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84.44% Reincarnated as a RABBIT!?:[MUTATION SYSTEM] / Chapter 37: Physical training and Skill test (part 8 finale)

Physical training and Skill test (part 8 finale) - Reincarnated as a RABBIT!?:[MUTATION SYSTEM] - Chapter 37 by Suleman_abdulazeez full book limited free

Chapter 37: Physical training and Skill test (part 8 finale)

After such an exhausting events The previous day, when I woke up the next day, I felt very tired and decided to give myself a little vacation from training, then I looked around the cave, I noticed that not really much has changed so I decided to scan the environment for any potential dangers, when I didn't find any, I laid my head back down then want back to sleep,..... I woke up sometime later that evening and took some of the monkey corpse out of my storage and started eating, after I was done I laid back down and went back to sleep,... and so like this four days past in the blink of an eye without me doing anything just leisurely lying around in my cave, occasionally waking up to eat plus doing some basic exercises and test some of my skill before going back to sleep,.....

it is currently afternoon, because of my skill test of two days ago and after my many experiment that I did, I became very angry,...why you ask ? well because during my break. I tested some of my skills and there are two particular skills which I did not just understand, I mean I understood how they worked, but I did not see the practical application of it in battle, which made me very angry, one such skills was =death gaze= and the other was =fear gaze=

I mean by the name you would think it a kind of awesome one-hit-kill skill, I mean don't get me wrong in some situations you could apply the skill, but those situations were greatly limited, I did not find any practical use for it now, well to be completely honest I did not experiment with this skill long enough to think I will get any worthwhile answer,..... Well time for me to get back to work, I need to find some uses for this skills so I think it's time to get off my lazy ass and go out to hunt, but not strong monsters of course, I will just go out to try the scale out on the monster surrounding my cave,

After some more testing, I found out a very important factor of my skill, seems this skill is not a instantly kill skill, but a skill that gives a debuf and makes one lose hp continuously,.... Well that's may seem badass and incredibly dangerous plus useful in battle but this skill came with a major disadvantage,.... the hp drop is incredibly slow, I mean very very very very slow, it takes like an hour using this skill on a beetle to completely kill it,.... do you see what I mean now, well in some situations this could actually come in very useful, but just look at it from my point of view, a Beatles hp very little and this skill takes an hour just to drain it, then how long will it take to drain a very strong monster,... while the other is a standard skill that impose fear on the taget...

I was very disappointed but did not dwell to long on it and decided to check my starts. because of the hunting and bulk load of food I eat for some day now,..






AGE = 14 days

GENDER= Female

SPECIES = nightmare rabbit

TITLE = El-Salvos , descendant of the ghoul neither King , serpent circle

rank = 3

Evolution's >|ringed rabbit, wolfin ring rabbit

LEVEL = 3/40 {exp= 2600/5000}- Evo =>Lv40

{HP = 1000/ 1025}, {MP = 1400/1525}, {SP = 400/700}

ST = 130

AG = 160

VT = 205

IN = 305

CM = 5

MT point {19700}

+storage 46/50+(level up card (6),invisibility card (1),(information card(6), heal card(4), force evolution card(2),coupse

>{ skills active}<

[]spring[]=[]ring[]=[]claw[]=[]tail wipe[]=[]wolf kin(rear)[]=[]death gaze[]=[]life leech[]=[] shadow embodiment []=[] nightmare zone[]=[]?????[]=[]??????[]=[]fear gaze[]=[]ghostification[]=[] nightmare[]=[] torment whisper[]=[] illusion zone[]

>{skills passive}<

[]recover(E+)passive[]=[]super senses(E)passive[]=[]flexible body(E)passive[]=[] status display(A) passive[]=[] ?????[]=[]eye of horror[]=[]punishment chains[]


[]silver fangs and claws[]=[]black bone[]=[]dark life horn[]=[]ouroboros[]=[]star eye[]=[]punishment chains[]=[]nightmare tattoos[]

>{ Equipment }<



darkness( green leech magic( ancestral magic)...), Death (death magic ( ancient magic), nightmare (nightmare magic (forgotten magic)


QUEST >|stop the monster wave and find out what is the cause of the monster wave that is happening in the southern parts of the forest, plus making sure that host still has about 10% hp left. time of income wave 13 mint

REWARD >| 16000 XP, rewords=4000 MT points, 2 level up cards, invisibility card, star eye

FAILURE >I death buy being eating by monster of upcoming wave.]=(completed)

TEST >| (CAN YOU EVOVE, rewords=1000 MT points, 4 level up cards, system upgrade card, =Completed)

For you information when I tried to check the other title I got,...all I saw Was This

"System give me any information you have on my title =serpent circle="


[==serpent circle==

This is the representation of life and destruction which is a circle of despair ,hat , sorrow, anger and death. the holder of this title is given



??????? ]

Yes it seems like it lucked , I think it has some thing to do with my equipment, but I will just push to the back of my mind for now, it's no use thinking about it if I can't find a solution now, as I was thinking over this fact, I suddenly remembered that I was not done with my skill testing, so I slapped my fury checks and continued

"Oh, I almost forgot about the last skill I have to test but frost ,let see what it does"

In thinking about one particular skill I had I decided to ask the system maybe form it answer I could get some enlightenment on how to use the skill and how would it benefit me, So I ask the system and all I got was this.

" System give me any information you have on =Shadow embodiment= wait not any give me all the information you have on it"

I said remembering the little information the system gave me on =Serpent circle=


[== Shadow embodiment==

When this skill is activated host is coated in her shadow and can enter other shadows with out being detected ... Can still be discovered by users of other magic's and other detective devices....


"..... What is that all ?...shouldn't the system be something like an information library or something. like why is the skill information so small, system are you infected with a virus or something"



*Ding *

[ The system has come to realized that because of the transformation into the body of a rabbit, the Host mental faculty and thinking capabilities has degraded to that of an infant and with such a brain the system will not be so wicked as to give the Host information in which she is not even able to comprehend,... because of her small size brain]

Because of the system response, I felt like spitting out a bucket of blood, I mean that insult hit the spot and I felt like crying but I was an adult well a semi- adult,....may be, I held back my tears and pretending like I never heard that, well leaving the matter about my rude system at side I decided to concentrate back on my skill,....

After thinking for some time on the skill and its implications, I realized that this skill was fantastic, I mean who doesn't want the most awesome ninja skill ever but thinking about the skill and looking at my status and one more time, I also came to a realization that if I want to use all my skills effectively I need a lager mp pool....

I could not stand this and want out to hunt for more monsters with bigger marna core but when I came back disappointed because I only found two after searching the whole day .

I started to think of what to do before I head the system


[ Host can use information card to find what host desire or at least now answer to host problem]

I was happy at first but then I suddenly realized something and became angrier

"So why did the system not tell me this sooner so as to not waste time in the forest for all those hours.."


[Because host did not ask, and system thought host was smart enough to think of that and was just saving the information card but it seems like host has a brain problems further solidifying the systems previous statement, system advises host to seek a medical professional in the near future before problem becomes worst]



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I was struck down by the system and almost cried but I quietly endured and went back to my cave and fell asleep after such an exhausting day

Suleman_abdulazeez Suleman_abdulazeez

End of training, I hope you are enjoying the novel so far, I will try to update more

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