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31.44% Reincarnation of a living god / Chapter 89: Towards the front (2)

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Chapter 89: Towards the front (2)

"his majesty orders?"

the knights eye opened wide behind his full helmet before he calmed down a little and spoke with badly concealed mockery in his voice

"do you think I was born yesterday boy?"

Mars narrowed his eye slightly and put a hand on the hilt of his sword

"call me boy again and I will beat you so badly your mom won't recognize your corpse"

the knight calmed down again, or rather he was forced to calm down facing the cold killing intent Mars was releasing and was about to command the other knight to attack when the vice principal steeped out the sky carriage and looked at Mars that was having a standoff with the knights and gave a sigh

"every time I come here it's the same... at least nobody died this time... Mars stop threatening the knights they are just doing their job"


Mars backed off but still kept a close eye on the knights meanwhile the vice principal handed a letter to one of the knights

"the royal seal!?"

the knight looked at the seal on the letter then at the vice principal with wide eyes his shout also started the other knights

"I'll go report to the lord right away, please wait here"

the knight that received the letter walked away in half hurry half panic while the other knight kept watching the group form the academy, soon the knight returned again

"dear guest please follow after me the lord would like to meet you all"

Mars along with the rest of the group followed after the knight but he also noticed a deep frown on the vice principal's face and Mars soon realized why, as soon as they stepped into the 3 stories tall mansion he also gave a deep frown

'...well I suppose there's also theses kinds of nobles around but this is just... too much'

gold, there was gold everywhere not solid gold but as close as it got in various pieces of art and furniture that decorated the halls, there was also another thing that made Mars frown

' dead..? no they just wish for death'

the maid's all had blank expressions on their faces, their eyes were dead and they all had a metal collar engraved with magic formations around their necks

'...brings back bad memories'

Mars started to feel sick, he vividly remembered how the collar he wore when he reincarnated had killed him more then once, Chloe perhaps sensing Mars's bad mood latched on to his arm and spoke to him in elvish

" you want to save them?"

Mars took a deep breath and shook his head, even if he had the power to save them he knew that the only salvation for these maids was death

"no... but I kind of want to beat up the person that made them like that"

"...want me to help you?"

"I thought you disliked humans?"

"I do but..."

Chloe looked at a maid, she was no more than 15 years old yet her eyes where dead and bruises covered her body that was no less than skin and bones

"this is something that goes beyond race, if there where elvers in this town there would properly also be elvers enslaved here"

"that's true... well just follow me lead okay?"

Chloe gave a big smile and tightened her grip on Mars's arm

"anything for you Mars"

Mars once again felt the weight of Chloe's love increase

'I really need to deiced how to deal with her and Elsa... well it can wait until we're beat the golems...'

under the lead of the knight the group soon reached the 3rd floor and walked into a dining hall where a person that was more than a little overweight sat and stuffed his round face with meat and wine, around him where maid serving him by refilling his plate and glass the round person only stopped stuffing his face when the group got closer where he stood up from his chair and looked over the group with his small eyes

"welcome to my humble domain, I'm the lord of this land my name is Gas Fedeson, don't worry your sky carriage will be resupplied by tomorrow until then feel free to enjoy all of what my mansion has to offer... it's been a long time, how are you doing Moira?"

the vice principal gave a frown, meanwhile Gas ran his eyes with blatant lust over the group causing the females in the group to tremble slightly with disgust

"I'm fine Gas, now if you would excuse us we are rather tired form our journey and would like to rest"

"yes of course please rest, hey you show our guests to their rooms"

"ye-yes master"

the maid timidly stepped forwards and gestured for the group to follow her as she half fled out of the dinning hall

"hey Mars?"

"what is it Chloe?"

"...can I roast that pig?"

"...maybe tomorrow"

Adam that was nearby happened to her them speaking in elvish and joined in with a cold smile on his face

"why not do it now?"

Mars was a little surprised that Adam joined in but remembered his wife had been tortured and killed by humans

" you know how to resupply a sky carriage?"

"good point, but if that disgusting human looks at my dear Chloe like that again I will kill him"

"I wanted Mars to say that dad!"


Adam became a little depressed by having his daughter yell at him, but decided not to argue back

"th-this is your room, please enjoy your stay..."


Mars thanked the maid and walked into his room followed by Chloe of cause

"this is... well I don't know what I expected"

the room was like the rest of the mansion overly decorated with gold witch gave Mars a bad taste in his mouth, Chloe also looked around the room with a frown on her face, the only thing that didn't have gold on it in the room was Mars's luggage that had been carried in earlier

"yep... let's go for a walk Chloe"


"because I can't stand being in here for one more moment"

"okay, then it's a date!"

"well I don't kn---"

"it's a date"

"as I was saying---"


Mars looked at Chloe's bloodshot eyes and gave a sigh

"fine it's a date"

"yay Mars I love you!"

"yes I know..."

Mars grabbed some coins from his bag and soon walked out of the room with Chloe

"now how to get out of this mansion..."

Mars looked around and spotted a nearby maid and asked her

"excuse me do you know the way the the nearest exit?"

"y-yes... follow the corridor this way then turn left"


Mars followed the maid's instructions and soon he and Chloe walked out of the mansion into the front courtyard and further out the mansions gates into the crowded town, the streets where much like the ones in Marlton paved with stones that were somewhat flat and with room in the middle of the street for a 2 carriages to pass side by side while the walkways where on the edge of the street and the street itself was lined with buildings, some were shops while others where homes for the common folk

"well what do you know, it looks like a common town..."

"what were you expecting Mars?"

"after that mansion... I don't know something horrible?"

Mars walked along with Chloe down the main street, ignoring the stares people sent after Chloe the trip was rather pleasant and soon they found a rather nice looking restaurant where they decided to have a meal while they were waiting for they meal a shady looking man walked up and asked Mars

"how much for the elf?"


"I asked how much for the elf, isn't she your slave?"

"you better get lost right now"

the shady looking man gave a frown

"watch the way you speak boy I'm employed by the lord of this town"

Mars gave a sigh and disappeared from view before he reappeared right in front of the shady man and grabbed him by the neck before he lifted him into the air

"are you hearing badly?"

Mars's transformed his eyes as he stared at the man


"I see then do you understand what I said?"



Mars threw the man aside like a piece of trash before he sat down and continued talking with Chloe completely ignoring the man that was having a coughing fit as he struggled to breathe, after a while the shady man got up and after giving Mars a viscous stare the ran off in the direction of the mansion

"won't that become a problem Mars?"

"what you mean I should have killed him here on the open street?"

Chloe gave a nod while she had a cold smile on her face

"I don't see a problem in killing human trash"

"well me neither it's just it would disrupt our date right?"

"well that's right"

zad1333 zad1333

Thanks for reading! :)

next chapter Wednesday hope to see you all then

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