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25.69% Records of the Weakest Emperor / Chapter 64: A Secret to Remember

A Secret to Remember - Records of the Weakest Emperor - Chapter 64 by TheAdventurer full book limited free

Chapter 64: A Secret to Remember

"Sniff... Sniff..."

Sobbing and whimpering sounds rang out within Calvin's mind. The spirit of the Notebook of Secrets That Will Destroy Your Life had entered Calvin's glabella and was now crying his eyes out.

He officiated the recently concluded graduation ceremony.

Calvin could still remember the stern look of encouragement on his face as he ruffled the hairs of the children. Earlier, Calvin had admired the spirit for having a heart of steel. In fact, he had even doubted if the spirit could even feel sadness.

But at this moment, his theories collapsed.

The seriousness on the spirit's face earlier was nothing but a mere facade.

When the children disappeared to reincarnate, he rushed into Calvin's glabella and started bawling. Crying itself wasn't really a problem for Calvin, but his cries sounded obnoxious to the extent that Calvin couldn't help it anymore.

"Man, can you shut up? Just how old are you? To think that you could cry like a child!" Calvin commented. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Shut up! That's the last thing that I want to hear from you, you cry-baby! Do you really think that I didn't know that you were crying in your sleep earlier? Hmmph! Crying from a nightmare..."

"What a joke!"

"What? Do you want mommy to sleep with you so the bad guys can't get you while you sleep?!"

The spirit retaliated with a sharp jab.

Calvin replied, "At least, I wasn't whimpering like what you are doing right now!"


The spirit was infuriated and it threatened to leave Calvin's glabella so that it could send even a single punch right across Calvin's cheeky face.

But after its burst of anger, silence descended in the room.

A school without any students was without life.

Both the spirit and Calvin could feel that.

Letting out a sigh, Calvin suddenly asked the spirit, "Are you the one that healed my left hand?"

"Yeah..." The spirit replied, "Be grateful that I fixed that arm of yours! You really went too far this time! If not for the fact that I was there to save your arm in time, then you would've been forced to amputate it!"

Calvin nodded, "Thanks."

He felt grateful to the spirit.

He knew that he had indeed gone too far earlier. However, if he didn't use that Combat Art earlier, then the battle would've lasted longer and Calvin could've died before he could scratch those demons. What he did was a high risk, high-reward maneuver, and in the end, he got his rewards.

If he didn't kill those two on time, then he would've collapsed from blood loss.

He had sacrificed the blood on his left arm to the Goddess so that he could enhance his physical abilities after all.

The spirit may have prevented enough blood loss so that his left arm wouldn't die and be amputated but his right arm was still broken from using the Rozenstruik Empire's Hand-to-hand Combat Arts.

"Thankfully, everything went well..." Calvin lightly chuckled, "Hey!"

Calvin suddenly raised his volume.

"What is it?" The spirit realized that Calvin was talking to him.

Well, there was no one in this school apart from him and Calvin.

"Can you tell me your name already?"

"Oh, my name?"

"Yeah... I need to have something that I can use to call you."

"That makes sense, all right... Hmmm... Let me see... I guess you can call me Dandelion."

"Dandelion? That's such a peculiar name for an ancient spirit. A flower? Is it your favorite flower?"

Calvin asked while he walked along the school corridors. He swept his gaze across the school.

Finally, he had some time to admire the scenery.

He was tense the whole time ever since he arrived at this school.

But now that everything was over, he could finally relax.

In fact, he even felt like whistling some tunes as he walked on the dark school corridor.

"What if it's my favorite flower? Is there something wrong?"

"Not really, there's nothing strange about it."

"It's good that you understand." The spirit lightly chuckled.

"So, should I call you Dandelion from now on?" Calvin asked once more.

"Yeah, go ahead. Dandelion shall be my new name."


Just as the spirit felt proud of his name, Calvin suddenly interjected.

"You're my Blessed Artifact, right? In other words, I should be the one that gets to decide about your name!"

"What?! You... Don't you dare change my name!"

"From now on, I shall give you the name..." Calvin purposely lengthened the end of his sentence. The spirit was now making a ruckus inside Calvin's mind, making him feel somewhat dizzy as he lightly chortled.

"Hahaha... All right, all right... I won't go and change your name, okay? It'd be sad if I change it when you clearly like and love dandelions!" Calvin praised.

"Fuck off!" Dandelion barked.

"Is that how you should speak to your master?" Calvin raised an eyebrow, looking somewhat angry.

"Hmmph! The deal is that I will become your Blessed Artifact once we are out of here! But we're still here! In other words, I'm still an independent spirit! I am a master of myself and a slave of no one!" The spirit proudly said.

Calvin pondered for a moment before he gave a cheeky smile, "Is that so? Then, you don't want to hear any secrets from me anymore?"



The spirit of the Notebook of Secrets That Will Destroy Your Life craved secrets more than anything in this world. Before Calvin came here, it understood that it was impossible for it to know any substantial secrets out of the souls of these demons and students.

But now that Calvin was here... He was actually trying to deprive him of what he wanted?

That was basically the same as dangling a bottle of water in front of a man dying from thirst and quickly chugging that water down before the man could get to it!

How cruel and inhumane!

Calvin saw the spirit's heartbroken expression and he couldn't help but chuckle, "Oh, what's wrong? Could it be that you want my earth-breaking, life-ruining secrets?"

"But what should we do? You're still not my Blessed Artifact! You can't just expect me to tell you one of my secrets! Once the word goes out, they can potentially ruin my life!"

Calvin lifted a teasing smile on his face.

The spirit went silent and didn't reply anymore.

But his silence evoked louder laughter from Calvin.

This spirt... He's too amusing!

Calvin felt as if he had discovered a new toy.

He kept on teasing the spirit until he had reached the exit of the school.

Opening the doors, a bright light flashed across his face for a moment before he suddenly found himself standing in a bathroom stall.


"I'm back?"

The air was now incomparably heavy and turbid, so Calvin discovered that he had teleported to another place.

He turned to look at his left hand since it seemed to be holding something.

There, he found the ancient notebook that he had longed for.

The Notebook of Secrets That Will Destroy Your Life!

"Finally... It's mine!" Calvin inwardly exclaimed.

"Shut up and write the next secret already! How long are you going to make me wait?"

The spirit's irritated voice rang within Calvin's mind.

"Oh, Dandelion? You're there?"

"No shit, detective. I'm here... Hurry up and write something! I can't control my cravings anymore!" Dandelion's voice seemed to be tinged with madness. Calvin didn't dare to delay any longer. He used his broken right arm as a stand for the notebook and while enduring the pain and gnashing his teeth.

He wrote...

[The Goddess of Compassion and Light, 'Her' Highness often wears knee socks and likes to be dominated...]

Calvin wrote so fast that he didn't discover just what kind of a secret he had revealed to the Notebook of Secrets That Will Destroy Your Life. By the time that he was done searching through his murky memories and writing on the notebook as fast as he could, the words that he had written, now had a word next to it written in a pink-colored font.

Verified <3

A heart symbol was even added next to the word.

This was true, a secret that could not only ruin Calvin's life...

But could also ruin his chances of ever reincarnating in the future when he died.

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