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Chapter 17: First City High's Basketball team

Lance looked at the court and the 10 players in the center.

The senior club members decided to play a game. Their purpose is to show the caliber of the team and what to expect after joining them.

There are two teams on the court. Fin is leading the team A and Claude is on team B.

"Hey, friend! Which team do you think is going o win here?"

"Come on, Nathan we can't show any bias here, right friend? But I think I will root on our senior Claude in this game!"

Lance looked at the side and saw both Jonathan and Nathan act like commentators sitting on the bench with loud a voice.

Everyone else chuckled and laughed at the duo as they began to pull punchlines after punchline.

"... Oh hey, look! The Jump ball is about to start."

Everyone heard it and looked at the court.

"For everyone, here who doesn't know about what jump ball is, let me, Nathan, fill you in!"

Everyone heard him but did not turn their heads.

'Who do you think does not know what a jump ball is?' They thought!

"Good Nathan! Tell me what it is!"


"Good! A jump ball is what we do to decide who gets the possession of the ball. It is usually done when a game starts and is conducted by the representatives of the opposing teams. A referee tosses a ball up and the two representatives will jump and try to tip the ball onto their side."

"Thanks, Nathan!" Jonathan looked at the game and saw the acting referee toss the ball up.

Everyone clenched their fist as the time seemingly slow down as the ball rise up in the air.

Both of the centers in the center circle bent their knees and jumped. Their arms stretched up and raced to tip the ball.

Who would get the first possession?

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"He jumped so high!"

Claude's team's center got the tip! The flew a little far but Claude managed to get it before it bounces out of bounce!

"D!!!" Fin shouted as soon as the jump ball decided the possession and quickly defended their perimeters.

Fin's team did not let anyone from the opposing team unguarded. Whenever a player from Claude's team moves a defender immediately follows and switches with a teammate when needed. They demonstrated a tight defense early in the game.

Amidst all of the action, the two teams began to pile up the scores to show the first years what kind of team they are. It is a game about their pride as seniors, they can't just let the younger ones steal the limelight after watching the incredible game the first years put up earlier.

Even though the first years showed skills and finesse that is rarely seen, the seniors should at least show a game that will make more than just a year older senior to the first years.

"They are good!"

A first-year commented while watching without looking for a response from his friends and fellow first years. Somehow he got absorbed by the way the seniors are playing basketball.

Although most of the seniors don't have the skillset, finesse, and athleticism Allan, Jonathan, Gray, and Lance have, the first years could tell that their teamwork is impeccable and is enough to cover up their lacking athleticism and skillset.

When the others heard it they nodded ever so slightly and gulped as they follow the movements of the players in the court.

Allan, on the other hand, had a different opinion and squinted at the game. He began to look down at the game. But still, he did not take his eyes off and watched a certain person who is running for a fast break in the court.

"OY! Another fantastic lay by senior Fin!"

"That's right Nathan, it was a surprisingly good clutch! And because of that great play, he immediately established a good lead of 6 points over the opponent! If senior Claude's team won't do anything to catch up, their team is going to lose!"

Fin smiled and ran back to defense while looking serious at the same time.

A center from Claude's side suddenly pulled up for a three and caught Fin and the other's off guard. Although they are all teammates and knows each of their strengths and weaknesses, they couldn't help but feel surprised by what happened.

Lance and Allan noticed something strange in the offense and immediately frowned.

"It's a miss."

Lance quickly snapped his head to the side when he heard Gray's voice which seemed to have concluded something, it was soft and silent but he Lance believes that he heard something before the ball even descends.

'Did he say something?' Lance thought while looking at Gray who is seriously looking at the court.

Fin somehow felt chills. He felt like he was an animal who had been warned by his instinct that something is coming. The ball is still up in, he even felt like the ball is slightly off course so he found the chills kind of strange.

He immediately looked around and watched everyone in the offense.

There is Claude's team center who is still outside the perimeter. Such a position is disadvantageous because their team's rebounding capability would be lower without their big guy in the paint.

Suddenly someone darted into the paint while the defenders are looking at the ball which hit the rim and bounced off the hoop.


Fin could not help but shout the power forward who suddenly charge inside the paint.

Everyone else in the court was surprised but they couldn't do anything to stop baron who already jumped for the ball.

Baron is one of the team's starter. He has good strength and inside scoring potential but what is impressive about him is that he has explosive movements. He can change his pace pretty quickly to catch the defenders off guard or lose the defender that is defending him.

Fin's 6-foot 5 inches also went for the rebound and jumped. He has long limbs that can beat Baron's reach. With his height alone, let alone his jump he will beat Baron in taking the rebound.

Only, if Baron was reaching for the ball to get the rebound. As their hands get increasingly closer to the ball racing on who can get to the ball the fastest but unlike the center who went for the rebound, Baron went for the tip in!

All he needs to do is stretch his very fingers and use his fingertips to push the ball towards the hoop.

The center noticed this and saw that Baron did not jump for the rebound but to get the tip in instead so he changed his plans and decided to tip the ball off course instead.

But he was too late, Baron won the race.

The ball slowly went for the hoop for two, not only that but whistle also resounded.

The center who tried to tip the ball hits Baron's handed and counted the foul!

"Whoaaa!!! A chance for three!" Nathan could not help but roar and Jolt from his seat.

The game continued after drilling in the free throw. Fin continued to display his extraordinary finesse and scored buckets after buckets. He was nimble and smart when it comes to taking advantage of scoring opportunities.

Even with the strong defensive player Claude who is marking him, he could still charge inside and run past defenders. Claude is no ordinary defender, he might not be a good scoring player but in terms of defense he is exceptional and is rarely seen but in front of Fin he could only contest the buckets Fin went for.

Their main center is also good. James is a 6 foot 8 center and he is the dominant rebounder throughout the game. He was also a good blocker and took advantage of his size. His only problem is that he can barely reach the rim when he jumps.

And then, add up their reliable power forward who has explosive movements. They are no ordinary team!

Lance just smiled and looked at the 'First City High's Basketball team'. Overall, it was a good team with good teamwork. They are strong as a team but not enough to contend against the likes of Citadel State High.

Allan was disappointed and clicked his tongue. He could not appreciate the strengths of the team because he knew their fatal weakness.

"They might look strong in the surface, but if contended against dominant teams with a strong center and defensive. Their teamwork will just crumble apart!"

Allan did not voice his opinion out loud but Lance and the others heard.

This is something Lance couldn't refute. FCH has too few scoring ends. Their center is also incapable of defending players like Allan and Levi. The opposing just have to focus on the paint and defend against Fin and Baron, then FCH's offense will lose its edge.

"Who do you think you are! Just because you are big and strong, you can just insult others!"

A first-year heard Allan and refuted. He was angry.

Allan did not bother to listen and just went towards the court and stood in the middle, interrupting the game.

"Allan! What do you think you are doing!"

"First-year! You dare to be rude!"

Claude questioned Allan and sought for an answer but Baron went for Allan stared at him in the eye.

Allan returned the stare and looked down on Baron. Allan is almost 7 foot tall and stared down at the 5-foot 10 inches Baron. It was evident and obvious that Allan is intimidating Baron when he straightened his back.

Baron did not back down and stared back at Allan. He just suppressed himself from punching Allan's face and starting a fight.

Allan then looked at Fin by turning his head and said, "Senior, let us play a game. If I win, put me directly in the team's main roster. Also, change this line-up. It's trash!"

Everyone's eyes dilated and could not help but stare agape by what Allan just said.

He is simply declaring a war.

StepPen StepPen

Sorry for being late!

Hope you liked the chapter!

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