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100% Resurrection of the Tyrant Empress / Chapter 1: Chapter One

Read Resurrection of the Tyrant Empress - Chapter 1 online

Resurrection of the Tyrant Empress original

Resurrection of the Tyrant Empress

Author: fufufluffy

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Chapter 1: Chapter One

"Haha... hahahahahaha!!!!"

A loud cry of laughter rang through the battlefield. A field littered with bloodied corpses, ash, and various soldiers crying over while clutching the bodies of their fallen brethren. For those who had survived were force to bear witness to the sight of their own leader standing in the midst of it all with a dagger impaled straight through the metal plating which once protected her stomach. Instead of writhing in pain like most, she continued to laugh. Laughing in the faces of the men she once called her loyal brothers. Her allies. Her friends.

"I am truly sorry Anna," the white haired and ocean eyed man sorrowfully spoke. "We can not let this go on any longer... your hunger for power has left our kingdom unbalanced, the allied nations will turn against us if you are still in rule-"

"Silence," she barked out.

As soon as the empress said so she began to painfully grabbed the blade by it's handle and pull it out from her body, gazing at the glowing deep purple particles surrounding it in a manner of awe... It had seemed to reflect off of her her eyes which were as black as night, loose forehead strands of her platinum hair once neatly braided up now hanging over her face splattered by the blood of her enemies. She herself was covered head to toe in the strongest armor she had conjured herself. An amor made of steel from the iron giants, forged by the flames of the eternal dragon, and blessed by the holy priestess...

"To think that I... a woman who brought herself up to the throne... a woman who was acclaimed to be the most powerful swordsman... the most powerful magician... would meet her downfall by a mere dagger. How pathetic." The empress wickedly grinned before she began to cackle more. "Nevertheless at the hands of her own allies... how tragic." Her dark eyes stayed fixated on her stomach as blood continued to flow from her wound, poison now beginning to flow through her veins.

"I am truly sorry Anna," he lowered his head.

"... I hope that your future generations suffer." Her tone was dark and her eyes now void of life if they already weren't before," you did this for them right? You precious soon to be offsprings? Well then I hope that they all suffer too! I hope that they burn to the ground alongside this pitiful kingdom! You wouldn't even be here if it weren't for me!!! ME!!! I am the one who picked you all off the streets!!! I took you away from those hellish people!!! I fed you!!! I clothes you!!! I formed you into the strongest men and women of this kingdom!!! You swore to follow me to my grave!" She then angrily threw the dagger at their feet," if you are so sorry then follow me... cowards."


"All of you... cowards. Corrupt bastards that only think of yourselves-"

"You are the one that caused this civil war!" One shouted," had you not listened then none of this would have happened!"

"You are the one that is so closed minded! You failed to bear witness to the endless potential that could've come-" she winced again, black veins appearing upon her face as she hunched over a bit in agony. "No... I shall not die like this... I refuse to die like this..."

"Anna," the white haired man softly spoke.

"You dare say my name in such a familiar manner?"Slowly her eyes began to glow a bright blue. "Why don't you all just burn?! That way everything you've done can be left in vain!!!"


With the rest of her strength she summoned her last burst of magic, a magic that could destroy an entire empire if she wished. Magic that took the heaviest toll upon her body. With bright blue flames that surrounded her body, they had quickly spread across the battlefield to incinerate the soldiers that had remained within mere seconds. Her allies luckily had shielded themselves from the ongoing attack, leaving them to watch as her frame too had been engulfed by her own flames. Through it all her majesty had continued to laugh. This wasn't a laugh of a mad woman though... it was the laugh of someone who was genuinely happy. A laugh that signifies acceptance. Even if it meant destroying the entire world with them.

"I shall never fall," she growled out through clenched teeth as her life slipped away. "I shall remain prosperous... one day I shall return... and that day... you all will truly suffer..."






"My lady..."



"MY LADY!!!"

Suddenly the eyes of a young lady had shot open, glowing a bright blue before morphing into a pitch black that reflected the sky she stared up at. Her platinum blonde hair had delicately cascaded around the ground in soft waves, her features like a porcelain doll, and her delicate body covered in a pristine school uniform. Standing above her were a couple young ladies dressed in the same uniform holding worried expressions on their faces.

"Lady Julianne! Are you alright?!" One of the girls cried out.

Lady Julianne didn't say a word as she abruptly sat up, her expression lifeless as she raised her hand up towards her face.

"Hey! Say something already!" A voice spoke.

Looking up her eyes had landed on a young man with those familiar white hair and ocean eyed features she felt pure anguish towards. Anger. Despair. Pure, unnerving, and unsettling hatred . So much hatred...

"Your highness," a young lady with pink hair and eyes shyly spoke behind him," p-please don't be so harsh on Lady Julianne! I'm sure she didn't mean it!"

"Lady Corine, you can't take her actions so lightly just because of her status-"

"Heinley..." Lady Julianne mumbled.

Everyone quickly turned their attention towards her, the prince raising a brow.

"Heinley," she repeated. "Is that your name?"

"Are you pretending to play stupid? Pretending to forget everything just so that you-"

"Answer me you incompetent fool!" She shouted as she rose to her feet, her dark eyes locking onto his. "Do you bear the last name of that wretched man?!"

His highness nervously backed away, placing his hand protectively over Lady Corine who was too frightened by her sudden actions. Lady Julianne giggled after the sight of them before gazing around her surroundings.

"Hahahaha... isn't karma a bitch?" She grinned," I might as well be a cockroach." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"M-My lady?" One of the girls nervously approached her," m-maybe we should take you to the infirmary? You did hit your head pretty hard-"

"What is the year?"

"Huh? O-Oh, it's 729 my lady."

"Ah... so a hundred years have passed... I see... I see..."

The girls began to whisper to one another," what's wrong with my lady?"

"I don't know, but her eyes are scary. I thought they were golden!"

Lady Julianna returned her attention towards the young man," so Claude ascended the throne in my place. To think that he'd be such a greedy fellow, thinking himself to be a more supreme ruler than myself. How moronic of him."

His highness glared furiously at Lady Julianna," it's treason to speak against the royal family like that! You can't say such things just because you are my fiancée!"

She tilted her head in a confused manner," your fiancée? I truly do not need you to reclaim my throne, it was mine before he took it anyways."

"What're you-"

Out of nowhere Lady Julianna had grabbed his highness by the throat and effortlessly pinned him against the wall. The girls all cried out as he gripped at her hands, his expression turning to worry when her eyes began to glow a bright blue. A blue he had felt a sense of familiarity.

'Her eyes were like pure ice, an ice so cold that you though you would freeze if you looked into them... but in reality she burned the hottest fire known to mankind. A fire that could turn a man into ashes within the blink of an eye...'

"I do not need you... however you do play an important part in my plans." She whispered as she leaned in closer, her eyes widening with excitement. "I am going to need you to suffer for me... this is just a fair warning. Just know that this is the fault of your damned ancestors whom thought that I would never return... let them know that there is a god, and God has heard my prayers... now they are all going to die~" She sweetly smiled with pure joy, her words dripping with complete seriousness as she released him.

His highness couldn't help but fall onto the ground, his limbs trembling as he just remembered to breathe. The young ladies that had stared at her with worry we're now filled with utter fear as she passed them by. No one had dared to utter a single word as long as she had remained in their vicinity... no one had even dared to move as long as she was still there:

'Most people would take their revenge in a more silent manner... however there is nothing fun in that is it?'

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