyes darted around nervously as he replied to Miyoung's question.

"I'm Lee Baekho."

Two competitors, clearly twins, with light brown hair, and dark hazel eyes confidently meet Miyoung's eyes and responded to her question.

"We're Park Suho, and Park Suwon."

And the last competitor who had dark brown eyes that are almost black, and raven black hair, bows to Miyoung.

"I'm Kim Hyunwook."

Taeyang clears his throat.

"Ahem. I'm sure that you've all been informed of what we are supposed to do. We must take down the enemy. Some of you may not look up to the task, but there is a reason we are all here. Each of us passed the other two rounds, so you probably are qualified enough to help us win this fight."

Pointing to Miyoung,Taeyoung introduces her, "This is Park Jun, and I'm Cho Taeyang. I'll be in charge, and Jun will be my second in command. Any objections?"

"Why can't I be the leader," Min (Baby-Face) asks.

"Who's finished all of the tasks first?" Taeyang asks raising his eyebrows.

"You two have," Min replies.

"Exactly," Taeyang says, "Miyoung go out and see how far the enemy is from the town."

"Yes bro," Miyoung says.

She urges GoSaeng into a gallop. She approaches the top of the hill and she can see the enemy's forces drawing near.

[They're almost to the hill! I must go tell Taeyang.]

"Hya!" Miyoung says, to GoSaeng. Urging him once again into a gallop. The two fly through the grass back to Taeyang's side. Pulling hard on the reins, Miyoung gets GoSaeng to stop, sending dirt and grass flying.

"How far are they?" Taeyang asks.

"Just behind the hill." Miyoung gulps. "They've got lots of people Taeyang. Lots of people.."

IceCream_Girl IceCream_Girl

In the lyrics it says

"Make me run more" or something like that, but like these people got to literally run and for their lives.

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