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20% Reincarnated into Warframe Universe: Tyranny of the Tenno / Chapter 6: New frames, Infested, and Relay

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Chapter 6: New frames, Infested, and Relay

'So, I need two things, first I need credits to purchase equipment and second I need a highly defensible base of operations. No, my tiny little Orbiter doesn't cut it. As much as I'd like to use this galleon as a foundation for my base, I'm unfortunately flat broke. Also, I suspect that there are other options, for base material, especially here in the void.' Thinking this, I head back to the Liset, exit the void, and make my way back to the Orbiter.

    "Ordis, put me in contact with Darvo."

    "Certainly, Operator."

    "Ahh, greetings Tenno, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Darvo greets me.

    "Tell me Darvo, can you afford to purchase a fully functional Grineer Galleon? If not, then can you contact someone who can? Also, the quicker the better."

    "Hahahaaa, it's good to see you have a sense of humor Tenno but, unless you have a serious offer, I'm afraid I really am a busy man."

    "This is no joking matter, Darvo. I have a fully functional Grineer Galleon waiting for a buyer. Now, are you going to give me a quote or not?"

    "...You're serious? A Grineer Galleon? Fully functional? You must understand Tenno this is quite the outrageous claim."

    "Darvo, I'm not going into details about the how-to's and wherefores. I aim to keep all the information surrounding this incident completely confidential. I will provide the coordinates, for the galleon, to you only in exchange for a reasonable sum of credits. If you need to see it for yourself or find another buyer then fine. Once I get my money, what you do is up to you so long as you keep me out

of it. Come to think of it, don't even mention that I'm a Tenno. Just tell them, that I'm an anonymous merchant who values his privacy."

    "...Ah, well...yes, if you are willing to show it to me, then I suppose I can't refuse. Just send me your orbiter's coordinates and you can take me there, once I arrive."

    "Done and done, Darvo. The coordinates will be sent, to you, in less than three hours. I'll see you when you get here."

    I needed to give myself time to reposition the Orbiter. Once we arrive, we board the Orbiter and head directly back towards the galleon. About three quarters of the way there, we stop and send our coordinates, to Darvo. I then take the Liset back, into the void, to retrieve the galleon.

    The galleon is now sitting just outside of my visual range, from the Orbiter. With all of that done, it shouldn't be too long before Darvo arrives. Suddenly, a thought occurs to me. "Ordis, how do I store and safekeep credits that I have, gotten a hold of."

    "Any credits the Operator obtains will be stored in the Orbiter's vault. As for transferring credits, any well equipped Cephalon, such as  myself, can transmat currencies securely over vast distances. Having infinite variations of security protocols at my disposal, I can easily give temporary access to our vaults to trusted agents. Once business is concluded, I can simply construct another." Ordis proudly bragged.

    'The Orbiter has a vault?' I think to myself.

'I really need to familiarize myself more with this ship.' "Thank you, Ordis, I'm sure your assistance in this matter will be invaluable."

    As soon as Darvo arrives, we board the Liset and head for the galleon. As we approach, Darvo is staring, dumbstruck, at what he seems to have believed would've been a nonexistent galleon.

    Once on board, I begin Darvo's tour demonstrating that everything is in order. "Don't mind the bodies. I'll clear them out, before we finalize anything." I reassure Darvo, although he doesn't look very reassured.

    We arrive at the control deck and Darvo seems quite pleased with everything. "Honestly Tenno, I'm not sure how you pulled this off, although I have an idea. This will be both the largest purchase and the largest sale I've ever made, once I find a buyer that is."

    "Excellent, so you'll take it then?"

    "Absolutely, Tenno. I would have to be mad, to pass up an opportunity like this. That said, I'll need a moment to transfer the necessary funds. Transfers, of this size, always require extra security measures."

    "Really, but you haven't even told me how much you are offering."

    "Ahh, yes, it seems in my excitement I've tried to skip straight to the 'gimmie, gimmie' phase. I'll offer you 100 million credits. I trust this will be sufficient."

    "Indeed it will, Darvo. Quite sufficient, if I may say so. Why don't you head back to the Orbiter and finalize the transfer, with Ordis? I'll start cleaning out the previous occupants."

    "Wonderful, Tenno! With your Cephalon's help, the process should be much smoother. I'll see you back at the docking bay, once I'm done."

    I set to work, tossing all of their bodies out into space, after stripping their armor and weapons. Once Darvo returns, he has to wait another hour for me to finish. We both board the Liset and I use the tractor beam to snatch up all of the weapons and armor. After dropping everything into the Orbiter's cargo bay, I send Darvo off with his new galleon and then revel in my new found wealth.

    '100 million credits! Haha, I'm rich bitch!' I think, finally able to let my excitement show. "Ordis, I think a trip to the local Relay is well overdue. Shall we?"

    "If the Operator wishes it, then we shall...We are on course, to the Strata Relay, Operator."

    Hearing Ordis's confirmation of our destination, I make my way over to the Modifier. I begin exploring its functions and, as expected, they're similar to the Arsenal. A holographic projection is lying face down, on the Modifier's bed/table like surface, and changes must be confirmed before laying down and having the changes implemented. The curious thing about this hologram, is that it's showing me my Ivara with its back flayed open. There's a large rectangular section of my frame's back that's being exposed. Looking inside, I don't see any "systems" or "neuroptics." All of my frame's flesh/meat looks exactly the same. It's all a uniform dark grey color. Inlaid into the exposed flesh, is a PE matrix that has one single wire like line running down the middle, from the neck to the buttocks. From that middle wire, six equidistant wires running perpendicular to the middle wire branch off from it on both sides. The space, between each of the six auxiliary wires, contains a portion of the middle wire that has a sort of port like structure built into it. At the end closest to the legs, is a seventh perpendicular wire, with five equidistant auxiliary wires branching off towards the feet. These five have the same port like structures between them as the other twelve spaces. At the end closest to the head, is an Orokin Reactor, which is connected directly to the middle wire and covered entirely by the light blue psionic energy matrix. Being truly puzzled by this scene, I demand answers from Ordis.

    "Your warframe, Operator, unlike most other biological beings, contains the same amount of each type of its cells throughout its entire body. Which is to say, that every square inch, of a frame's flesh, possesses the same proportion of necessary cells as the next. The only exception being the exocytes that form a frame's 'skin.' There are no organs or bones. This is beneficial in that a warframe cannot be insta killed by some dastardly stealth attack. However, the frame can be weakened, if its Orokin Reactor or psionic matrix is damaged, thus reducing or eliminating the benefits of both the reactor and any equipped mods."

    'It seems I've still got a lot to learn about this world. Perhaps, I'll learn more at the Relay.' I wonder to myself. "I see, very interesting. I suppose these port like structures, are where mods are connected?"

    "Correct, Operator. The psionic matrix provides a medium through which the applied mods can affect change to the warframe's capabilities. The reactor provides the power required to affect these changes as well as supplementing the frame's natural stores of PE. Operator, it would appear we've entered Earth's orbit and the Liset is ready for departure."

    Upon hearing Ordis's explanation and announcement. I make a mental note, to start asking more questions, because I truly know very little, about this world. For now however, it's time to check out this relay and spend a little money.

    Landing on the Relay's platform, I notice that it looks very similar to the ingame portrayal. Seeing this, I begin bullet jumping towards the entrance. Of course, I calm down a bit, once I'm inside. I take a look around and notice, once again, that the architecture is eerily similar. The difference being, this Relay is much more spacious. It also has several Corpus and Tenno merchants,  scattered about in various stalls. I head over to a Tenno, operating an Excalibur Prime frame, who is advertising "Warframe Bio-cartridges" to find out what the hell those are.

    "How goes it, fellow Tenno?"

    "Business is kinda slow today but other than that I can't complain. Is there something, in particular, that you're looking for?"

    "Yes, I am looking to purchase a couple of frames but first I want to know what "Warframe Bio-cartridges" are?"

    "Ah, I see, a newly awakened Tenno. Well if it's frames you are looking for you've come to the right place. You'll find that very few people sell fully crafted frames. Mostly, you will come across bio-cartridges, which are all the bio-components you need to build your own frame. Bio-cartridges mostly just store the frame's Progenitor Cells in a three segment cartridge. You see, in order for your foundry to craft a frame, it needs all three of your frame's Progenitor Cells and the instructions on how to arrange the Derivative Cells. This bio-cartridge contains one Neurocyte Progenitor Cell, one Exocyte Progenitor Cell, and one Hemocyte Progenitor Cell. As you may know, all of a frame's cells are evenly distributed throughout their bodies with the exception of Exocytes. A Cephalid embedded within the cartridge's opening, fuses all three Progenitor Cells into a single organism. A portion of this Cephalid contains the information required to properly proportion and construct the frame. It also contains information on all of the different types of cells to be derived from the progenitors. All this information, the Cephalid embeds into the fused three celled organism as it passes into the Foundry. All the Foundry does is apply the appropriate amounts of energy and external resources and follows the directions provided."

    "Man, I feel like I haven't stopped learning things since my awakening."

    "Hahahaa, yeah it can take a while to get readjusted. I think we all felt that way in the beginning."

    "Well, that certainly was helpful of you. I appreciate you educating me. By the way, how much do these go for?"

    "No problem at all. As for the price, most common frames only cost about 50 to...Oh, wait you probably don't know about Platinum currency do you?"

    'What the fuck, Platinum? How the shit did microtransaction currency make its way here? Good thing I don't have a face, right now.' I think to myself. "Ah, no Platinum currency? No that doesn't sound familiar. What is it?"

    "As expected. Platinum, is a currency used exclusively by Tenno. It, as you can imagine, is made of platinum only with a square hollowed out in the center. In that hollow center is embedded a Cephalid which prevents the production of forgeries. When you encounter Tenno throughout Sol, if you want to buy and sell with them you will need Platinum. Using this currency helps to prevent other factions from gaining access to Tenno technologies. It isn't a perfect defense against such things but it is one layer of protection. If you want to trade credits for Platinum, you should head to the Sol Tenno Federation branch on the second floor. They are the ones who introduced the use of Platinum and offer currency exchange services. Beware however, that you cannot exchange Platinum for credits only the other way around. You also have to be actively operating a Warframe but you already have that covered. As slow as business is today, I don't think you should worry about missing out. I'll be here when you get back, as I'm sure most of my inventory will be as well." He said the last sentence a bit dejectedly.

    "Thanks again for the help. I'll be back in a moment." I head off to the second floor to exchange currency. 'Maybe I should see if Cephalon Suda is here, before going back down. I want to pick up those Synoid weapons, if at all possible.'

    As I approach, the very official looking branch office(?) I'm greeted by the doorman. "Greetings, Tenno. What brings you to the Federation today?"

    "I'm in need of currency exchange services and I'd also like to know more about your organization."

    "Yes, very well, inside on the right you'll find a vendor willing to offer you Platinum in exchange for credits. If you want more information, you can speak with an Emissary. That said, I'll tell you, that the Federation is a neutral organization that offers all of the benefits of being part of a clan without the commitment. We offer all Tenno technologies and research information to any Tenno, for a price of course. We exist, to support the survival and prosperity of all Tenno."

    "That sounds great! Maybe I'll speak with one of these Emissaries, after all." 'Hah, not a chance.'

    I leave the doorman, and approach the currency exchange counter. "Hello, I'd like to exchange 90 million credits for Platinum please." The female Corpus, behind the counter, looks at me strangely for a second but then requests secure access to my funds. I connect her with Ordis and he completes the transaction. The exchange rate is 250:1 credits to Platinum. I walk away with 360,000 Platinum and 10 million credits.

    "Alright Excalibur, I'm looking for very specific frames. Is it alright if I call you Excalibur?" I ask.

    "Sure it is. Most Tenno never choose a personal name and the ones that do aren't likely to be offended if you don't know or use it."

    "The frames I'm looking for are: Nova, Mesa, and Saryn."

    "You're in luck, Ivara. Nova is a pretty common frame, only fifty plat. Saryn and Mesa aren't as common but not that rare either, both are eighty plat. Two hundred and ten plat total."

    "That's not a bad price. Do you only sell bio-cartridges?"

    "Mostly, though, I do have a couple of skins and a handful of frame mods."

    "Skins?"_ 'No freaking way, first Platinum now skins, sick!'

    "Yes, skins completely alter the appearance of your frame, by placing it into the Foundry and allowing it to rearrange your frame's Exocytes."

    "That sounds pretty amazing! Which ones do you have?"

    "I only have three Excalibur skins: Arturius, Exaltation, and Isurus."

    "I see, well what about your frame mods? I don't have any of those."

    "I have all of the most basic and popular mods. Scrooge, increases energy efficiency. Mega Mind, increases available PE. Body Builder, increases available BE. Elasticity, allows abilities that have a range limitation to reach further. Potency, allows abilities that apply elemental effects to become more potent. And lastly, Competence, allows abilities with a duration limitation to last longer. They're all 30 plat each."

    "Very nice! I'll take the frames I mentioned earlier and five each of those mods."

    "There you are. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

    "Actually, do you know where I might find some specter blueprints."

    "Specters, huh, you would need access to the kind of advanced research facility typically found in clans. Luckily, I'm a member of the Federation, so I can just go pick some up for you, but be warned they're expensive."

    "That would be immensely helpful. How long do you think it would take to grab them?"

    "It will probably take a few hours, six at least. What kind did you have in mind? Tier 1 or 2?"

    "How many tiers are there?"

    "There are four tiers, with Tier 1 being the least competent having only a minor Cephalid operating it. Tier 4 is the strongest, having a Psuedo-Cephalon operating it. Tier fours, however, are incredibly expensive."

    "How much are the Tier fours?"

    "Uhhh, I'd say about ten thousand plat per specter."

    'Damn! I knew it! Another hole blown, in my recently acquired fortune.'_"Okay, even though this is gonna hurt, get me five Tier fours."

    Excalibur goes stiff. If he had a jaw, I'm pretty sure it'd be on the floor. "You must be joking, right?"

    "Nope, not at all. If you don't have the funds to acquire them, then you can take me with you."

    "Ummm, yeah, the funds would be a problem,  so I guess if you're really serious then let's head to my Liset." Excalibur offers.

    Six hours later, we arrive back at the Relay and say our goodbyes.

    After my purchases, from Excalibur, I continue shopping around. I purchase a few skins, some Aura Mods, and some Ability Mods. 'Now it's time to go see Suda.'

    I go back up to the second floor and sure enough Cephalon Suda has his little enclave in here. 'I really hope I can get those Synoids.'

    "Welcome, Tenno. Do you perhaps have questions?"

    "Yes, I came to ask,  if you have the weapons, Synoid Simulor, Synoid Gammacor, and Synoid Heliocor? If I have to complete tasks for you in order to gain access, that's fine but I'd like to have them sooner rather than later, if possible."

    "Ahh, straight to the point then. Well it seems that you are in luck, Tenno. I did,  at one time, require that those seeking my gifts work for me to attain them, and I still do. However, there were those who, once they knew of my gifts, came and offered their services for a while and then left. They deconstructed and analyzed my gifts and were eventually able to reconstruct them without me. I deduce that you are a recently awakened Tenno, with incomplete knowledge, or else you would likely already be aware of this."

    "Ah, yeah you guessed it. So I should search elsewhere, huh?"

    "Not at all. Others are able to replicate my gifts but I still have devoted disciples that require compensation for their diligence. If you wish to acquire my Syniod weapons, it will require a donation of five hundred Platinum per weapon. Fifteen hundred total, Tenno. This is comparable to what others would charge you. While they may be able to replicate my gifts, it is not easy for them."

    "Damn, I knew it would be expensive! Alright, fifteen hundred Platinum it is then."

    Back on the Orbiter, I've been drooling over my new toys for a good hour. I just can't believe I'm holding these beauties in my hands. And when I think about the destruction I can reap with them, the drool starts again.

    Alright, I need to collect myself. Sure these weapons are beautiful and powerful, but I still have one more thing to do, before going to the void to hunt down a suitable base of operations.

    "Ordis, take us to Phobos."

    Upon arrival at Phobos, I enter the Liset and head out. "Ordis, one of these ships carrying Infested, should also have a colony of people living on it. Don't ask me how I know. I'm only telling you so you know what to look for. Once you find it guide me towards it."

    "Of course, Operator, I'm on it....there are six ships within range that carry the Infestation but only one that also harbors other lifeforms. I'm sending the coordinates to the Liset."

    "Good work, Ordis! I'm going to board that ship and retrieve a certain artifact of the Old War variety."

    "The Old War, but…"

    "I said don't ask! Now stay hidden while I'm gone." I interject.

    I enter the Corpus ship and get my first look at the Infestation. 'It's pretty creepy, but in a gross but cool kinda way.' I start heading towards the colony that Ordis located, in my Ivara. Even though she's already level thirty, my Nova hasn't finished construction yet. I also have my Synoid Set on me, just in case.


    I creep along, using Prowl, trying my best to stay completely out of sight. My target is an object not a prey. I just need to get in grab the loot and get out.

    I finally come across a couple of closed and locked gates, with very few Infested around. Now all I need to do is wait for a myconian hunter, to open one of those gates and I'm in. I set up directly beside the gate so that all I have to do, when the gate opens is side step and slip inside. 'I really hope it doesn't take too…it's opening. Nice!' I already know the situation on the other side thanks to Sentry. As soon as there is enough room, I slip in and begin my search. As soon as I begin my search, it ends. There it is just sitting there out in the open. Not just sitting there, it's literally on a raised platform. It's so obvious. I don't think they get a lot of visitors, much less invaders. They also probably hold it in pretty high regard. Just looking at, it is pretty awesome. I mean, I wouldn't be here trying to snatch it, if it wasn't so damn awesome. The prize, in question, the Old War Relic, Triuna a.k.a. the Nefarious Nidus.

    Of course, I can't just snatch it up and walk off with it. I have to be very precise with my timing here. I'll have to wait for another gate opening as it's just closed behind me. I spend the rest of my wait time, scoping out the area and laying DW perches. I realize I'll have to wait until whatever there nighttime is as there's to much activity right now.

    Once "night falls," I wait until a Hunter is heading towards the gates. I really hope this works. As soon as the Hunter starts to speak with the doorman, I shoot a CA, at Nidus. The doorman is currently operating the console. As soon as the door is halfway open, I rapid fire two sleep arrows at the Hunter and the doorman. I land in front of Nidus, drape him across my shoulders, and carry him out the door. A second after I turn the corner and disappear into a storage room, the Hunter and doorman wake up. There seems to be quite a bit of ruckus over there now. Not my problem though, I've got my prize. All I need to do is keep calm and get to extraction.

    Back on the Orbiter, I'm about as happy as I've ever been. I'm running, jumping, and dancing around inside the Orbiter. My mental smile is larger than it's ever been. I've finally got my boy Nidus back. On top of that, I've got a level thirty Ivara and three other potential frames just waiting to be recruited into my Spectre Force One. Novas weapons have all been acquired. I just need to level them and then sort out the gear for my other frames and I'll be the baddest Tenno this side of the void.

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