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100% Reincarnated as a Beastman / Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Guild Visit (Part 2)

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Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Guild Visit (Part 2)

After the boring introductions my parents sat down dad still holding me in his lap held against his rough armour. "So we going forward with the plans to attack that goblin settlement?" the elf spoke as if what she said was completely normal but what to her seemed like a normal sentence set my mind a race with questions. 'Goblins like in lord of the rings? (AN: MC is not well versed on fantasy) Are they evil too? ... Probably she said something about exterminating them.'

"Yeah that's a go, Intelligence reports they are no more than 50 and not of high level either so if we take them by surprise and keep a tight formation we should win without major issue even if a few evolved show up." said my mother.

"Yes we should also keep in mind that they could have a hobgoblin leader who could rally them or distract us while the others escape or surround us." added my father.

"I have some incendiary pouches left from my alchemy practice we can use them to eliminate all exits but the one we're at and flush them out." said the elf.

"Hmmm, maybe that could work but it would also attract more powerful beasts to the area which would leave us with no option but to flee and you know how terrible I am at running" replied the dwarf.

"Don't worry about that some A class adventurer recently cleared out the local beasts as some rich ass grand wizard wanted some alchemy materials" said the elf somewhat jealously.

"Okay it's sorted then we'll use the incendiary pouches and kill them through a narrow entrance, remember your heat resistance potions we don't want a repeat of last time when you got heat stroke because your pride got in the way of you saying you forgot." said my mother with a cheeky grin.

"I didn't forget I chose not to remember!" exclaimed the dwarf bashing the strong oaken table denting it in the process.

"Haahaa, it totally happened you idiot" said Tsarra as she held her now green glowing hand out over the table which somehow fixed it… 'WAIT WHAT WAS THAT!!!!!' the elf once again setting my mind into overdrive 'Magic's real here? Imagine all the uses in combat and day to day life, I must learn more about this'

Noticing my reaction my mother chuckles "Magics a real shock the first time you see it isn't it Rex, unfortunately you'll never be able to use it for spells but you will be able to strengthen your body with it like mummy and daddy do." she spoke.

'Strengthen my body, my body as it is will grow monstrous let alone strengthening it further with magic I can't imagine its potential now.'

"So are you leaving Rex in the guilds care whilst we're gone?" asked the elf.

"Yeah we paid for two weeks just in case it takes longer than planned and we have put forward enough donations that he would be put into the orphanage straight away if we died." responded my mother without emotion unlike her usual cheerful demeanour.

'It seems mother has a serious side to her as well'.

"That's smart but you should also leave him some money for when he gets old enough too" advised the dwarf.

"Yeah we've done that as well and we made sure to use the more beast-man friendly staff so he actually gets most of it" said my dad in a somewhat depressed voice as he held me tighter.

'Dad has a serious side too but doesn't seem good with even talking about sad stuff'

"Okay that's settled lets go drop Rex off at the guild reception so they can take him up to the classrooms and leave." said my mum in her usual cheerful voice.

My parents grab their metal helmets (which I've just noticed have ear holes in them) then move to the wall and each pick up a spear with dad also collecting his shield since mum never put hers down; the dwarf who I now notice has an axe on his hip? Maybe his hip? I can't really tell due to his extreme roundness but he collects a vicious looking poleaxe from its rest against the wall. The elf who never sat down collects her staff and bag along with her long sword.

We walk to the front desk, "Hi we've booked our son Rex in to the boarding school for two weeks whilst we are on a mission." said my mum in an overtly friendly tone

"Ok what's his age and race?" kindly replied the receptionist in a similar tone.

"Just over six months and he's a Liger beast-man hybrid" replied my Mum in the same tone as before.

"Okay he's on the list if you pass him to me now I'll take him up."

"Goodbye Rex" say my parents in a sombre tone my dad holing back tears as they take turns hugging me tightly.

"Good bye brat" "See ya Rex" say Botmid and Tsarra respectively.

My dad then begrudgingly lets me go and paces me to the receptionist. "Take good care of him," he said worriedly. "We will don't worry" replied the receptionist smiling awkwardly at the dramatic scene before her.

"Okay bye Rex" the group says as they walk out of the guild hall all armoured up.

'Geeezzz, why so dramatic? Its only two weeks.'

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