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24.9% Records of the Weakest Emperor / Chapter 62: An Excellent Duo

An Excellent Duo - Records of the Weakest Emperor - Chapter 62 by TheAdventurer full book limited free

Chapter 62: An Excellent Duo

Back then, Calvin's class was considered to be the weakest class out of all classes in existence.

He couldn't wield a sword for his class didn't permit him to do so.

A pen couldn't fight a sword.

That was a given.

But did Calvin give up his pursuit of strength?

Of course, not!

Calvin learned and mastered several dozens of martial arts in the previous timeline.

But there was a particular martial art that he loved the most for it was the most devastating martial art of all time.

It was the exclusive martial arts reserved only for the noble children and blood of the Rozenstruik Empire.

The Rozenstruik Empire's Imperial Hand-To-Hand Combat Arts.

This martial art was suitable for Calvin since it involved no other weapons but one's body and fists.

Of course, it had a physical harsh requirement but the desperate Calvin back then could care less.

He tempered his own body in all sorts of ways until his body became as sturdy as steel and his fists as devastating as cannons.

The Rozenstruik Empire's Imperial Hand-To-Hand Combat Arts demanded powerful physiques from its users for it completely harnessed the potential of one's body.

A single punch may not look that powerful but under this martial art, a simple punch could equal the power of a hundred average martial artists.

One must not use this Combat Art if their bodies weren't sufficiently powerful.

Else, a backlash would happen.

Calvin successfully enhanced his physical body to that more than an average mortal, but he was still too weak for the Rozenstruik Empire's Imperial Hand-To-Hand Combat Arts.

He managed to generate a force similar to that of a bullet with a single punch, but in exchange.

He broke all the bones in his right hand.

Calvin sucked a mouthful of cold air as he endured the sharp pain, but in the very next moment...

That sharp pain had disappeared, he couldn't feel his right arm anymore.

But was Calvin in regret?

Of course, not!

He had calculated that only the Rozenstruik Empire's Imperial Hand-To-Hand Combat Art could produce enough force for him to send sir Reyes to his death due to the fact that his physical body wasn't powerful enough. If he used another combat art, then he reckoned that it wouldn't be as strong as the Rozenstruik Empire's Hand-To-Hand Combat Art.

Calvin acted fast and without hesitation.

He didn't care that there was a chance that he couldn't use his hand anymore in the future.

He clenched his fist and sent a powerful punch at sir Reyes's jaw, sending his head flying upwards back to the trajectory of the silver sword.

Blood drenched the ground and a dull thud rang out.

Sir Reyes, the Bloodwraith had died!

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Sir Nick let out a sharp bestial roar seeing that his comrade had died.

The soundwave of the roar created a ripple in the air.

"Watch out!"

The silver sword floated in the way of the silver sword, but the sword was far too thin for it to defend Calvin.

Calvin was struck by the soundwave on the chest and was sent flying towards the door.


The force carried by the soundwave was too strong that Calvin's back broke through the door and he collapsed on the school corridor.

"How dare you..."

"How dare you kill my friend?!"

Sir Nick leaped towards Calvin's direction.

The silver sword sliced at him, but sir Nick turned intangible.

The sword passed through his body like a mist as he arrived in front of Calvin.


His claws flew towards Calvin's head.

Calvin rolled to the right in order to avoid the claw


Another explosion rang out.

The force from Sir Nick's claw was too strong that it carved a hole on the cemented floors of the school corridor.

But he wasn't over just yet.

He raised his foot and sent a turning kick directly at Calvin's chest.

"Borg, Defense!"

Calvin raised a crumpled paper and activated the Runes inscribed within.

A flash of yellow light momentarily enveloped Calvin.


A dull sound rang out similar to that of something blunt crashing against metal reverberated.

The yellow light had formed a barrier around Calvin, protecting him from the attack but it couldn't dampen the inertia from the kick.

Calvin flew backward once again and he landed miserably on the entrance of Class 3.

Sir Nick didn't let this opportunity pass by.

He vanished and reappeared in front of Calvin with his fists ready, but the silver sword stopped him on his tracks.

"How annoying!"

He slapped the silver sword on its hilt and it was sent flying to the side.

Sir Nick was just too strong when compared to that silver sword.

Although the silver sword could kill him, sir Nick didn't seem to mind its existence that much for he had already considered that Calvin must be the one controlling it. As long as he killed Calvin, that silver sword would definitely stop flying.

"Aarb, push!" Calvin took another crumpled paper and activated the runes lying dormant on its surface. The runes flashed with a bluish light and it transformed into a force that sent sir Nick staggering backward.


With a whoosh, the silver sword finally managed to return and it stood in the way between sir Nick and Calvin.

"Fuck off!"

Sir Nick's eyes went bloodshot. He was now completely annoyed by this silver sword.

He sent a kick directly at the sword, but he didn't expect that the silver sword could twist so deftly like a snake.

It managed to avoid his kick and was now flying towards his neck.


The attack managed to slice through sir Nick's figure, but it passed through nothing but an afterimage. Sir Nick had already become incorporeal as soon as he saw the silver sword slip past his defenses.

Calvin's eyes darted around the dark corridor and when he spotted a strange ripple from a normally silent location, he turned to look at that area and telepathically shouted.


Kevin controlled the silver sword to fly to that location and it accurately struck sir Nick who was about to become tangible in his heart.

"I did it!"

Kevin exclaimed in joy.

"Not yet! That's a clone!"

Kevin's joy was short-lived for sir Nick's true body appeared in front of Calvin.

"You're dead you brat!"

Sir Nick's face was full of madness and excitement as he extended the claws on both of his hands.

Calvin took another piece of crumpled paper from his pocket.

"Do you really think that the same trick will work on me twice?!"

Sir Nick's body started glowing with the silvery-white light of the moon.

The glow immediately intensified to the point that Calvin subconsciously squinted his eyes.


Kevin cried out and made a mad dash towards Calvin's direction.

Calvin might've strengthened his body through the use of a Spiritualist Ritual, there was still no way that he could endure a killing blow from a moonwraith demon.

Kevin's eyes went bloodshot.

Calvin was his only means of escaping from this nightmare.

If Calvin died, then it would surely be impossible for him to escape from this place in the near future.

Perhaps he might have to stay for a hundred years here before he could escape.

What's more, he felt that his life would turn for the better if he escaped with Calvin.

"I can't..."

"I can't let him die!"

The silver sword hummed as it flew through the air, but sir Nick's attack was faster than the sword.


Kevin let out a scream of desperation.

"What the hell are you screaming for?"

Calvin unexpectedly replied telepathically.

Afterwards, he then raised another piece of crumpled paper and opened it in front of sir Nick.

Sir Nick's claws flew towards Calvin's head, but before it could even land.

Calvin had already unleashed his trump card.

"Gawas, release!"

The piece of crumpled paper shone in bizarre crimson light.

Before sir Nick could even comprehend what it was, a ghastly howl came from the paper and what followed suit was the assault of several dozens of demonic souls that Calvin had captured earlier.

Calvin had inscribed a rune within that piece of paper and a single keyword was enough to activate that rune.

As for the function of the rune that he inscribed on the paper?

Well, it was to detonate all the souls contained within the paper in a single direction.


A fierce explosion rang out.

The entire school building trembled.

The detonation of several dozens of demonic souls was far too strong to handle, even for a moonwraith demon who could become intangible like sir Nick. He was swept up by the explosion even when he was already in the spirit plane.

Being injured in the spirit plane meant the manifestation of his physical form.

The moment his physical form manifested in the material world, it was instantly consumed by the fierce explosion.

All of these took time to describe but this actually happened in a few seconds.

A few seconds was all it took for the moonwraith demon to die!

"How formidable!"

Kevin let out an audible gasp of admiration.

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