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89.58% Reincarnated in Naruto, Yeah Naruto / Chapter 43: Orochimaru's Escape! Bringing the News

Orochimaru's Escape! Bringing the News - Reincarnated in Naruto, Yeah Naruto - Chapter 43 by Kurosawa_Taiki full book limited free

Chapter 43: Orochimaru's Escape! Bringing the News

Orochimaru: "AHHH!" He shouted as i dropped kicked him right on the stomach, Making him flew backwards at Madara's Statue again, Leaving a big dent on his body as he spat out some blood

Naruto: "Come on Orochimaru, Let's Dance!" I said in an excited tone as he held his breath

Orochimaru: "Damn it!" He quietly muttered 'If I don't escape now, I'll be snake meat' he thought as suddenly, Manda appeared next to him as he just dodged a sword strike from Gamabunta, Orochimaru seeing Manda had a glimpse of hope

Orochimaru: "Manda! Let's get out of here!" He shouted at the big snake as it turned around towards Orochimaru

Manda: "Tch, I'm getting pounded by that stupid toad anyway's, Not that he's stronger than me" He said as Orochimaru nodded

Orochimaru: "Gyaku Kuchiyose no Jutsu! (Reverse Summoning Technique)" He said as both snakes dissapeared in a poof smoke

Naruto: "Shit! Reverse Summoning, I'm such an idiot sometimes" I said as Gamabunta went next to me

Gamabunta: "What the hell are you saying? You literally made that snake guy, Who can go toe to toe with Jiraiya, Retreat without a scratch" He said

Naruto: "Well, Eh your probably right, Now off you go, You've been a good toad" I said and he went back to Mt. Myoboku as right on time, The other's arrived

Kakashi: "Naruto" He said as i turned around to face all of them

Naruto: "Yeah?"

Kakashi: "Where's Sasuke?"

Naruto: "They got him" I said, Making everyone surprised

Shikamaru: "How?"

Naruto: "I almost got Sasuke back, But Kabuto arrived and took him away, I chased him all the way here as Orochimaru arrived to try to stop me from getting Kabuto"

Kakashi: "Wait, Orochimaru showed up?" Kakashi said and i nodded

Shikamaru: "So that means-"

Neji: "Naruto must have fought Orochimaru" He finished, As everyone was even more in shocked as all of them looked at me

Naruto: "Look, Can we get back to the village to report this?" I said and they nodded as we left the Valley of the End, But not before i sensed something as i looked on top of the Waterfall as i saw Zetsu in the flesh

Zetsu/Black: "Nani?!" He said as he was gone

Kakashi: "Oy Naruto, Come on" Kakashi suddenly said

Naruto: "Ah okay, Let's go" I said as we went back to the village


Tsunade: "So your saying, You almost got Sasuke back, But Kabuto managed to get to him first, AND you fought Orochimaru and force him to retreat?" She said to me, As Shizune, Sakura, And the other people in the office, Except for those who already knew where shocked

Naruto: "Yeah" I just replied calmly 'Wait, I just realized, They didn't make me a Chunin'

Naruto: "By the way Tsunade-sama"

Tsunade: "Just call me Oba-chan"

Naruto: "...Okay Tsunade Oba-chan" I said awkwardly

Tsunade: "So what where you going to say Naruto?"

Naruto: "Why haven't i become a Chunin yet?"

Tsunade: "*Sigh* Come here" She said to me as i was confused, But i walked to her anyways as everyone watched as Tsunade leaned closer to me

Tsunade: "You sure you want to be a Chunin, Naruto?" She whispered to me 'Huh, We'll what perks would i get to being a Chunin, Eh i can get more higher rank Jutsu's, I could just henge into someone, Higher missions? I can't be focusing on random missions when their is an Akatsuki out their, Getting a squad? Nah, To much work for a lazy guy like me' i thought long and hard on her question before answering

Naruto: "Well, On second thought, I could stay in Genin for now" I whispered back and she nodded

and patted my head

Tsunade: "Good boy" She said, Making everyone confused as i made it back to where i was a minute ago

Tsunade: "Alright, All of you can go now" She said as everyone started to leave, And i was the last to go but not before Sakura pulled me back to the office by the shoulders

Sakura: "Why didn't you save him! I thought you were strong but i was wrong, You can't even save your own teammate for godsakes!" She said to me as she squeezed my shoulder tightly, Tsunade and Shizune seeing this was shocked 'What the fuck? She's blaming it on me when i fought Orochimaru, Does this girl not know how powerful that snake is' I thought as oh boy you know i wont let her get away with this

Tsunade: "Sakura! That's enough" She said but Sakura didn't hear her

Sakura: "Answer me!"

Naruto: "Oh i'll answer you! Atleast i tried, Unlike you, Who didn't do a singe damn thing!" I shouted at her, Slapping her hands off my shoulder as she step back

Naruto: "All you do is moan like a bitch for our help! You think you can go against Orochimaru? Huh? We did our best to save your 'Sasuke-kun', You goddamn!-" I said as i leaked a little of Kyuubi's chakra and i was about to charged at her, But Kakashi managed to stop me

Tsunade: "Take Naruto away before anything goes wrong!" She said to them as he nodded and took me outside, Leaving a crying Sakura on the ground as Shizune went next to her

Shizune: "Sakura, You should not have done that" She said to her softly

Sakura: "I know.." She said in a whisper that Shizune barely managed to hear

Shizune: "What should we do Tsunade-sama?"

Tsunade: "Let's wait for her to calm down, After that, We'll have a talk with her" She said in a serious tone and Shizune nodded

Shizune: "I never thought that she'd break like that, Especially at Naruto"

Tsunade: "Yeah, Their relationship is pretty good, I don't what Sakura was thinking, Maybe she just lose a friend, Or a possible lover" She said as they waited for Sakura to stop crying.

Kakashi: "Naruto..."

Naruto: "What?" I said in a not so normal tone than my normal one 'My team is not doing okay, One has left the village, And the other two just had a verbal fight, Im the worst sensei out their, And all i could do now is comfort them' He thought

Kakashi: "Are you okay?"

Naruto: "Yes, I just need some rest" I said as Kakashi walked me back to my apartment and i just laid in my bed immediately

Kurama: "Hmph, Since when i have seen you like that? Oh yeah, When you save your vixen from that Hyuga" He said to me

Naruto: "What do you want Kurama"

Kurama: "Nothing, I thought i was getting some action"

Naruto: "Don't worry, You'll get some action too"

*Knock* *Knock*

A sudden knock came from my door 'Shizune?'

Naruto: "Come in" I said and the door opened as Shizune entered my apartment and sat next to my bed

Shizune: "Are you alright Naruto?" She said

Naruto: "Yeah, Im okay, Why are you here?"

Shizune: "Oh nothing, Tsunade-sama ordered me to check up on you" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-escape!-bringing-the-news_55524800432490566">;s-escape!-bringing-the-news_55524800432490566</a> for visiting.

Naruto: "How did you know im here?"

Shizune: "Kakashi" She said as i nodded

Naruto: "How is she?" I asked which surprises her a little bit

Shizune: "She's doing alright now, Tsunade-sama and her talked for a while"

Naruto: "Okay" I just said as the sun was setting and Shizune got up

Shizune: "Well i'll leave you for now Naruto" She said and exited my apartment

Naruto: "Troublesome pinkette" I mumbled as i laid in my bed until i fell asleep.

[Hope Ya Enjoy.]

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