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82.35% Reincarnated into Elder Scrolls Universe: Daedric Prince of Undeath / Chapter 14: Click And Drag to Construct Base!

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Chapter 14: Click And Drag to Construct Base!

*****Not much to this one. Mostly just base building. The last part is what's important.****

         (4E- 199 28th of Sun's Dusk)

     Galeron had holed up inside Fort Doomguard for the fast few days, attempting to recreate what Jyrik had done with his staff. He didn't expect it to be anything that could compete equally with Jyrik's staff but he figured, that if Jyrik had been able to create a poor substitute for The Staff of Magnus, then Galeron, having seen all the enchantments used in Jyrik's staff, should be able to create a poor substitute for Jyrik's staff.

     Just this morning, he had finally succeeded. His experiments were now completed and he only needed to enchant about a dozen more of these staves, before he would be ready to begin the work of completing his home and base renovations. Based on how much he was able to accomplish with Jyrik's staff, he estimated that his recreations would only be able to do a third of that.

     That evening, with all but two of his staves bundled together in a wrap on his back, Galeron went down into the canyon, where his prizes were still waiting for him. The other staves he had in his hands.

     "You insufferable miscreant! How dare you take me from my College! You! A fool, who toys with powers beyond his control! An abomination! A twisted, evil, unnatural freak!"

     "Oh, good evening, Auger! I hope the day finds you well! Care for some dinner? Oh, wait...that's right."

     "You swine! You…" Galeron allowed the Auger to continue swearing in the background. He had more important matters than arguing with a glowy ball thing to attend.

     Using the staves in his hands in the same manner that he had employed Jyrik's staff, he envisioned the canyon encompassing barrier of illusions, each detail of which, he had meticulously analyzed and adopted. Connecting with the Eye of Magnus and making sure to put more power into one staff than the other, he put both staves to the task of constructing his barrier.

     It was only a few seconds before the barrier, which had spread out from Galeron at its center, had reached several dozen meters in diameter and one of his staves began to break. Using Telekinesis, he grab a new staff and allowed the old one to completely shatter. Grabbing yet another new staff in preparation for another replacement, the barrier continued to expand at an alarming rate.

     As his fourth staff broke apart, the barrier had almost reached the canyons defining borders. One more staff down and now the barrier had covered every inch that Galeron wanted it to. Using the last staff he held to ensure that all of the barriers functions were operational and it was covering every place necessary, he then bound the operation, manipulation, and maintenance of the barrier to the Eye itself and left the Eye permanently active.

     The barrier he had constructed should block not only people from seeing what's inside the canyon but also prevent scrying and actively redirect and fool those attempting to find the place. He had also attempted to integrate elements that would prevent those like the Psijic's from noticing the massive amounts of magicka being used inside the canyon but he wasn't entirely sure how effective those measures would be. 

     After the barrier was completed, the Eye of Magnus had taken on an aura much like it had inside of Saarthal. It was once again surrounded by a whirling wall of magicka, with its outward appearance now seeming more blue and ethereal than its normal brownish appearance.

     Now that the Eye was like this however, he knew it would require at least two more staves in order to get it inside the Fort. Thus, he took out two more staves and Galeron once again isolated the space around the Eye of Magnus and teleported it into a special location within the Fort. 

     Galeron and his summons had cleared and prepared a basement-like space specifically for the Eye and now it and its inscribed floor indentation could be seen occupying that space.

     Immediately after this successful relocation, however, the staves in Galeron's hands immediately shattered. This, of course, he had expected, given the number he had already gone through. But of course, he was now down to only four staves and he suspected it wouldn't be enough for what he had in mind. 

     Allowing the broken staff pieces to fall onto the floor, Galeron grabbed another from his stash and walked inside the Fort.

     Arriving at the improvised basement, where the Eye was now residing, he connected once more with the Eye's power and began reshaping the basement. He started by expanding its size, until it was nearly as large as the Fort itself. 

     After his current staff shattered, he then grabbed another and began fortifying the walls with the same stone used to build the Fort. He went through two staves, in order to complete this part.

     Knowing that he wouldn't have enough durability in his last staff to finish the basement, he used the final staff to create an underground chamber specifically for the Eye. Once his last staff was broken, he immediately began enchanting more staves and, by the next day, he had crafted a bundle of twelve more staves.

     He then went back to the basement and began sectioning off parts of it into individual rooms and floors. He fashioned out a room specifically designed for various sized teleportation portals, a room specifically for the Auger, and a room for the Atronach Forge. He had many other useful rooms and additions but these were the primary ones.

     Once he was finished renovating Fort Doomguard's basement, he had gone through yet another two staves. With a fresh staff in hand, he worked his way back outside and began reinforcing and repairing the Fort's exterior and even adding irrigation plumbing and waste disposal plumbing.

     Four more broken staves later, Galeron had completed all of Fort Doomguard's renovations and teleported both the Auger and the forge into their respective rooms.

     With all of this finally finished, he then set to work on the landscape. Galeron was going to transform his own little bit of Skyrim into a miniature Plane of Atronachs Museum. To start with, he summoned a great many unbound Frost Atronachs onto the tops of the surrounding mountains. He then opened a permanent portal directly to the Frost Atronatch's plane of Oblivion, Incarcerus (NC). He modeled the portal so that it could be closed and opened to regulate both the mountain top's temperature as well as the number of Frost Atronachs currently residing there.

     Galeron then remodelled the ground surrounding the base of the mountains into magma and summoned a great many Unbound Flame Atronachs. Mimicking his earlier portal, he established yet another one here and then focused on the central part of the canyon.

     After creating a moat around the Fort, he began constructing elevated roads that crisscrossed the canyon and eventually sloped down to the front of the Fort. After constructing another much more simplistic barrier around the Fort and the roads connecting them to it, he then cleared all of the ground underneath and created a similar Atronach habitat for a great many Unbound Storm Atronachs.

     If one were to stand atop Fort Doomguard and look down into the canyon, one would be greeted with the sight of hundreds of Frost and Storm Atronachs all inhabiting an extreme and unforgiving environment. If one had a telescope or similar spell, one would see Frost Atronatchs roaming the mountain tops in a similarly extreme environment.

     If one wished to traverse the canyon, it could only be done by adhering strictly to the shielded roads. Shields which could, at a moment's notice, be deactivated at Galeron's command.

     Galeron looked at the last staff in his hand and once again realized he had miscalculated. He was certain that he would need at least five more to completely safe guard his other base.

     Moving over to Dayspring Pass, Galeron widened the entire pass to allow horse drawn carts to pass through with ease. He then created a magical entrance to the pass that would close the earth around it so that it looked completely natural from the outside. Only Galeron himself would be able to activate this entrance and, when he did, it would only stay open for a short time before sealing itself again.

     Now completely staffless and closing in on midnight, Galeron decided the crypt and the cave could wait until tomorrow.

     After waking, eating a quick breakfast, and bathing in the icy waters of the waterfall, which was connected to the Frost Atronach's habitat and poured into the area around the Flame Atronach's habitat, he started making his way back to the Fort.

     The barriers and portals he had put in place were all maintained by the power of the Eye and so he could rest easy knowing that his bathing waterfall would continue flowing so long as the Eye remained inside the canyon's barrier.

     Galeron went ahead and enchanted six more staves, just to be safe. He then entered the room in the Fort's basement that was designed for portal creation. Picking out just the right location on the wall, he outlined a door-like shape in his mind and then gradually established the portal's borders on the wall in the design he envisioned.

     Once the portal was finished, he disconnected himself from the Eye's power, sent his magicka into the activating mechanism on the portal, and watched as the inside of the portal's borders turned into a white milky substance that felt like jello when touched. 

     Seeing the portal form successfully, Galeron immediately stepped through and came out the other side.

     "Ahhh, the good old Crypt! Morila, I do hope you've been keeping things in order?" Galeron asked, less than a second after returning to his first ever hideout. He had opened his portal very near the entrance to the main chamber and so wasn't surprised to see her there.

     "Yes, Master! I've continued to collect Alchemical ingredients and to keep all of your belongings safe and organized." She answered without hesitation.

     "Very good! It won't be long before we abandon this place, at least for a short time. During that short time however, I'll need you to oversee our new hideout. Get everything there organized and up and running." Galeron opened a small portal that connected him with the Eye of Magnus and then completed the other half of the permanent portal, with one of his staves.

     Activating the permanent portal once again, Galeron addressed Morila, "Go now. Through the portal. You know what to do. I'll be along shortly."

     Once Morila had been sent through, he then sent the rest of his undead through and immediately set to work.

     Luckily, the work that needed to be done here was much less intensive than the work at the Fort. Taking a staff in hand, he went to the Crypt's entrance, got rid of the grate and ladder, and sealed off the entire entrance. Now if one were to look from the outside it would simply appear to be a normal overhang that was home to a couple of Sabercats.

     Moving through the tunnel into Crystaldrift Cave, Galeron also sealed off its entrance. He then modified the hole in the ceiling to his liking, doubled the size of the cave, and then ascended through the hole in the cave's roof.

     Targeting a nearby tree, he caused the tree to gradually migrate over to cover the hole and connect its roots to the more fertile earth around the cave, so that its growth would not erode the hole.

     Galeron placed an illusion on the entire tree so that it appeared as a normal tree, yet twelve feet above the ground he altered the structure of the tree to have a hole in it large enough for a full grown orc to pass through and down into the cave. 

     He continued to alter the tree's structure even further, until the hole stretched all of the way to the top. This would allow for water to still easily flow into the cave and from there into the Crypt. This would also allow for at least a little bit of sunlight to pour through.

     Finally satisfied with the security of his laboratory base and the fact that he still had three staves left, Galeron went ahead and stepped through the portal and back into the Fort.


       (4E-199 2nd of Evening Star)

     Galeron had made sure to rest and eat well, before his next big quest. He had also done some much needed rune meditation and gotten in a bit of exercise. To top it all off, he had even run through a few reality check drills, to get himself used to using all of the tools at his disposal to ensure his safety. 

     Feeling quite comfortable with the preparations he had made so far, Galeron once again connected himself with the Eye's power and, an instant later, he was standing at the base of a mountain near Riften and he started walking in the city's direction. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_47037226453885499">!_47037226453885499</a> for visiting.

     This would be the first time that he would enter a proper city, since coming to this world, and so he was quite curious how closely it would resemble the games he'd played.

     Late that evening, he was finally approaching the gates of Riften. The walls and pretty much everything else there was, as expected, much larger than what he had previously experienced. Unlike Winterhold, Galeron could safely say that Riften was at least seven times larger than the fictional version.

     Checking his Disguise Illusion to make sure it was still effective, he slowly made his way through the city streets taking in the sights and looking for familiar faces. Although the gate guards had attempted to scam him, he was proficient enough with Behavioral Modification Spells that he had simply walked right past them.

     Galeron, before he left, had crafted a simple cloth tow bag that he could place his Orbical inside of to avoid attracting too much attention. He had attached it to the sash holding his robes together, before entering the city.

     He continued exploring the city with his Breton disguise active and, once he managed to find the Bee and Barb, he walked in, rented a room for the night, and went directly to sleep.


          (4E-199 3rd of Evening Star)

     After a quick breakfast the next morning, he made his way around Riften buying up every Grand Soul Gem he came across. With his bag stuffed with soul gems and his pockets now quite a bit lighter, he headed towards the Riften Stables. Lucky for him, there was a solid black horse for sale which he didn't even try to purchase but he did stealthily send his Orbical, inside its tow bag, over and looped it onto the horse's saddle. 

     He felt that this was fortunate, simply because he had always fancied black on horses. It gave them a slightly intimidating presence and gave their coats a nice shine.

     With his Orbical in place, he then activated a BeMod Spell through his Orbical, causing the horse to be calm and follow his commands. He had to wait a while, for the horse to be in a good position to escape, but, once it was, the horse dashed past its handler and immediately broke into a gallop towards Galeron's general direction. 

   Once the horse was well out of sight of the city, Galeron brought the horse directly to where he was. He then started casting all manner of spells that would make his amateurish horse riding smoother and more comfortable.

     Once he was all set, he spurred the horse into a gallop and headed west and ever so slightly north. After a half a day of travel, he began to worry that he might have already missed his destination and so he pulled into an innocuous thicket of trees and made camp.

     Sitting down beside the small fire he had started, he began refamiliarizing himself with the Conjure Familiar spell. He was already capable enough with it to conjure both a wolf and a raven. 

     When he had first started learning Conjuration, he had stopped at just these two because he had felt that the spell required too much effort for too little reward.

     That, of course, was before the enlightenment he obtained, with his latest breakthrough. He now understood that the potential of these Familiars, or essentially psuedo-souls, was far beyond his initial expectations.

     Galeron had already made some halfhearted attempts at scrying, before he ever discovered Rune Meditation. Most of those attempts, however, had questionable results and the ones that worked properly consumed far too much magicka.

     Now that he had gained a deeper understanding into the meanings of the Insight rune, his ability to perform scryings was greatly enhanced. Greatly enhanced from next to nothing, however, still wasn't all that impressive but he felt as though his current abilities would allow him to accomplish what needed to be done.

     After conjuring a Raven Familiar, Galeron closed his eyes and cast a specialized scrying spell that should allow him to see through the Raven's eyes. After opening his eyes, he looked around and, sure enough, he could see himself sitting there in front of himself or, at least, in front of his vision...or whatever.

     Commanding the Raven Familiar to take flight, he almost instantly regretted that there weren't any other sensations associated with this spell. It was only his sight that the Raven could share and it did that quite well. After climbing to an appropriate height he could see for miles around and he could very easily maneuver the bird in any direction he pleased.

      Having confirmed the success of his new ability, he began his search for the broken down building that he knew must've been around there somewhere. After about three hours of scouting, he had finally found it.

      'There it is. Redwater Den.'

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