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100% Redemption: The Legend Of Etmata / Chapter 2: Some clothes and a New reputation

Some clothes and a New reputation - Redemption: The Legend Of Etmata - Chapter 2 by LowLvlDevil full book limited free

Chapter 2: Some clothes and a New reputation

Etmata 1st was a dragon spirit, who was overflowing with power. But her heart was kind even if her personality is a bit prickly. She listened to those who took the effort to seek her out. For whatever reason they came she gave them an ear and made choices about what what was asked of her, but eventually she grew bored of this one request being repeatedly asked "We/I/They beg/beseech/plead you kill/abduct/destroy the Noble/territory lord/governor/empress/emperor for they are corrupt/evil!" One day she grew so annoyed by this she left her home in the mountains -it was a cave that she decorated and lit up using the things people had given her in an attempt to get on her good side- and headed out to find the closest village, and speak with those in charge.

Etmata had flown for days following a trail in the mountains from above knowing that she couldn't pretend to be a proper human without two things; clothes, and status. Finally she spotted the closest village in the dead of night and landed in the middle of the market area, and began her search for the village chief. Etmata taped on door after door -to the residents of the village she was basically a mountainous god who would only leave their den just to cause death and destruction- but no one answered her knocks but then she had a marvelous idea. "If the residents of this village won't open up, I will make it so you have to open your doors!" ,she called as she took off into the sky and left. The residents and their chief left their homes and stared into the sky but then they felt it, Etmata began to actively fly instead of glide like she had before when she arrived and boy was it destructive. The mountains shook and trees were torn out of the ground from the shockwaves in the air, houses started creaking and even breaking the ground beneath. Then they heard it, the cries of hundreds of beasts being slain and wounded and an almost cruel "Order up peasants!" as a rain of injured, dying, and dead mana beasts broke the singularity of the sky and made a wet and moaning pile of flesh.

Beaming Etmata shouted down "There you go! Now let's talk." with an earth shaking thud (This was enough force to cause the flesh pile to shift but she stabilized it with a barrier so it didn't flood outwardly and destroy the village) she landed with a smile -as much as a giant lizard beast could- then said "I will trade all this meat and lumber for your best tailor and blacksmith, got it," the chief fell to his knees shuddering in fear at the near divine beast before him and cried "Your Godliness this worthless one is Rekult, I am the chief of this humble village!-he begins to kotow to Etmata in reverence to show his sincincerity-, I beg you spare my people, I know not what we had done to incur your wrath, but I cannot give you our only craftsmen for they are too important to lose, -Rekult began shifting from his hunched over position to a kneel with his arms wide open as if he is accepting death- But if you need to take lives to be appeased, take this one's!" Astounded Etmata questioned the man, "Rekult's your name right? -Etmata began approaching Rekult as he began to shudder and closed his eyes- so you want me to kill you, But why should i consider it, it's not like your blood could cover the sins of others right? Because if it would be so I wouldn't be on my way to kill the empress when i could kill you in her stead…-she slowly began to press on his chest with her claws with just enough force to make him bleed then retracts her hand- hmm Mr.Rekult, I will rephrase the original question in a way that you might be capable of comprehending, I want your best craftsmen to make things i desire-Rekult opened his eyes in disbelief and relaxed his shoulders so to tend to his wound-, even if many pilgrims had brought me a multitude of gifts they are either too old or not what i need for my quest.." In Rekult's mind this was akin to a hostage situation that finally took a turn for the better, and he let out a well deserved sigh of relief.

(Beth (Rekults wife) ran to him the moment she saw Etmata pull away and helped him limp over to the village doctor to check if he was critically injured, because she was too scared to lose him.) Groaning in pain he utters a very quiet "Thank the All Maker," before adjusting himself so he could be better cared for and saying, "S-so you need, -Ulyssus began to prod at Rekult's wound which was very painful for him- AHG, so you need us to make you something, -after finding that Rekult's ribs were broken and bent he began to reset them with his hand- AAAAHHGGG, uhg just give me a potion and i'll be fine for now Ulyssus, Sorry -slow deep breath in and out- now you want us to help craft you something, and in return our village will be spared?"

Upon hearing his continued misunderstanding Etmata said "Screw it," and with a flash of light had dispersed her draconic "body" then a naked woman dropped ten meters from where the chest of the dragon once stood.

When this woman landed the ground shuddered underneath and she stood in the snow tracts where the dragon was standing, and she had then began to speak in the same voice as the dragon saying, "My name is Etmata the previous ruler of the dragons and this is my true form -while she was saying this she took a bow like a performer once they completed their act-, Now you could probably guess what I desire now that you see me as a humanoid -she said while shifting back to a fully erect position- , and i will clarify the pile of meat and wood -points towards the mountain of corpses and trees- are yours if you can give me clothes, armour, weapons, and a small amount of pocket change -To make proof of their transaction she looked for a large stone to make a receipt out of- I think 30 units should do, Ahh here we are," she said while walking towards a boulder, "Here this'll do fine as a contract medium," she said as she began carving a contract with what seemed like agreeable terms to her with her fingers on the stone's smooth face. "Here! -she said whilst grabbing the boulder with a hand and tearing it out of the ground and tossing it just inches away from Rekult- you sign it now." Reluctantly, the man began using highly concentrated fire magic to burn his name into the stone whilst praying that she would honor the hastily put together contract. "There it's done, Now... Will you really honor this contract? I mean will you swear on your life to the All Maker, That you protect us from all foreign dangers," Rekult said. "Yes I will, I wouldn't have written it if I wouldn't do it, Now how about you will you swear on YOUR life to the All Maker?" she snarled. The tattered Rekult hugged his wife crying and said "Yes right away, To the All Maker of the gods, universe, and it's people I swear this contract will be upheld or we shall be given death." "I swear it so," Etmata had said in agreement, and a voice resounded in their minds "Then it shall be so Etmata, Strongest of the dragons and Rekult most trusted of Peak Village." Now the contract is complete. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

LowLvlDevil LowLvlDevil

this is an experimental style, I'll write it in a more normal way from now on. Also this is going to be many short chapters quite likely, because I have four other Webnovel I'm writing.

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