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56.09% Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel / Chapter 45: God and Decisions

God and Decisions - Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel - Chapter 45 by Slewis full book limited free

Chapter 45: God and Decisions

Laying down on the bed Alice tried to make her thoughts heard to God telling him she wanted answers. She NEEDED answers as she drifted off to sleep from such an exhausting day.

Opening her eyes Alice was no longer in her room, instead she was sitting at a table made of gold surrounded by statues of Angels and a vast blue sky without clouds or a sun.

"How did I get here? " Alice said out loud as she looked around trying to find some sort of hint as to where she was.

"Hello my child, I have heard your prayers and I have brought you here to answer whatever questions you may have. " A tall handsome man stood in all white clothes that looked like they had never seen dirt before.

"Are.. You God? " Alice questioned.

"Indeed. " God said while taking a seat across from her.

"Why me? " Alice asked.

"Because you are the only one of my children that can accomplish what needs to happen in order for the Angel race to be brought back to the world. " He replied now holding a cup of tea that appeared from thin air.

"You are God right? Can you not just bring them back like you did to me? " Alice asked.

"You are the third one of your race I have reincarnated and the one most likely to succeed in this mission. I may be God but I am not all powerful, to bring you back it took me 10 years of draining all of my power. However if you can manage to complete the quest then you will have the power to create Angels. You will be the mother of all new Angels in the world, from you will be born a new era in the world. A world where Angels and all the races live together, this is my wish. " God replied with a smile.

"But you are asking me to eradicate the Demons, I have met a Demon who is not a bad person. Am I still to kill this Demon? What about the Demons who wish for the Angels return? " Alice asked.

"I will make you a deal, you can let the Demons live who forgo their dark god and worship me instead. " God replied.

"Once they bow to you as my apostle and take an oath in front of you to worship me only then will they be allowed to live. " He continued with a more serious demeanor.

"About you saying I will be the mother of all Angels, how am I supposed to do that when I am the only Angel alive? " Alice asked, now thinking of how in the world she is supposed to just push out Angels.

"It is about time for you to wake up now pray to me again anytime Alice, " God said snapping his fingers.

Quickly standing and getting off of her bed Alice looked around realizing she was back in her room where she had fallen asleep.

'What is wrong Alice? ' Little Shadow asked while stretching on the bed.

"I met God I think. " She replied.

'Did you get any answers? '

"I got some but not enough to be happy about it. " Alice said, hearing a lot of commotion outside the estate.

"ALICE COME QUICKLY " Yumi said busting through her door.

"What's wrong Yumi what is going on? " Alice asked as Yumi dragged her outside.

Looking in the sky Alice's eyes widened in shock seeing the sky giving off a white glow as trumpets sounded from the sky above them.

"What is this? " Yumi asked in a low voice to Alice. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I had a dream where I talked with God… " She replied, still looking at the sky while it slowly faded back to normal.

"Maybe it was not a dream. " Yumi replied, still holding her hand.

"I assume you know something about this?" Arita said now standing next to her and Yumi.

"I spoke with God about my mission to bring back the Angels, " she replied in a hushed voice.

Remembering that Kayl would be waiting outside the Kingdom for them Alice's expression got a little darker wondering if she would be found out so soon.

Reading her expression Yumi also recalled who would be outside of the Kingdom and let her father know they would be back after a few hours as she and Alice rushed off out of the Kingdom.

Seeing Kayl and his familiar hiding their eyes still they stood next to him and asked what was wrong with him.

"The light above your Kingdom has Holy Magic in it and it burns to look at, is it gone yet? " Kayl asked, not wanting to go blind from the light.

"Yeah it is gone, sorry we are late. " Alice replied, while trying to think of a way to talk with him about swearing an oath to her God.

"Good, I assume that the Angel that Lord Kira is looking for is in this kingdom. What happened just now was likely a sign to the Angel from their God. " Kayl replied, rubbing his eyes a little.

Panicking, Yumi slowly grabbed her weapon while he was not paying attention to her. She looked at Alice to see what they should do.

Seeing this Alice decided to just blurt out the truth and hope for the best.

"It's me.. I am the Angel and God was talking to me in my dreams. " Alice said getting ready to evade and run with Yumi if she had to.

"That's a good joke Alice, but there is no way an Angel would have the Shadow Element like you do. " Kayl replied with a bit of laughter.

"Alice what are you doing? " Yumi asked, looking just as scared as she was.

"Wait, you're being serious? " Kayl asked, now looking serious as he focused on Alice.

"I am. I was given a mission and that is why I am telling you this. I hope that you will listen to what I have to say. " Alice replied seeing that Kayl didn't show any hostility towards her yet.

"Then speak. " He replied, giving off no emotion.

"I will start from the beginning… I was born as an Angel a long time ago, I lived a happy life just as anyone else would in times of peace. My people stayed in the kingdom and kept to themselves living off of God's grace and life was good. One seemingly normal day it happened, the Demon's invaded our kingdom in full force with no warning. I do not know how they managed it or why they attacked us but they did. I remember the chaos that came that day vividly as if it happened yesterday. To everyone in the world it happened a long time ago but to me it was less than a year ago. I was chosen by God to reincarnate, when I woke up I was in a new body with no wings and no idea where I was. Not long after I was given my mission to help bring back my race, by getting stronger along with other things I must accomplish in order to do so. " Alice said in what she felt was one breath.

"You expect me to- " Kayl started to say before being cut off by Alice.

"I'm not done please let me finish… " Alice interrupted before continuing with her story.

"What you saw above the kingdom just now was the result of God talking with me. I was really stressed and decided to try and pray to him. Surprisingly he responded when I was sleeping and I had some of my questions answered regarding bringing back the Angels as well as other aspects of my mission. God wants me to get stronger, he wants me to get strong enough to the point where I can defeat Kira along with any other Demons who try to stop me… He also wants me to bring him into the Demons lifes by letting them choose to worship him while forsaking the Dark God they serve now. Telling you this is a risk but I don't think you're a bad person like the Demons who eradicated my race…. " Alice said before taking some time to calm her racing heart as Yumi held onto her hand trying to support her and face whatever happens together.

"You're lucky I am the only Demon around, if any of the others heard this I doubt it would take long to reach Kira's ears. Putting aside some of the things you said you clearly have Demonic abilities and you might be Kira's daughter. How do you explain that? " Kayl asked, trying to process everything Alice was telling him.

"I can't explain any of that.. " Alice replied honestly.

"It is pretty much a given that the Angel in the prophecy is going to take revenge somehow, mind clueing me in? " Kayl asked, keeping his emotionless tone.

"In order to bring back the Angels one of the things I must do is wipe out the Demon race, I pleaded with God after meeting you and listening to everything you told me about the two factions to spare the Demons. He has agreed to let all Demons who forsake the Dark God and Worship him be allowed to be spared… " Alice replied while taking a step to the side slowly into an area with shade cast by the walls.

"Basically if I do not worship your God now in the future you will kill me? But what happens if I kill you where you stand? " Kayl replied coldly.

Slewis Slewis

Life crises is over now thankfully! If you have stuck with my novel and are returning to read this after my time being away I love you.

I am contracted now as well! (Has to be some good news with all the bad right?)

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