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87.5% Reincarnated in Naruto, Yeah Naruto / Chapter 42: Fighting A Sannin

Fighting A Sannin - Reincarnated in Naruto, Yeah Naruto - Chapter 42 by Kurosawa_Taiki full book limited free

Chapter 42: Fighting A Sannin

*Clang* *Clang*

Our weapon's clashed over and over again, Trying to overtake the other

Orochimaru: "Grrr, I knew i should've killed you sooner" He said as he threw a kick at me as i blocked it with my Bo Staff and roundhouse kicked him away

Naruto: "Well now's your chance" I said as i charged at him with a Rasengan on my other hand, Orochimaru seeing this was surprised

Orochimaru: "Rasengan?!" He said as he started to make handsigns, But i vanished and appeared behind him, Hitting his back with my Rasengan as he was sent flying at Madara's Statue

Naruto: "I know your still their" I said as i saw Orochimaru emerged out of his skin with a trail of blood on his mouth

Orochimaru: "Damn you!" He said and rushed at me with his full speed, Surprising even me as he appeared behind me and slashed me in the stomach, But it was a Shadow Clone as i pulled my Bo Staff in his neck, Trapping him

Naruto: "Nice try, Orochimaru" I said to him, Making him grit his teeth as he struggled to get off my grip.


Kakashi: "Tsunade-sama!" Kakashi shouted as he entered the Hokage office, Startling her

Tsunade: "What is it Kakashi?"

Kakashi: "Can i go after Sasuke" He said to her immediately as he waited for her response

Tsunade: "I already have a team going after him so you don't have to be worried, Beside's, You're still pretty tired of your fight with Itachi"

Kakashi: "He's my student Tsunade-sama, I need to go" He begged her as she could only sigh 'I think they can do it, But maybe Orochimaru will show up, And i don't want them to die yet, Oh whatever' she thought

Tsunade: "...Alright Kakashi, You can go, But make sure everyone is safe am i clear?"

Kakashi: "Yes Tsunade-sama" He said as she nooded and Kakashi left the office

Kakashi: "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" He said as Pakkun appeared

Pakkun: "Kakashi! What do you need?"

Kakashi: "Smell this" He said as he sniffed Sasuke's torn apart shirt that he didn't want to tell where he got it from

Pakkun: "It's this way" He said as Kakashi followed him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Orochimaru: "Let go off me!" He kept saying to me as he was still in my grasp 'Why not' i thought as i let go of him and he immediately jumped back

Orochimaru: "Sword of Kusanagi: Long Sword of Sky" He said as the Kusanagi Blade started to levitate and rushed at me

Naruto: "Chidori" I muttered as a thousand bird's chirping at once could be heard as lighting formed in my hand and took on the sword head on.

Kakashi: "Was that Chidori?..." He said, Noting the sound that he faintly managed to hear

Kakashi: "It was definitely a Chidori, So that means Sasuke is still alive" He said as Pakkun was having some doubts

Pakkun: "I can't sense Sasuke's current smell no more"

Kakashi: "What?!"

Pakkun: "Yeah, I think someone must have removed his scent, I don't know who did it and how they did it, But they must be very good"

Kakashi: "Damn!" He angrily said

Pakkun: "I smell some people close by!" He informed him and he nodded

Kakashi: "Let's check it out, It maybe the team that Tsunade sent" He said as they moved faster.

When the Chidori clashed with the sword, It immediately made a shockwave, But i made myself stay in place, As well as the sword as the Chidori was slowly fading away

Orochimaru: "Now i have the upper hand" He said in relief seeing me struggle a bit with the Kusanagi blade as i just smirked

Naruto: "Checkmate" I said as i sent a suddenly huge amount of chakra into the fading Chidori, Making the sound more loud as it became bigger

Orochimaru seeing this was just in awe, The Kusanagi blade was starting to shake rapidly, And a few moments later, The blade suddenly flew backwards, Landing next to Orochimaru as i removed my Chidori.

Kakashi: "There you guys are" He said, Startling the three as they turned around and saw Kakashi as they were relieved

Shikamaru: "Kakashi-sensei? What are you doing here?"

Kakashi: "I just want to help you guys, Besides, Sasuke is my student" He said to them and they nodded as he landed his eyes on the tree people tied up

Kakashi: "And who are these guys?"

Shikamaru: "I think they're the one who took Sasuke the other day" He said, Surprising him as the others nodded their head

Kakashi: "Well nice job guys"

Neji: "We didn't do this" He said to him, Making Kakashi even more surprised

Kakashi: "Then who?"

Shikamaru: "Probably Naruto" Shika said to Kakashi

Kakashi: "Are you sure?"

Kiba: "Yeah, Naruto left us behind earlier and started to chased after these guys" Kiba said to him as they nodded

Kakashi: "Do you know where he is right now?" He asked them

"No" They said at the same time

Kakashi: "Well let's find him, Maybe he knows where Sasuke is" He said as Kakashi was about go forward but Shikamaru stopped him

Shikamaru: "Then what will we do with these troublesome guys?" He pointed towards the tree unconscious people

Kakashi: "I already sent some Anbu here to take them" He said and he nodded as they started to run forward.

Naruto: "How about a snake bath? Water Release: Water Dragon Jutsu" I said as the water around me started to form a big ass dragon as it charged at it's prey, But not before Orochimaru put a Fuinjutsu mark on his hand

Orochimaru: "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" He said as he slammed his hand down on the water, Making a large amount of smoke appear as Manda arrived, Taking the Water Dragon dead on as it made Manda staggered backwards, Almost falling down but not quite

Manda: "What is this? You owe me 69 sacrifices this time Orochimaru" He said to him and he nodded

Orochimaru: "Fine, Just help me kill this brat" He said and pointed at me

Manda: "Are you getting clapped by a little brat? I expected better from you" He said and charge at me as i bit my thumb

Naruto: "It seem's your snake needs someone to mate with, Kuchiyose no Jutsu" I said as Gamabunta appeared, Making Manda stop immediately

Gamabunta: "This snake again?"

Naruto: "Yep! Now you can continue what you were doing the last time you met" I said to him as he suddenly ran towards Manda, With his sword in hand as the big snake did the same and rushed towards the toad as they clashed, Making the water around us shake fiercely

Naruto: "Come on Orochimaru, Im getting bored" I said as he didn't respond and just stayed in his spot, Holding the Kusanagi sword tightly

Naruto: "I guess i'll come to you" I ran towards him with my Bo Staff eager to be used on him 'What am i doing? I got Sasuke-kun, There's no need to fight this brat, I'll just need to by some time to escape' he thought.

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