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53.65% Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel / Chapter 43: Face to Face at Last

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Chapter 43: Face to Face at Last

Name - Alice

Class - Demi Angel

Title - Hunter, Apprentice of Nyx, Sorceress

HP - 735/735

MP- 2,070/2,070

Level 20 > 21

STR - 130 > 150 +10

VIT - 88 > 100 +5

INT - 170 > 188 (+5 +200)

DEX - 45 (+10 +5)

DEF - 60 (+5 +10 +10)

AGI - 55 (+5 +10)

Skill Points - 50 > 0

Skills: Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive), Demonic Gaze, Gods Eye (Passive), Shadow Eye (Passive).

| Title Gained Sorceress - Having invested your blood, tears and sweat into expanding on your magic capabilities you have been granted a title by God. Grants the bearer a decrease in mana consumption required by spells by 50% +25% mana regeneration |

'That means i can use the Monarch version of 'Abyss Vines' for only 500 mana meaning I can use it 4 times I really lucked out with this title.. ' She thought to herself.

"Alice! Are you okay? You have been standing here silently for a while now the merchant has even left. " Yumi asked while shaking Alice bringing her back to reality.

"Yeah I am fine my mana went past 2,000 after my level up and I guess it took me some time to adjust. " Alice said, making an excuse.

"Did you say your mana pool is over 2,000 while you're still in the early 20's level wise? " Kayl asked curiously.

"Yeah, I seem to gain quite a bit of mana when I level so my body goes through small changes after I level every now and then. " Alice replied knowing he wouldn't pry too much at this point.

Having completed all the Guild's requests they got on the back of Kayl's familiar now used to doing such an odd thing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Mind giving us a ride back to the Kingdom? " Alice said while helping Yumi get on the giant bird.

"I do not mind but you should quickly gather more requests or even better turn them in and let me take you and Yumi to a place filled with monsters so you two can level faster. I will make sure only monsters you can handle get past me. " Kayl said as they flew towards the Kingdom.

"What do you want to do Yumi? " Alice asked.

"I don't mind going to level some more, Guild quests seem kind of pointless at this point. " She replied wondering if they should even go back to turn the quests in since it would waste daylight.

"We will be right back after we turn the request in! " Alice said as her and Yumi ran into the Guild leaving kayl and his familiar in the middle of the street for everyone to stare at.

"Do you plan on telling him? " Yumi asked while they waited on the receptionist to come back with their rewards.

"Why tell him if I am going to have to kill him later? I would rather wait to find out if it's possible to only kill the bad faction before I make a decision like that. Telling him could end up with me dying before I get strong enough to protect us. " Alice said honestly as they took the small amount of money and left the Guild.

Getting back on the familiar they quickly left the Kingdom so people would feel safe to leave their homes again.

"So where are you taking us and how long will we be gone? " Alice asked holding onto the back of his armor so she didn't fall.

"Close to the Demon Kingdom there is a valley that is filled with monsters of all levels at the bottom the monsters levels should be around 25, but I will help weaken them and let you and Yumi kill them until you reach level 30 or so before letting you two fight alone. " Kayl said calmly.

"Um… How close to the Demon Kingdom?.. " Yumi questioned now a little worried.

"About a day's journey away from the castle, many demons like to train there so you will probably encounter more of my race while there. As long as neither of you remove your necklace you will be safe if you meet one. If I am around they will not even approach us, if they knew who Alice was some might even bow their heads seeing her. " Kayl replied with a chuckle.

"I sent a message to my father about my plans so there is a good chance he will come to meet us. " Kayl continued to say while looking up at the clouds just above them.

"We are so close to the clouds… " Alice said reaching up letting her hand pass through them reminding her of when she and her father would go flying for one of their father daughter bonding days they did every week.

"What is wrong Alice? " Kayl questioned seeing a small tear fall from her eyes.

"Just a very old memory of good times. '' She replied, keeping her hand in the clouds.

"You talk as if you have lived a long life, you can't be any older than 20 years old. " He replied not saying anything more.

Picking up the speed Yumi and Alice both held on tight as they started passing mountains at a rapid pace quickly clearing a days travel time if they had to walk in the matter of minutes.

Keeping the pace for roughly a hour they slowed down to a slower pace letting them both release their death grips they had on Kayl who just rubbed his arms a little.

"You can see the valley if you look down. " Kayl said as they hovered in place in the air.

Looking down the two girls saw a huge valley lush with green trees and flowing waterfalls covering the whole valley in a beautiful sight. At the top of the mountains they could see flying monsters circling the sky above the mountain peaks. Lower down the mountain they could see all sorts of monsters they had only read about in the estate. Monsters from Behemoths all the way to large scorpions with fire lighting the ends of their stingers.

"Do you think you could land from this height Alice? " Kayl asked before pushing her off the bird.

Screaming as she fell she managed to compose herself when she saw him falling next to her with Yumi on his back clutching him tightly as she screamed as well.

"Do your best for me, " He said before increasing his speed and rushing towards the ground landing safely.

"Just how do you expect me to survive?!?! " Alice yelled out in anger swallowing her fear to try to find a solution.

'I guess I could aim at a shadow but at this speed I might just fall into hell.. Maybe I can rift warp a few times and land in the river… ugh. " Just when she thought of screaming for help she remembered when she had caused a tornado using her Wind Element.

Closing her eyes she focused on making the Wind around her twist around her as fast as she could make it go pouring as much mana as she needed to into the air around her.

Looking up waiting on Alice to figure things out his eyes almost burst from his skull see wind violently circle around her at an increasingly rapid pace. The longer she fell the slower she would go as the clouds around her eventually got pulled in her direction and the ground beneath her started kicking up leaves causing the trees to bend as the monsters in the area began to panic.

Opening her eyes that glowed white at the concentration of the Wind Element she was using she formed a full tornado connecting it with the sky and her controlling it at the center. To her surprise the tornado began using less and less of her own mana as the thick mana in the air served to help keep the tornado going.

Not realizing that the less she used her own mana the more the tornado lost control she lowered herself slowly down as she could barely hear Kayl and Yumi screaming at the top of their lungs for her to stop.

Closing her eyes again as she gently landed on the ground she willed the tornado to stop causing the disaster to slowly fade away leaving her surroundings in ruin. Trees were uprooted and smaller monsters were flung clear across the valley.

"ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US WHAT WERE YOU THINKING CAUSING ALL OF THAT?!?! " Yumi yelled out still fighting the adrenaline caused from her fight or flight instinct telling her to run and find shelter.

"To think that you could use the Wind Element to this degree, " Kayl said giving her a small applause. "If you used that on the battlefield then no enemy would ignore you some may even give up on the battle. "

"I had no choice but to fly or die. " Alice said punching him in the chest feeling her mana regenerate at a rapid pace.

"How much mana did you use just now? " He asked.

"Probably 1,800 or so, but my mana seems to regenerate pretty quickly here I am already almost back to full. " She said being honest.

"That is honestly pretty frightening. " Kayl said, and replied , hearing her say those words. Someone like her could cause a natural disaster and wait a few minutes and do it all over again, she was much more dangerous than he had realized.

| Skill created Call of the Wind - In exchange for 1,750 mana you may call forth a devastating tornado and control it freely for 2 minutes. Mana may be added to keep the skill going for a longer duration. 1,000 mana = 1 minute of time. |

| Title Gained Daughter of Aeolus - Using the Wind Element uses 25% less mana |

Seeing the systems notification Alice thought she was hallucinating in exchange for almost all of her mana she could freely control something of that magnitude.

"Do you think I killed any of the monsters around here? " Alice asked curiously seeing all of the damage she caused.

"Probably but if you did they are no where around here anymore. " Kayl replied as a monster fell to the ground in between them giving Alice another level for killing it.



"I killed one… I also leveled up because of it.. '' Alice replied seeing both Kayl and Yumi's faces now blank not wanting to believe what they just witnessed.

"It is nice to see you in person Daughter. " Kira said, exiting a black gate that appeared next to them.

Hearing his words her blood ran cold knowing exactly who it was that was making their appearance.

"Lord Kira, " Kayl said as he kneeled on the ground with his head down.

"So nice of you to help her level by taking her here Kayl, why exactly did you not inform me of your activities? " Kira said exerting large amounts of pressure causing both Yumi and Alice to barely be able to breath.

"I wish to help Alice level, you did not give me a task to complete so I wished to aid Alice as someone I have asked to marry. " Kayl replied, keeping his head down pulling Yumi down with him so she could avoid Kira's anger.

"Keep your head down if you want to live Yumi. " Kayl whispered to her.

"Did I give my permission for that? I do not seem to recall ever saying you had permission to go near Alice nor help her. " Kira said, picking Kayl up by the neck.

"STOP! I can decide for myself who I marry. A father who has no love for his daughter has no right to say anything about this matter! " Alice yelled out fighting the pressure as best she could.

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