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14.58% Reincarnated in Naruto, Yeah Naruto / Chapter 7: Shadow Clone Jutsu Learned!

Shadow Clone Jutsu Learned! - Reincarnated in Naruto, Yeah Naruto - Chapter 7 by Kurosawa_Taiki full book limited free

Chapter 7: Shadow Clone Jutsu Learned!

Mizuki:"Hey Naruto, Why are you here? don't you have your parents waiting for you?" Said Mizuki.

Naruto:"No, I don't have any parents, Im an orphan my whole life without anyone beside's the Third-Hokage and Iruka-sensei, Why are you asking Mizuki-sensei?"

Mizuki:"Oh well i thought that you might want to get stronger to protect your precious ones am i right?"

Naruto:"Yes i want to become strong, The strongest to protect those who are close to me, And how can i get stronger Mizuki-sensei?"

Mizuki:"Well come here and i'll tell you, It's a secret so don't tell others about this okay?"

Naruto:"Hai Mizuki-sensei!", 'Hehehehe you stupid demon, Good thing his stupid cause if he isn't then my plan will go horribly wrong but he's not, Atleast i hope not' Thought Mizuki.

Mizuki:"Alright so this is what are you going to do...."


ANBU:"Lord Hokage, Lord Hokage!" Said the ANBU

Third Hokage:"Ughh what happened"

ANBU:"Uzumaki Naruto stole the scroll of seals and he managed to knock you out sir"

Third Hokage:"WHAT, That damn sexy jutsu, Ugh whats Naruto thinking, All right go follow him maybe someone used him to get the scroll of seals, Don't intervene until it is necessary and call Iruka maybe he knows about the one who used Naruto to steal the scroll" Said The Third as the ANBU was now gone.


In a forest sitting their was a boy about 12 years old with a Headband on his forehand and shoulder length Blonde hair with a Black-T shirt with ANBU pants and blue sandal's with the scroll of sealings in front of him.

Naruto:"Alright so the Shadow Clone Jutsu can be cast by using your index and middle finger of each hand like a plus sign, In order to create the Shadow clone jutsu you must split your chakra in half so that it can create a Shadow clone, Well i'll be damned"

After Naruto read the instructions he sat up and made a plus sign with his index and middle finger and suddenly a poof of smoked erupted next to Naruto

Clone:"Hey boss"

Naruto:"...That was easier than i thought, Well when you have Jonin level Chakra control that is, Hey Clone stand still"

Clone:"Ok boss,..Hey what are you do-*poof*"

Naruto:"Ah as expected, Well time to get ready for what's to come next" Said Naruto as he sat down as he continue to practice the Shadow Clone jutsu while waiting for Iruka.


It was night time in Konohagakure, But there is one person out in the night running toward's what appears to be in the direction of the Academy.

Iruka:"Why did Naruto do that, When i see him he will regre-" suddenly Iruka got interrupted by a sudden *poof* in the forest.

Iruka:"How did i end up here?, Well maybe let's take a look around if Naruto is here since the ANBU found out that he is not in his Apartment".

After a few minutes Iruka managed to find Naruto in the middle of the forest.


Iruka:"NARUTOO!!!" A wild Iruka appeared

Naruto:"Shadow clone i choose you!*poof*" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_54612666953562029">!_54612666953562029</a> for visiting.


Naruto:"Alright Shadow clone use 1000 years of death but use your leg instead and hit him in his pee pee" Said Naruto as his Clone did as he said


"It was very effective, Iruka is unable to have babies Shadow clone wins the battle!." A mysterious person suddenly said

[Sorry lol]

Iruka:"NARUTOO!!!" Shouted Iruka

Naruto:"Iruka-sensei, What's the matter?"

Iruka:"What's the matter?, You stole the Scroll of seals!, This scroll contains forbidden Jutsu's that are very dangerous when a person learns it and it will be a great threat if someone managed to learn all of the forbidden jutsu in the scroll, And why did you steal the secret of scrolls Naruto? tell me right now" Said Iruka.

Naruto:"Well Mizuki sensei said after school that i can become stronger if i stole the Scroll of seals"

Iruka:"Wait you said Mizuki told you to get the scroll of seals?, But why Mizuki?"

Mizuki:"Oh i see that you got it Naruto" Said a voice in the tree's.

Iruka:"Mizuki!, What's the meaning of this!"

Mizuki:"This has nothing to do with you Iruka, Now Naruto come here and give me the scroll so you can be stronger" Said Mizuki in a persuasive tone

Iruka:"Naruto no, No matter what don't give the scroll to him"


Mizuki:"Naruto give that to me now you demon!"

Naruto:"Wh-what, Why does people always call me a DEMON!" Said Naruto angrily emphasizing the last word.

Mizuki:"Oh so you don't know huh, Well i supposed i'll be delighted to tell you why they call you a demon, Demon!"

Iruka:"No Mizuki, It's forbidden!" Shouted Iruka

Mizuki:"The reason why people call you a demon it's because you hav-" Said Mizuki before getting interrupted by Iruka.


Mizuki:"SHUT UP IRUKA, The reason why people call you a demon Naruto is because you have the Nine-tail's inside you!, That's why they call you a Demon because you killed so many people including me and Iruka's parents" Said Mizuki in a Fast paced tone.

Iruka and Mizuki both look at Naruto to see his reaction, To their surprise his facial expression didn't show any emotion, Instead they only saw a grin in Naruto's face

Then suddenly Naruto disappeared in a flash using the Body flicker technique arriving behind Mizuki with a kunai on his neck.


I was making my way toward's the Hokage building because i want to learn the Body flicker technique

Naruto:"I could be the next Shisui Uchiha, If i master the Body flicker technique and improve it i'll be the most fastest shinobi out their, Like i'm using Minato's Flying thunder god but a little slower but i think i can level it up above Minato's jutsu" I muttered.

I finally made it to the Hokage office and now i was facing the Professor Hokage Manipulative Monkey.

Third:"Naruto-kun, What brings you here"

Naruto:"I wish to learn the Body flicker technique that you showed me" I said with desperation 'Hmm should i give him the scroll for it?, Alright fine at least it's the least i can do' thought Sarutobi Hiruzen.

Third:"*Sigh* Alright Naruto here" I saw Hiruzen throw me a scroll, I caught it and it was the scroll for the Body flicker technique.

Naruto:"Thank you Hokage-jiji sama" I said with a bow 'Alright lesss gooo' i thought happily.

Third:"No problem Naruto but that's gonna be it, No more okay?" Said The third '*Sigh* i guess when i become genin i'll go to the library to get some jutsu's myself.

Naruto:"Alright Hokage-jiji sama" I said as he nodded and i left

After i was outside i started thinking about Sasuke

'Sasuke Saucegay Saskey, Poor thing, The masscare really got him, Good thing i was their to watch the full thing happen, Well only when Itachi cast the tsyukoyomi on Sasuke' i thought as i arrived at my apartment and trained to learn the Body flicker jutsu.

[Flashback ended]

Naruto:"I already know that i am the container of the Nine-tail's" Said Naruto still holding a kunai in Mizuki's neck.

Mizuki:"Damn you Demon!"

Naruto:"You know, I have known that i have the Kyuubi when i was 5, And now i don't care what people call me because i'll get their respect soon enough" Said Naruto as he chopped Mizuki's neck knocking him out cold.

Naruto:"Alright ANBU-san you can come out now"

Suddenly an ANBU arrived in front of Naruto, The ANBU had a Dog mask in his face with a black and gray armor but what makes this ANBU stand out is that he has Spiky defying white Hair which Naruto Immediately know that it was Kakashi Hatake.

ANBU/Kakashi:"Uzumaki Naruto thank you for the help"

Naruto:"No problem Ka- i mean ANBU-san" Said Naruto as his fanboy instincts almost let loose.

Kakashi:"Hmm, Okay we need to talk to Hokage-sama about what happened here and that includes you too Iruka"

Naruto/Iruka:"Okay" They both said as Kakashi Body flickered them to the Hokage office.


Third:"*Sigh* Atleast you could've told me right away when Mizuki said that Naruto" Said Hiruzen while piping his pipe with his pipe

Naruto:"Sorry Hokage-jiji sama i panicked" I said with the most saddest face i could make

Third:"It's Alright, Well of you two now"

Me and Iruka left and went to our separate home's.

[Well i hope you like it, heheheheh, until next time then Ja ne]

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