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22.96% Reincarnation of a living god / Chapter 65: daily life and the hunt in Malrton (8)

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Chapter 65: daily life and the hunt in Malrton (8)

After eating a light meal at a cafe Mars and Elsa continued shopping around, mostly for clothes for Mars since he only had his self made pair of shorts, a damaged vest and the set he got form the mansions storage room and after visiting several shops Mars's left arm, the one Elsa wasn't cling on to was filled with shopping bags while the 2 of them were chatting

"wait... really?"

"yeah really, it was about 8 meters tall"

Elsa tilted her head and stared into Mars's face, scanning it before she gave a amazed look at his bone sword

"a class 6 earth bear... that most have been something"

"yeah and the meat was good too... I might show you what's left of the hide someday, that is if it's still where I left it"

Elsa's eyes lightly sparkled

"I would love to"

as the 2 of them talked Mars spotted a shop out off the corner off his eye and got interested

"let's go check out that shop"

Elsa looked over and after a moment she gave a nod and dragged Mars after her into the shop, her grip had gotten even tighter over the day but as Mars was no mere mortal he could handle it... somewhat

'feels like my hand has lost all it's blood... oh well it's a fair price'

Mars once again put on a 'pure and righteous' face as he enjoyed the soft feeling that his right arm was enjoying, that is besides the dead man's grip that kept it in place

"hey Mars look at that..."

Mars snapped out of his daze and focused on the thing Elsa was pointing at, it was a piece of jewelry made from what looked like silver with a small cut gemstone, overall it was a elegant looking ring with a expensive look to it

"yeah... it sure is nice..."

Mars became a little more drawn in until he felt a small amount of energy coming from the ring

"wait is that a mana stone?"

"indeed it is dear customer, or to be precise it's a spent mana stone"

Mars looked up and saw a elegant old man standing behind the counter that had a slight smile on his face, but Mars gave a slight frown as he felt something was wrong with his eyes and looked at another piece of jewelry, putting his focus on a gold ring with a red gemstone Mars made another guess

"and that gold ring has a cut garnet, no a low quality ruby right?"

"indeed, that one is a little under the standard of this store but it was made by the owners son"

"I see... Elsa let's go"

"huh... okay Mars"

Mars led Elsa out off the store and gave sigh which made Elsa slightly concerned

"what's wrong Mars?"

"something was wrong with that guys eyes... it gave me the creeps"

Elsa tilted her head slightly while her ears peaked up a little causing Mars to give a sigh and a rub on the head as he looked up at the orange sky and asked

"what do you say we go get some food?"


Mars led Elsa to the restaurant where he had eaten with Jack and Lina

"hey Zack"

Zack that stood behind the counter looked up form the plate he was polishing and saw Mars and Elsa

"oh hey there Mars and who might this young lady be?"

Elsa gave a smile

"my name is Elsa, I work as a maid in the baron's mansion"

Zack scanned Elsa with his eyes before he gave a nod

"nice to meet you Elsa, you can use the usual room I will send up Camellia in a moment"

Mars nodded and lead Elsa up the stairs too the room he used last time and pulled out a chair for Elsa and gave a slight bow

"please sit down young lady"

"oh my, how sweet of you Mars"

Mars gave a smile and sat down across from Elsa

"so... you do you mind if I ask you about something?"

Elsa gave a nod and leaned in over the table slightly with her elbows resting on the table

"sure, ask away"

"well... you don't have to answer, but why are you so... clingy?"

Elsa gave a slight frown as a hint of pain flashed in her eyes before she let out a quiet whisper

"do you hate me now..?"

Mars having good hearing picked up that he had touched on a bad subject and quickly said

"no, in fact I don't mind I'm just slightly curious"


"really, you have given me no reason to hate you, in fact I like you more after spending the day with you"

Staring into Mars's face Elsa saw that he was speaking the truth and let out a sigh before she explained

"well... you know how beastmen have beast like instincts?"

Mars thought back on his talk with Jack and gave a nod

"well... I was... marking you... because I like you..."

Mars looked at Elsa's face that was in full bloom and gave a teasing grin

"so your where worried some other woman would steal me away?"

Elsa blushed even more and looked down on the table and gave a slight nod, which made Mars almost jump on her if not for the knock that sounded out from the door which made him calm down before he answered


The door opened and in walked Camilla that looked at Mars with sparkling eyes

"it really is uncle Mars!"

Camilla walked over when she saw Elsa and froze as her shy nature showed again before she ran over and hid behind Mars and peaked her head out and looked at Elsa

"Mars, who's that lady?"

Mars gave a smile

"this is Elsa, she's my friend and she's also strong"

Knowing Camilla held admiration for anyone that is 'strong' Mars used this to bait her out from behind him and sure enough it worked as she rushed over the Elsa and looked at her with shining eyes

"WOW, are you really strong Elsa?"

Elsa was a little taken back by the quick switch of attitude but quickly adjusted and gave a sweet smile to the little girl

"yes it's true that i'm strong, not as strong as Mars though"

"WOW, then you're like SUPER strong right Elsa!"

"not quite, but i'm strong enough to handle my self also---"

Mars slightly tuned out as he watched the 2 of them talk for some time before another knock sounded form the door


This time it was Zack that walked in and gave a sigh as he saw Camilla was to caught up in her talk with Elsa to even notice him

"well I knew this is what would happen... anyways what would you like this time Mars?"

"well, just bring the usual..."

" something wrong Mars?"

Mars peaked up a little when Zack asked him, he felt like something which was about to be uncovered disappeared again

'this is weird... it's like I was remembering something... well whatever'

"no i'm fine"

"okay then, hey Camilla let's go"

"ehh, but I was just talking with big sister Elsa... bye bye Elsa, bye Mars"

Elsa and Mars waved goodbye to Camilla before they looked at each other and gave a smile

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"yeah she is..."

After a while Zack showed up with their food and drink the menu was pies, stake, soup and various salads with some light wine to drink and after a hour Elsa and Mars was done eating and left the restaurant after Mars payed 200 cel for the whole dinner

"that really was good... it was a nice pick Mars"

Mars walked along with Elsa that had take his arm again, the sun had set and they were on the way back to the mansion

"well I have only been there once before but my friend Jack recommend it"

"is he also a mercenary?"

"yeah I have been training him in the art of the sword..."

"you mean you have been beating him up?"

"well, yes but I also give pointers"

Elsa gave a light laugh before she hugged his arm even tighter causing Mars to once again feel the 2 pieces of heaven clearly as they pressed against his arm as both of them reached the mansion where Elsa let go off his arm and turned to face him with a wide smile on her face

"thanks for today Mars, it was a lot of fun"

"your welcome, I also had fun"

Elsa stared into Mars's face for a bit before she blushed before she spoke up slightly nervously

"...Mars could you close your eyes for a second?"


Mars was a little puzzled but still closed his eyes and waited

"then... here I go..."

Mars felt a light and soft touch on his chin and opened his eyes where he saw a close up off Elsa's face and realized what had happens and slightly widened his eyes

"hehe... goodnight Mars"

Elsa gave a lovely smile and ran off into the mansion with her face in full bloom before Mars had a chance to say anything back

zad1333 zad1333

Thanks for reading! :)

Next chapter Friday hope to see you all then

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