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54.87% Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel / Chapter 44: Leveling and War

Leveling and War - Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel - Chapter 44 by Slewis full book limited free

Chapter 44: Leveling and War

"Who exactly told you I have no love for my own flesh and blood? " Kira asked dropping Kayl to the ground where he kneeled once again.

"Would a father who loved his daughter rather strangle a man before hugging his daughter the first time he sees her? " Alice replied now angry she has to call him father to his face causing her to passive release her Demonic Gaze skill again.

"Your Gaze has gotten much stronger from the first time you used it on me dearest daughter, have you decided to come home early? " He asked now standing in front of her.

"Like hell I would want to come to you early. " Alice snarled not able to hide her disgust towards him.

"A cub should not bear her fangs at their father, bad things could happen. " Kira said, forcing a hug on her.

"And a father should be a respectable role model to his daughter, and you are far from having my respect. " Alice replied, pushing him away.

"Kayl be sure to keep the future leader of our Kingdom safe. I do not need to tell you what I will do if anything happens. " Kira said before leaving back through the summoned gate.

"Are you two okay?? " Alice asked rushing to help Yumi up who was visibly shaken.

"I am fine… " Yumi replied, trying to calm down.

"Okay the worst thing that could happen while being here happened already so now we just need to focus on leveling you two up. " Kayl said while giving Yumi a hand. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Sounds like a good plan, where do we start? " Alice replied ready to vent some anger.

"The monsters are a little too strong for you two to handle right now so I will weaken them until you are able to catch up to the lowest leveled monsters here. After that I will leave things to you ladies. " Kayl replied, erasing his presence allowing the nearby monsters to come out of hiding.

Following Kayl as he immobilized numerous monsters that came out of hiding Alice and Yumi both took turns finishing off the monsters that were already on the brink of death allowing them to gain a good amount of experience at a decent pace.

Hours passed by as the two girls slowly racked up enough experience to level up a few times bringing Alice's level to 25 and Yumi's level to 24. Having reached the level requirements to fight monsters in the area Kayl gave the two time to prepare themselves for when he stops protecting them and lets them fight alone.

Name - Alice

Class - Demi Angel

Title - Hunter, Apprentice of Nyx, Sorceress

HP - 1,005/1,005

MP- 2,190/2,190

Level 21 > 25

STR - 150 > 200 +10

VIT - 100 > 150 +5

INT - 188 > 208 (+5 +200)

DEX - 45 (+10 +5)

DEF - 60 > 100 (+5 +10 +10)

AGI - 55 > 95(+5 +10)

Skill Points - 200 > 0

Skills: Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive), Demonic Gaze, Gods Eye (Passive), Shadow Eye (Passive).

Having reached level 25 and putting her points into the areas she believed would help her the most Alice could not have imagined that when she finished the process would cause her body to undergo such drastic changes. Her hair became a little darker, her body became even more toned and fit while her aura gave off a sense of pressure not yet comparable to Kayl or Kira but still there all the same.

Alice felt even stronger than she did while she was an Angel but knew that this feeling was only due to the fact she got so much stronger all at once.

"Seems like you are quite a bit stronger now Alice, " Kayl said noticing her aura and hair changes.

"Yeah I feel stronger after having had time to adjust to my leveling. " She replied.

Looking at Yumi who was also feeling quite a bit stronger the two girls turned to Kayl and let him know they were ready to begin.

Jumping into the air and leaving their sight the monsters began to act normal again allowing Alice and Yumi to treat this like any other adventure they would go on.

"I will distract them and you attack, " Alice said to Yumi that replied with a nod as she readied herself.

Seeing a large scorpion in the distance Alice dashed forward and sliced its stinger off only expecting to do a small amount of damage. Seeing her attack be so effective Alice repositioned herself and kept attacking the monster to get a grip on her new found strength so she would be able to gauge her abilities better during the rest of their fights.

Having killed the scorpion before Yumi could even get off a attack Alice felt proud of the fact she could solo the level 25 monster already.

"Maybe let me help next time… '' Yumi said a little sad she didn't get to help Alice in the fight at all.

"Yeah sorry I did not expect to be able to cut through them so easily, " Alice replied honestly.

"Together this time! " Yumi said as another scorpion made its way to them.

Holding herself back a little she fought beside Yumi as they worked on taking out the scorpions legs before killing it. Having done this a few times the improved their teamwork, Yumi would use her weapon to wrap the scorpions legs preventing it from moving while Alice would get rid of its stinger.

Moving on from fighting one monster they began to fight two at a time increasing the stress and difficulty forcing them to learn to sense when a monster was going to attack even if they were not directly looking at the monster attacking.

Learning to develop this battle sense they took a few attacks while pushing through killing the scorpions until they finally leveled once again.

Moving further away from the river they began encountering monsters a little stronger. The first one they came across other than the scorpions was a Minotaur. The beast stood roughly 6 feet tall and held a large axe.

Ready to attack Alice ran towards it without telling Yumi causing her to follow behind her in a panic not having a strategy in place for this kind of monster.

Throwing her scythe in the air to distract the large beast Alice leaped forward landing on her hands and pushing off the ground doing a front flip while casting 'Abyss Vines' to target the monsters as she caught her weapon and took a hard swing at its back damaging the monster before it was dragged away by her spell.

Throwing the bladed end of her weapon at the monsters exposed head Yumi cut through a portion of the monsters face spraying blood on the grass as it struggled to break free. Jumping on the Minotaur's shoulders Alice lowered her scythe to his neck and yanked the weapon up hard decapitating the monster something she had not done in a while.

Yumi cringing at the sight said a small prayer for the now headless monster as the first of his kind to be killed by Alice.

Jumping off the monster and releasing the spell Alice stretched as her stomach growled.

"Guess I am a little hungry after fighting for so long. " Alice said, rubbing her stomach.

"I am a little hungry as well, you are pretty hard to keep up with. " Yumi replied while digging through her bag to take out some dried meat.

"Done already? " Kayl said who had been keeping watch close by.

"Just hungry, " Alice replied.

"Well it is getting dark and we should head back soon, " Kayl replied handing the two girls some food he had managed to cook while they focused on their battles.

"Thanks, you are probably right. Yumi's father is probably really worried about us. " Alice said happily eating the food.

"Lets head back then, meet me by the Kingdoms Gates tomorrow and we can come back here. " Kayl said, calling his familiar down from the sky.

Flying back and arriving at the Kingdom a little faster than the two expected they said their goodbyes to Kayl who waved before taking to the sky and flying away.

Walking back into the Kingdom they noticed a large military presence all over the place patrolling the streets in full armor.

"I wonder what happened? " Alice asked while they casually walked through town.

"We should just head home, my father will probably tell us. " Yumi replied.

"Miss Astala your father is waiting for you and Miss Alice inside with the King. Please make your way immediately to them. " A guard standing at the Estates Gates informed them.

Looking at each other Alice grabbed onto Yumi and took her into the shadows and brought them into Arita's office almost instantly where King Mark and Arita were seated and talking.

"When did you two get back? " Arita asked not surprised Alice was able to bring Yumi with her in the shadows.

"A few minutes ago what is going on? " Yumi asked while taking a seat next to her father.

"The Kingdom of Rudham is waging war on our Kingdom because of the Demon attack that took place there. They see it as us taking sides with the Demons since there have been growing cases of the Demons showing up and leaving with no casualties here. We have explained the best we could but they refuse to talk, they are set on war. " King Mark replied.

"This is all my fault.. " Alice replied.

"There is nothing we can do about it, you can not back out of your deal with the Demon King and I do not plan on backing out of our alliance so if a war takes place so be it. " King Mark replied with a long face.

"Is there not anything we can do to prevent this? " Alice asked.

"The only way would be killing you, and if that happens out Kingdom will not be the only one in trouble with the Demons. I am quite sure the Demon King is already aware of what is going on. " Arita replied.

"Should I just leave… " Alice asked again.

"NO! " Yumi blurted out at the thought of her leaving already forgetting she would be able to go with her.

"Yumi is correct, you don't need to leave we will wait until they march and then we will take a defensive position. Our allies in the west have agreed to take refugees while the battle happens, I am confident we can win but I still do not wish to be in a war against Rudham I have many friends there. " King Mark replied.

"I will help fight then. I am level 26 now and have a large magical attack I can use to chase them off and hopefully prevent them from attacking. " Alice said while explaining her new Wind Element attack she had developed at the Valley.

"That kind of attack is quite amazing, if they do march on us then I would be happy if you could use it without taking any of their lives. " The King replied thinking of ways to use Alice's power without anyone losing their lives.

"Just call on me when you need me. " Alice said while giving a bow to the king before leaving the room.

"Alic- " Yumi tried saying before she was cut off by her father.

"Let her have some time, she feels to blame for this war she could probably use some time to think. " Arita said while asking his daughter to sit back down.

'Why give me this system God? Why do I have to be the one responsible for all of this? The quest, war, Demons I just want my family back.. ' Alice thought to herself not expecting God to reply as she laid on her bed where Little Shadow was sleeping.

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