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Chapter 30: Turning Point for the Better

While the players are still resting on their bench and recollecting their experience today, It is still a shock to everyone that the Second team managed to dominate the whole game. No, it should be more specific that Leonard, the new coach, controlled the game within the palm of his hand.

Because of this game, everyone was convinced of the new coach's ability to lead.

Fin and his teammates could not even help but stare at him while he is congratulating the second string team.

Leonard noticed their gaze and walked towards them.

"So, what do you think? Nice game, right?"

Hearing his words, a vein suddenly popped out of Baron's head and almost cursed but held himself back.

Fin just looked at Leonard and smiled.

Claude, on the other hand, is still out and in a daze while looking at Leonard.

When he replayed the whole game in his head, he could not help but curse inwardly at their weak play. Why couldn't they notice the strategy early on? What is wrong with their minds? Are they just too stupid that they couldn't defend and attack the court well?

"Do you understand why you lost?"

Fin looked at him and stared at the court before replying, "We are weak because we don't have systematic gameplay."

Leonard smiled and looked at Fin and smiled. He tapped the ground with his foot and looked at the court.

"You are not necessarily weak. Truthfully speaking, you have good teamwork and you know how how to hold your ground."

Everyone in the varsity team and the second string team heard Leonard and looked at him.

In response, Leonard started to look at the ones in the back seat and spoke, "First of, the varsity bench is nothing to scoff at, they could play an above-average play and understood their role as support for the teamwork to work. It is rare to find such a bench that is both dependable and reliable."

The ones on the bench made a serious face and listened to Leonard while straightening their backs. Although they felt good at his words they decided to keep quiet and keep their delight inside.

"... dependable and reliable."

Leonard looked at the youth once again and repeated his words. He looked at their faces looking for something.

"You didn't notice? I just used two words with almost the same meaning right? Shouldn't you be laughing?"

The youth on the bench and those who are listening to him looked at him innocently before showing a disgusted look.

"... ugh... Alright, back to the topic!"

Leonard let out a cough and cleared his throat before taking a deep breath. He looked at the team's main Center with a serious look.

"Your center, although he is not that tall he had long arms that he used as an advantage to contest shots from a distance. Not only does he have a good physique, but he also had a decent defensive IQ. Throughout the whole game he is one of the first to change his tactics to adapt to the Second string's offense."

And then he looked at the short forward beside Baron and said, "You also did good, you managed to pass the ball at the right place and the right time for your teammates to catch up to the score. With that, I applaud your ability to see the court; The position of the players in the court whether its the offense or the defense."

And then he looked at Baron and frowned. He pointed his finger and sighed showing that he was disappointed.

"You know, you are a good player but..."

Leonard opened his eyes and his next words made Baron's vein pop in his forehead.

"You are rude and all-talk!"

"All you did when your mark is isolating is instigate him and talk trash at him. All you did was to find a way to block the three points attempt while ignoring the fact that we were not aiming for it throughout the whole game."

While listening to Leonard's voice, Baron bit his lips and clenched in a fist. He looked down and dared not to look up at all.

"What more is that you were distracted all the time always trying to provoke me. Are you a prideful idiot or a stupid moron? Your teammates are struggling with the defense but all you did was to talk trash and open your own defense!"

Baron snapped and stood up. He looked at Leonard as he walked closer.


Baron shouted and made his fist swing and whistle to the air hitting Leonard's face who did not expect it coming.

It tore Leonard's forehead and made it bleed, Baron just stood there while looking at the new coach furiously.

"My head!!!"




As if he could.

Baron suddenly bowed in front of Leonard and apologized, "I am sorry. I admit my faults and carelessness."

Baron decided to accept his faults as he knew that he was partly responsible for their defeat. He even felt guilty while listening to Leonard's scolding.

Leonard looked at him shocked with the other players as well. They did not expect such a reaction from Baron. Baron has always been known to be rude, prideful and someone who would never back down without a fight that is why seeing him admit to his mistakes is shocking to everyone.


Leonard stuttered before he continued, "You really have a small mind, don't you? Can't you understand that I am really provoking you?"

'What a sharp tongue!'

At the same time, everyone who heard looked at him with the same thought in mind. They couldn't understand how their new coach's head run and are helpless of it.

Baron's vein popped out once again but this time, it was much more noticeable.

Suddenly, Leonard tapped Baron's shoulder and continued, "But it is good that you admitted your mistake. That is a leap of improvement in my opinion already. And also, don't worry I never turned a blind eye on your contributions in the team's offense. Although you lacked in defense, your offense enabled the team to run smoothly."

Baron's eye lit up and looked at Leonard in a new light.

"You may take a sit now."

Baron nodded and retreated.

Leonard looked at FIn and said, "You are small but you are good."

Fin did not treat it as an insult but a compliment instead. He saw Leonard smile and moved forward a little to listen.

"You are quick to react in both offense and defense. You have a small body but you have the athletism to cope up with it. Although you mostly relied on instinct, you kept watching everything around you for the right time to score. That I can tell."

"You have the capability to score every time and anytime you chose. You know where to go with the ball and how to bring it there. Some times I even wonder, why you play in this school with those skills of yours."

"How tall are you?"

"5 foot 7 inches."

Leonard squinted and asked, "With shoes?"

"... I... The same." Fin, embarrassingly answered. Honestly speaking, he is one of the shortest players of the team which is why he is quite ashamed of his height.

"5' 6"? Thought so. If not for your height, I dare tell you with my name on the line. You would have shone as bright as the High School superstar, Levi, known today... No, I take that back, even brighter!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Leonard said with a huge smile on his face. When he was first offered to coach a small team like FCH, he was pretty skeptical about it but when he saw the potential within Fin, all of his doubts disappeared in an instant.

After all, who wouldn't want to coach a genius? Definitely not him.

"But... In today's game, you are not the key player of the day. Even though you are accountable to the third of your team's total score, you are definitely not the main key player that kept the game close."

Leonard's eyes looked at Claude. He smiled and clapped.

"What's your name?"

Claude was startled. And answered, "Claude."

"Do you know what you did?"

Claude looked at his teammates who in turn also looked at him.


Leonard looked at everyone before fixing his eyes on Claude.

"Throughout the whole game, you were the most surprising of all. I tell you, you just became the backbone of your team today."

Everyone looked at Claude and smiled. They are happy for Claude because they know best how much hard work Claude had to play basketball. He is not a genius like Fin nor a big center like James and Brent, he had always been this whole time an ordinary man who literally worked his way up the ladder.

Everyone always held respect for him.

Leonard continued his words.

"You looked at the court and moved where it is best to support the team. Not only did you bring great pressure to the second team's offense but also pressure to their defense."

"Your teammates wouldn't have been able to score as easily if not because of you."

Claude did not know what to say. He didn't even he was that important in the game. All he had in mind was to help and support the team and nothing else but he did not expect that his little effort actually paid off.

"Thank you."

Leonard nodded before looking at everyone.

"Alright, I want everyone to sit around me as I will announce what will happen next and my plans for the club."

Everyone nodded and sat in an orderly manner. At this moment, there is no doubt that everyone has decided to listen to Leonard's words willingly because Leonard has already successfully conquered the hearts of every individual in the court.

He had proven himself worthy to become the Coach of the team.

"Starting tomorrow, there will be a lot of changes. Training regiments in accordance to your needs will be provided. Your goals will be changed. There are also chances that some of you in the varsity will be replaced. No hard feelings but this are my role as your coach."

Leonard saw that everyone was listening attentively and looked at him seriously. He smiled and took a deep breath.

This will be the first time he will handle a group of high school players but he is excited to see what will happen. He clenched his fist and hid them from everyone as he kept his slightly trembling hands.

After watching the game earlier he was assured that he didn't make a wrong choice.

He wanted to take this team to the top.

He was inspired by the youth's teamwork and bond...

Their skills and talent...

He could never ask for more.

He looked at Fin and the rest of the team.

"You know what? I have decided..."

"... That I will coach you and show you even great heights that you surely have never seen..."

"Starting tomorrow, everything will change. Because this very day is going to be your TURNING POINT!"

Fin looked at Leonard as he felt a pleasant feeling surge up his chest.

'I can feel it. Maybe... just maybe... with this coach coaching us...'

The image of the Citadel State Highschool appeared in his mind with Levi in the front.

'We might be able to fight toe to toe with the best teams in highschool!'

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Thank you for reading.

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