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Chapter 3: Daily Life

Lux wakes up at around 7 in the morning. He only got about 3 hours of sleep due to the night training. He still was not in a fully energized mood even while sleeping by casting the 'Fatigue Down' spell.

He already knew that managing school and night training would be harder than he had expected. After completing his daily morning activities, he checked his status plate to see the results of his training.



Name : Lux Feros

Rank : Beginner

Level : 3

Titles : Former Legendary Peak Rank ( Makes leveling up to Legendary Peak rank incredibly fast ), God's Ring holder ( Mysterious Ring with Mysterious powers ), Mana Control Expert ( Additional 30% Spell Damage ), #1 Mage ( Has the blessing of Acadia, 50% luck increase, 30% defense increase, 20% spell damage increase)


He had expected his levels to rise up to about 1 or 2 but, to his surprise it was level 3. The leveling buff that he gained from his 'Former Legendary Peak Rank' title was really useful.

If things escalated at this rate, he would reach level 50 before even 3 weeks of training. It was easy for Lux to level up during the beginner phase but it would eventually get harder to level up as he would get to other higher ranks.

He had already learned almost all of the spells that were available to people below legendary rank, so he didn't have to train for learning those again. Knowledge was the main base for executing spells flawlessly along with the proper level and mana control.

As Lux had a mountain of knowledge on spells and mana control, he could already be considered an Advanced rank mage only looking at his knowledge.

Lux and his family had their breakfast and Lux left for school. On the way, he met Killian who was waiting for Lux.

"Hey!!!!!! Lux, lets go to school together. Also please provide me with some more tips on better cultivation."

The whole environment was filled with students going to school and hearing Killian shout, they stared daggers at him. It was only normal for Killian as he was stared at by the students for being close to the poor Lux who they all hated.

Alice wasn't stared or treated like him because of Alice's beauty and Noble family background. In Lux's class, Alice, Dan and Gilbert were the ones from the Noble family and were greatly respected by everyone.

Hearing Killian shout in front of everyone was quite embarrassing even for Lux but, he was calm and answered Killian without any worry in his face.

"Yo, Killian. Fine I will give you the required guidance just stop shouting so loudly here. You are attracting everyone. And also are you not tired after only getting to sleep for 3 hours. Don't forget we have training everyday."

"Ohh, sorry for that. I am tired but I was excited to see you. Of course I have not forgotten about the daily training at all. I just checked my status and was really surprised. I have reached level 16 after yesterday's training. It took me 2 months to even reach level 15 and because of you, I became level 16 by training only one night. I can also feel my mana being much more stable after using that 'Underwater Breathing' spell you taught me."

"Yeah we have to change places after reaching level 50 so we gotta get there fast. Give it your all every night. We don't have time to slack off."

Lux and Killian arrived at school and they went to their seats. Everyone had arrived along with the teacher, so the class started. Lux was scolded by the teacher just yesterday and because of his lack of sleep and the boring class, he was sleeping.

Looking at Lux like that, the teacher slapped him again today.

"Oo-uch!!!" Lux was startled.

"Lux, are you really not interested in the class ? You know that you have the lowest level in the whole class and you still dare to sleep. How can you be so carefree ? Ok then if you are so confident as to sleep in the class then educate us about the different kinds of affinity."

Lux was angry to be woken up in the middle of his sleep. He got even angrier when he knew that the teacher woke him to ask such a simple question.

"Such a simple question. Haha. Ok then I will gladly accept this offer."

Looking at Lux's confidence, the whole class except the angry Miss Garden and Killian who knew that Lux was very knowledgeable started laughing. Even Alice thought that Lux was trying to play a comedy scenario here.

"Look at this insect trying to act all mighty. I bet he doesn't even know what affinity means. "

"Yeah I agree with you. Why is the academy even keeping such a loser like him here."

"I heard that he is just level 0. Even a child below the age of 8 should be stronger than him. Haha"

The students started gossiping and laughing like that.


The whole class stopped their gossip immediately after seeing the mad Miss Garden. They didn't dare to even speak a word to her in such a state.

"Now Lux start with your explanation please."

"There are 7 affinities in the world of Magic. They are Lightning, Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Death and Life. It has been said in historical books that each element is the major of each of the country dragons and the continent dragon Acadia has all the elements as his major. Although the people can use every element, using spells of one's major elements increases the attributes of the spell making it much stronger than using spells of other affinity. Even the demons in the dungeons can only use some spells of their major affinity. Though the demons don't have mana, they have runes in their bodies, which is used as a source of energy in this era.

Among these affinities, Death and Life are the rare ones which are present in only one person in a hundred thousand. Death magic can make illusions and can curse people while life affinity heals and removes these curses. So, people having these affinities are kept in high regard in every nation."

Listening to Lux's explanation, everyone including the teacher became shocked. No one except Killian who had seen his knowledge before had expected him to give such an answer. While they were dumbfounded thinking what just happened, Lux added some more information.

"There are also affinities present in only one person known as the unique affinity. It is only present in 3 people even in our whole continent. These are affinity that are only usable to that one person possessing them. The three unique affinities present in Acadia right now are Light, Dark and Space. There can be more unique affinities but, only three have been found till now."

The topic of unique affinity was not taught to the general public and was only disclosed to the nation's generals. So, the students who were dumbfounded again started laughing after Lux told them about this topic. Even Killian who believed Lux couldn't believe the thing that he just said.

"Look there is the twist. I nearly thought that he was a genius or something. "

"Yea, I was really shocked by his answer at first but now, he went ahead of himself and proved to us that he is an idiot."

Lux forgot that this information had not been disclosed to the general public and that right now even the generals didn't know about it. He was just stating the facts that were true in his previous life.

Due to his mistake, he could not do anything but laugh awkwardly.

"Your explanation before the topic of unique affinity that you told us about was great. But, you don't have to joke every time in the class. I am telling you to take the class seriously, damnnn ittt."

He silently nodded his head when Miss Garden said that. Alice also told him that the explanation was very impressive and the unique affinity part was hilarious and gave him a cute smile.

'So cutee!!' Lux thought that when Alice gave him that smile. He became cheerful again after seeing such a cute smile from Alice. The laughing settled after a while and the class was back to studying.

After a while, the class was over and Lunch break had started. Dan and his group came over to Lux for bullying him as usual. Dan was currently level 13 and his lackeys were all around level 10.

Even for Lux, it was hard to deal with them in his current stage.

"Heya, Lux, that was a very nice demonstration of comedy in class. You trynna get some attention now huh ?"

"No, I was just doing what Miss Garden told me to do. Nothing less nothing more."

Lux replied to Dan in a calm and composed way. Dan was frustrated looking at Lux being so calm in front of him. Lux always used to be scared and didn't even talk back to Dan before but now, he was answering Dan like it was nothing.

"You trying to act cool now huh? I think I should teach you how to respect me again."

Dan went near Lux. The whole class knew what was going to happen but, nobody there was strong enough to protest against Dan. It may also be because nobody cared about Lux anyways.

Maybe Alice, Killian or Gilbert would help Lux in this situation but they were all in the cafeteria area right now, so Lux had to deal with this himself.

"Haaaaa" Lux sighed looking at the trouble that was coming towards him. Dan tightened his fist and attacked Lux. As Lux was powerless before, Lux just withstood the beating of Dan until they eventually were satisfied.

Dan had predicted that something similar would happen but, to his surprise Lux quickly dodged his punch and was already behind Dan before he even realized it. Dan tried to rotate his body towards Lux and punch him but no matter how much he tried, he couldn't even touch Lux.

"Hey you all come here fast and help me beat this bastard. He is using some kind of spell that he learned and is trying to show off against me. This calls for some more beating."

All of Dan's lackeys were also surprised by Lux's quick movements. They all also thought that Lux was using some kind of spell to make himself more agile. But, in reality it was just Lux dodging the attack of Dan and not the work of some miraculous spell. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Once, all of Dan's lackeys arrived to beat Lux, he finally used a spell 'Gravity counter'. It was a spell that was made by Lux himself and could only be used by him, the holder of the space affinity.

They all tried to punch Lux but, now that Lux had activated his spell, even touching him would be a distant dream.

"Oo-uch why did you hit me. You have to hit Lux not me you moron."

"Sorry Boss but, he is so fast that I just keep missing my punches."

"Ouch " "Ouch " "Ouch "

Before long, Dan and his lackeys started fighting among themselves and Lux didn't even have to dodge.

"Haha, you guys keep fighting among yourself. See ya later."

All of Dan's lackeys looked around only to notice that their true objective was to beat Lux, not actually fight among themselves. They rushed towards Lux who was not even 2 meters far from them but Lux had already disappeared even before they could blink their eyes.

If Lux had his body from previous life then, he wouldn't have to even use this spell to dodge Dan and his lackeys. Gravity counter is a spell that lets Lux move freely without the influence of gravity. This was also the spell that he used instead of 'Fly' as it was much faster and better for him.

The whole class was shocked looking at the situation. Lux had impressed them during class and now he had also beat Dan and his lackeys without even touching them. The influence of Lux increased among the few students who were present in the class.

They started viewing Lux as a human being rather than some insect.

Happy_soul Happy_soul

I think now I should be going to the more romance, action and harem scenarios. Will you like a mixture of harem in this novel ? Please add your comments. Have a great day/night.

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