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8.82% Reincarnated into Warframe Universe: Tyranny of the Tenno / Chapter 2: Tenno Con-tinued (Updated)

Read Reincarnated into Warframe Universe: Tyranny of the Tenno - Chapter 2 online

Chapter 2: Tenno Con-tinued (Updated)

As I realized where I was and what was about to happen, I mentally smiled, due to my warframe not having any lips. It seems I've reincarnated, as a Tenno, and am currently in control of my first warframe after my current body's long slumber within the Somatic Link pod. My current body will have to remain locked, within the Somatic Link pod located within the Reservoir, until I can gain access to it and free myself. I'll have to rely, upon the powers within my current warframe, currently being released from cryo-stasis, to gain the neccessary strength and resources to pull that off.

As much as I would love to wonder about what kind of warframe I currently possess and experiment to discover what might be different about this Universe than the one I'm familiar with, I know what's about to happen next.

The doors, to my cryogenic pod, are opening and already I can see that ugly ass Vor, with his squad of Grineer goons, walking towards me. Falling out of my pod onto one knee and my hands on the ground, I began to pant heavily (don't ask me how) trying to acclimate to this newfound freedom. Despite having regained control over my framebody, the effects of hundreds of years in stasis have obviously taken their toll. Not only is it wiser to simply let things pan out for now, given my weakened state and lack of proficiency with this warframe, it doesn't seem like I have much choice in the matter.

Following this train of thought, I continued to focus on my warframe's body, all of its parts and pieces, the energy within it, and that sweet sweet knowledge I inherited of those fluid ninja like body movements. Vor had just put the Ascaris on my frame and was now talking about how I belonged to him. When he placed the Ascaris, it felt as though the energy in my body was constantly being dispersed and disrupted, and subversive thoughts were wandering into my mind unbidden. Knowing that he would eventually leave, I ignored both his and the Lotus's commentary. Still inwardly smiling, I realize I'm in the same frame that I was in when I died. Ivara. 'Quite an excellent frame to start off with, if I do say so myself.' Realizing that Vor has left, the chatter is almost over, and that the Lotus is about to send that sweet life saving energy surge, I brace myself.

I'm in a vaulted room, partially covered with tree roots littered with blue phosphorescent growths, where my cryo pod is placed high upon the wall behind me. There are currently seven Grineer Lancers acting as my keepers. Two are approaching from the left and one standing across from them on the right. Three are standing, to the left of the door that they came through, and the last is standing directly in front of the doorway.

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I feel overwhelming energy coursing through my body and all the Lancers present are knocked to the ground. The disruption, from the Ascaris, is still active but clearly having trouble dealing with this level of energy. With the surge now over and my enemies on the ground, I don't waste a second. I immediately ready the only ability available to me at the moment. Quiver. Firing adroitly, I stick the three by the door, with sleep arrows, and immediately run towards the one recovering on my right while shooting a cloak arrow at him. I slide into the cloak and into the recovered Grineer knocking him down again. Taking advantage of his instability and confusion I wrest away his weapon and execute him. The other recovered Grineer, who were attempting to locate me, hear the sound heralding their comrades end and begin looking my direction. I fire sleep arrows, at the two on my left, as they are the closest. As I bullet jump into the air, the three previously sleeping Grineer are recovering and the door gaurd opens fire on the location I just left while moving towards me. I take aim at the three by the door, which slows down my descent, and rapid fire three more sleep arrows. Having arrived over the head of the door gaurd, I drop down on his head, weapon snatch, and execute. He did manage to hit me with a few shots but it didn't even exhaust the few shields I have. Running quickly back to the sleeping duo and then to the sleeping trio, I make quick work of them, grab a Grakata for myself, and take plenty of ammo.

I dash out of the door, down the hallway, and towards the exit, from this Orokin style building towards the open air portion of the earth based Grineer outpost, to make sure no one else is coming. Reaching the door, that connects the two areas and acted as a barrier between them before Vor disabled it, I take a peek outside and use my frames Sentry passive to detect any nearby enemies. As I suspected, there are five more coming to investigate the disturbance. I high tail it back to the first door and set up a dashwire near the door, so that a short vertical bullet jump will allow me access to it. I wait for the five, to come back into my passive's detection range, then place a cloak in the middle of the doorway. I watch the door at the other end and as soon as the group comes into view I open fire. The one in front goes down quickly but the others are now on guard. I take cover on the left, then take up a combat firing position, and begin firing on the two running towards me. The left one goes down and then the right. After prepping a sleep arrow, I wait for one of the two posted up at the end of the hallway to come out of cover. The one on the right pops out firing wildly and then takes a nap. The one on the left begins blind firing, until his clip is empty. I press the advantage, bullet jumping down the hallway, unloading on the unprepared Grineer, and then bullet kissing sleeping ugly. Checking again to ensure that no one else is coming, it seems that I'm in the clear for now. It seems I didn't even need that dashwire, but it never hurts to be cautious.

Now that I have a moment to collect my thoughts, although not a very long moment as the energy from the surge won't last forever, I need to process everything that I didn't have time to during all the chaos. While I haven't seen any mods drop, with the exception of two, every enemy I have killed has dropped either health orbs, or energy orbs. I'm not entirely sure how that is possible, but I know that this world has void energy which is kind of magic-esque in nature and all these drops definitely seem like a magical occurrence. So, until I have more information, I'm going to put the drops down as an unexplained void interaction. It also doesn't seem like they're any Tenno weapons just lying around waiting for me to pick them up. So if I want a melee weapon for stealth kills I'll need to find a melee type Grineer. Alright that's enough of that. Time is ticking. Back to the task at hand.

Running through the Grineer outpost and paying close attention to the information being sent to me via my Sentry, I enter an underground portion of the outpost built into a hill. Four Grineer are posted inside. The room is circular with a pillar having several orange and yellow colored monitors and holographic displays surrounding it. Standing, beside the pillar with his back facing me as he interacts with the various displays, is an Elite Lancer.

     Interacting, with a raised console that formed a semcircle around the side of the room in front of the Elite, were Butchers. There may not have been any weapons lying around waiting for me to pick up but this is just as good and it might be even better if this world has something like experience points.

I nappify the Elite first, then a little more nappification on the right and then the left Butcher. As the Butcher in the middle attempts to investigate his comrade on his left, I dash to the right taking advantage of the pillars cover and unload on the unsuspecting Butcher. Even though the Elite took nearly half a clip even taking shots to the head, I cleaned up nicely and then claimed my Cleavers. Yes, two, no artificial restriction on one handed weapons here.

Now that I have a melee weapon equipped, my escape from Vor's genetically modified clutches will be a breeze.

After making my way through several more rooms and picking up a pair of twin grakatas, I finally encounter Vor who's using my escape ship as target practice. I haven't really responded much to Lotus's advice and commentary as it's not really necessary. My life's on the line here; there are more important things to worry about than chit chat.

The Lotus warns me not to engage Vor, outside of blocking with my melee weapon. "Quick! Get to that console and deactivate the lockdown. Once that's done I can guide you to your original ship." She advises, after I had successfully evaded Vor. Of course, I'm already on it having known that she would say as much. Approaching the console that controls the lockdown, the Lotus instructs me to place my palm upon the console's interface. 'This is new' As my palm comes into full contact with the interface, a hologram appears above it. It has a 4x4 grid on it, with each square within the grid being either grey, blue, or yellow. Outside the grid, are blue squares equal to the number of yellow squares. The Lotus instructs me to place the blue outer squares on to the yellow squares. I do so and the yellow turns green. I'm then instructed to manipulate the grey squares so as to connect all of the green squares. Once this is done, the hologram disappears and the lockdown is lifted. As curious as I am, about what that was all about, there's no time.

Once the lockdown is lifted, I book it towards my Ship, Cephalon, and Tenno reunion. I arrive at the landing platform and begin hacking the suppression field, before the Lotus can even finish her instructions.

"Operator is that you?" Ordis asks.

"Yes, it's me. Now if you'd be so kind as to get me out of here sooner rather than later, that would be great." I curtly suggest. I got no time for slackers.

"Oh..of course Operator. I just need a moment to cycle the engines." Ordis replied.

Anticipating the need to fend off a final push from the Grineer, I set up four dashwires crisscrossing the landing pad. Now that the Grineer have started their assault, I'm using my dashwires combined with bullet jump to increase my mobility. I keep moving. Running, jumping, sliding, switching wires and directions, all the while raining bullets down on the enemy. After my ninth kill, Ordis signaled that he was ready for takeoff. I bolted directly towards the warframe hatch, allowed myself to be situated in the form fitting grooves, and stepped into my new Liset landing craft as Ordis rushed us out of there lickety split.

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