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50% Reincarnated in Naruto, Yeah Naruto / Chapter 6: Graduation

Graduation - Reincarnated in Naruto, Yeah Naruto - Chapter 6 by DaoistxItc03 full book limited free

Chapter 6: Graduation

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It's been about 4 years now and i managed to just barely reach peak Quasi-kage level Chakra, I can now control my Chain's to the point like how Gaara use's his sand like the back of his hand, My Chakra Control has been improving as well but not too much like about Jonin level Chakra Control, And i managed to get my ByakuSharingan to a three tomoe, I don't know when i got it to three tomoe to be honest, Oh and i also managed to store a lot of Nature Chakra like about peak Jonin of Nature Chakra with the help of my Sensory Abilities which i can now sense around 1/2 of the village, Maybe sensing Nature Chakra helped me reach this level of Sensory abilities.

My grade's are still in the middle of class just to avoid being suspicious, And when it was time for for us to have a sparring match, Me and Sasuke are now always fighting now after a few months after my first day at the academy which i'm currently undefeated, I managed to be friends with all the Konoha 12 except for Neji, Lee and Tenten since they are already Genin so i haven't seen them yet and Ino and Sakura, When i talked to them for the first time they shouted at me saying that Sasuke is much cooler than me, After that they've been very annoying when it's about their 'Sasuke-kun', My Friendship with Shikamaru and Choji have gotten very good, While with Hinata sometime's i invite her to lunch or talking about things and walking her home, Which was noticed by a certain Manipulative Monkey, I don't know about Danzo, I'll deal with him later, Putting aside those my relationship with Hinata is better than the Original Naruto had, But she's still shy and cute.

And tommorow is gonna be the Graduation exam, Time to show off a bit can't wait to be a Genin.


I woke up made some breakfast and did my usual training at 5 in the morning, After that i went to take a shower and wore a Fishnet shirt with a Black T-Shirt that had the Uzumaki crest behind it with Bandage's around my Hand's and some ANBU black pants with bandages rap around my right knee with Blue sandal's to top it off, Oh and my Blonde hair is now at shoulder length like Minato, I look more handsome when my hair is like this.

After finishing dressing up i went out of my apartment and locked it up and went to the Academy to take the Genin exam's.

After about 15 minute's i arrived in front of the academy, I went straight inside and waited for the exam's to start.

About sometime later Iruka and Mizuki arrived.

Iruka:"Alright everybody eye's on here,...Okay today is the Graduation exam, These exam's will determine if you are ready to be a ninja or not, The first part of the test is a Written test after that all of you will be fighting against Mizuki, If you can last about 2 minute's while fighting against Mizuki then it will count on your final score, The last one is to do the three Academy Jutsu's, The Transformation, Substitution and Clone jutsu, If you pass all three test then you pass, Now let's get the first test ready."

The written test was too easy and Mizuki even tried to sabotage my test which it resulted in a fail, I finished the test in about 25 minute's, I did want to show off but not too much and did not pass my test immediately after i finished instead i waited for everybody to finish, After that it's time to kick Mizuki's ass

Iruka:"Naruto Uzumaki your up next"

Naruto:"Hai Iruka-sensei"

I was now in front of Mizuki, I stared at him locking eye's with him when i was making my way to the ring, I readied (Hope it makes sense) my stance and waited for Iruka to start the match.

Iruka:"1, 2, 3 HAJIME!"

When Iruka started the fight i rush at Mizuki in a Taijutsu match, He threw a punch at my stomach but i kicked his fist away and throw a fist of my own in his stomach, Mizuki surprised by my action's notices my fist coming towards his stomach, Reacting fastly Mizuki Sidesteps it and tries to trip me but i managed to jump up from his attempt, As i was falling down i quickly set up a kick toward's Mizuki's head but Mizuki block's my Kick with his Forearms, Noticing he blocked my attack i used my other leg to kick him in the stomach which i managed to hit, Mizuki spat out some spit when i kicked him in the stomach which surprises Mizuki 'The hell?, I never thought that this Demon brat is this good, I underestimated him, but not today' I noticed Mizuki rushing toward's me with faster punches and kicks i jump away from him to dodge the attack's but i noticed Mizuki was already in front of me ready to attack 'So he underestimated me, Guess i'll be serious too and get some fighting experience since Sasuke isn't enough to provide me some' i thought as me and Mizuki dueled.

After about a long time Iruka shouted.

Iruka:"Alright it's been two minute's Great job Naruto, Im very proud of you".

Naruto:"Thank you Iruka-sensei" 'Well goddamn that was easy, Ahh being a Muay Thai Expert has its perks' thought Naruto.

I walked out of the ring without any scratches and bruises while Mizuki has some Bruises that are noticeable like it look's like you just got bitten or something but not really life threatening 'How the hell is his Taijutsu so good?, It's better than mine Goddamn demon brat no matter i'll get you back later hehehe'.

And after all of us finished the second exam it was time to do the third one 'Alright last test, Should be easy, I think i don't want to show off in the third test, I already did show off in the first and second test no need to do it in this one, Deception is really a ninja's Bestfriend' i said as i was waiting for my turn.

And finally it was my turn to take the third and final exam.

Iruka:"Alright Naruto, Show me the Transformation first then the Substitution and finally create 5 or more clone's".

After Iruka finished giving me the instructions, I transformed into the Third Hokage flawlessly and then i switch places with a log then it was time for the Clone jutsu.

Iruka:"Alright final one the Clone jutsu go ahead Naruto".

I made 5 Clone jutsu that doesn't look like a normal Clone, It looks like not an illusion so Iruka and Mizuki inspected my Clone's and they can confirm that it is a more refined Clone Jutsu.

Iruka:"Congratulations Naruto!, You pass the exam's with flying colors im very proud of you"

Said Iruka with a happy smile, I smiled back at him and said.

Naruto:"Thank you Iruka sensei and Mizuki sensei, I really appreciate it"

Iruka:"Now come here and pick a headband, Blue or Black?"

Naruto:"I'll have the blue one sensei"

Iruka:"Here you go Naruto, Be a splendid Ninja, Now go back to class i still have an announcement to make"

Naruto:"Hai sensei"

I was walking toward's my class with a proud smile and a headband on my forehead.

Mizuki:"Damn demon, This wasn't supposed to happen, Grrr, No matter just you wait Demon"

Muttered Mizuki under his breath when Naruto was gone

Iruka:"Did you say something Mizuki?

Mizuki:"Oh uh nothing"

Iruka:"..Well if you say so" 'Phew i almost got caught' though Mizuki.

After all the successful students who were able to graduate where now waiting in class for Iruka and Mizuki to come.

Sometime later Iruka and Mizuki arrived.

Iruka:"Alright everyone i just want to say Congratulations on becoming ninja's of the village Hidden in the leaves, I am so proud of you all that come so far, And now there is one final announcement that im going to make, All of you are going to be put in a 4 man team, Each team will get 3 Genin's and 1 Jonin sensei, Now come back here next week so that we can announce on what team you will all be in, Class dismissed"

Iruka said as all of the freshly new Genin''s went outside to celebrate on becoming ninja's with there parent's, I said goodbye to Shikamaru, Choji and Hinata and waited on the swing set for someone to come.

Mizuki:"Hey Naruto" a wild Mizuki said 'Heh it's time , Can't wait for the Shadow Clone jutsu, I don't know how to do it i never really paid attention on how they do it in the show, Oh and don't forget about Mizuki saying that i have the Nine-tail's, ...Wait i haven't met Kurama, Im dumb stupidly dumb maybe i'll try to do it in the following week, Why did i forget about him ughh fuck, Well no turning back now'.

[Well well hello their, so how are you?, And how was this chapter?, was it good, i hope it was cause if not i'll beat you up, anyway's i hope you enjoy my lazy chapter bye bye see ya next time ya].

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