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14.28% Reborn to Pamper My Husband / Chapter 2: The Supreme Being

The Supreme Being - Reborn to Pamper My Husband - Chapter 2 by Ashhvnii full book limited free

Chapter 2: The Supreme Being

As her body blast into hundreds of pieces along with everyone in the building, Xiao Hui felt herself, or to be more accurate, she felt her soul to be squeezed out and fell into a bottomless abyss.

She didn't know for how long she fell but when she stopped, she found herself amidst bright light and nothingness. She frantically looked around but there was nothing to see or look at. Her soul was floating but there was no air, no land, and no sky. It was just like a brightly lit room without walls or anything.

"Is it the place where everyone goes after they dies?", voiced out Li Xiao Hui.

"No", said a melodic voice. Xiao Hui looked around and saw nobody. She couldn't seem to comprehend the direction that the voice came from.

"Who are you? And where are you?", asked Xiao Hui, not sure if she really heard someone or not. Suddenly a warm ball of light passed Xiao Hui's soul and stood in front of her. The ball of light then transformed into a beautiful being with long white hairs and green eyes. He looked so divine that Xiao Hui felt herself staring at the man non-stop.

"If you've stared enough, let's talk business.", said the beautiful being. Xiao Hui came back to her senses and seriously looked at the man in front of her. Although his hair and beard is completely white, he doesn't look old at all. His skin is more tender than that of a baby.

"I can hear you alright lady. What's wrong with having a baby like skin? HUH?", asked the man in an unsatisfied tone.

" can hear my thoughts?", asked Xiao Hui in disbelief.

"Of course, I am an immortal. How can I not? And if you can please focus on the main point here?", replied the immortal man.

"You are an immortal being? How cool! Ah yes, the main point. Yes, where is this place? Why am I here? And where is Xuan Juan Yu? Yes, Xuan Juan Yu, I have to find him. I need to accompany him.", said Xiao Hui. As soon as she remembered all that happened before she died, she felt herself drowning in sorrow. She goes back and forth trying to go somewhere but couldn't go. She just frantically looked around to search the sight of the man that died for her.

"Do you have the right to accompany him?", asked the immortal man. As soon as she heard this, Xiao Hui got stunned at one place and her self pity and sorrow turned into extreme guilt. 'Yes, how could she have the right to be at his side.', thought Xiao Hui mockingly.

"Yes, you are right. You don't deserve to be at his side. But I am going to give you a chance to be at his side anyway.", said the man which made Xiao Hui turned to look at him in disbelief searching for any sign of lie. After registering the man's words in her mind, she asked "Can I really return to his side?"

"Do I look that free to you to come here to entertain you with my jokes?", said the man in a taunting tone.

Xiao Hui didn't pay any attention to his mockery and goes to his side and asked seriously, "What do I need to do to return to his side?"

Xiao Hui is not sure what the man means by saying he'll give her a chance to be by Juan Yu's side. But it didn't matter. Whatever it is, in whatever form it is, in whatever situation it is, she's willing. She's willing to do anything and everything to be by his side so that she could atone her mistakes.

"Can you stop thinking and listen to what I am saying?", the man said obviously irritated.

"Yes, yes, please continue the immortal supreme being.", replied Xiao Hui extra sweetly with a deep bow, which definitely pleased the man as a charming smile is plastered on his face.

"So as I was saying, I will give you a second chance and send you to the past so that you can right all your wrongs. Can you do it?", explained the man with a tinge of doubt.

After listening to the man's words, Xiao Hui's mind went blank for a few minutes. 'Can I really do it? Can I change his misfortunes and love him back?', Xiao Hui questioned herself.

"If you fail to complete the task I am giving to you, your soul will be perished forever, never to be reborn again. So think carefully before replying. Once you go back in time, you have no other option than to succeed. Because I am going against the cycle of nature to reverse the wheel of time for you. You can also choose to not go and atone for your mistakes of this lifetime in your upcoming lives. The choice is yours.", explained the immortal man.

After hearing all this, one thing is very clear to Xiao Hui and that is, the man in front of her is definitely the God. Who else can turn the wheel of time. But what she didn't understand was that why is she being given this opportunity? She doesn't deserve it and she's sure of it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Like I said before, of course you don't deserve it. But it's good that you at least have self realization.

Why am I giving this chance to you, you ask? This is solely because of Xuan Juan Yu. If he doesn't get his love in this lifetime also, then he'll be too pitiful.", clarified the man. "What do you mean by 'if he doesn't get his love in this lifetime also'?", asked Xiao Hui.

"Did I really created you this dumb? Or else how could you've lived your life so pathetic? My bad, huh. What I said is what I exactly mean. This was his last life. If he doesn't get his love in this lifetime also then his sorrow and heartbreak will disturb the balance of nature. Nobody's fate is as cruel as that of Juan Yu's, but it somehow happened anyway. So your job is what you promised before you died. Your only job is to love him unconditionally and pamper him all his life. He should feel being loved his entire life and that is what he deserved in all of his lives, but never got. Once you return, you have to make sure you accomplish this task wholeheartedly.", further explained the supreme being.

After listening to all these information, Xiao Hui is even more heartbroken for Juan Yu. Her guilt is piercing her heart over and over. After calming herself a little, she looked at the man in the eye and determinedly said, "I will go back and fulfill my last words no matter what. But before that let me ask you, if you knew he deserves to be loved in all his lifetimes, why did you not interfere with his fate before and made him live a fulfilling life?"

"Ahem", coughed the man after hearing her question. "You don't have to know any other things than what I have already told you. Just go and do your part well." After saying this, he gestured her to leave with his hand and she disappeared even before she could comprehend his words.

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