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65% Return of the Antagonistic Lady Boss / Chapter 26: Mm, You are Right. You are Being Imprisoned

Mm, You are Right. You are Being Imprisoned - Return of the Antagonistic Lady Boss - Chapter 26 by Niuniu Honey full book limited free

Chapter 26: Mm, You are Right. You are Being Imprisoned

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Haiyun park was a neighborhood that was developed by Yu Minglang's oldest brother, Yu Mingli. When they built this neighborhood, they did not intend to sell it to the public. It was all bought by the relatives.

Afterall Yu Mingli made all the money he wanted, he sold them at a much lower price. Naturally, his brother, Yu Minglang bought it at cost price. He took the duplex at level two.

Xiaoqian did not know that when Yu Minglang and her were fighting downstairs, there were people watching them using binoculars.

They were Yu Minglang's sister-in-law, Yu Zhaozhao, Yu Minglang's uncle and Yu Minglang's father's old friend.

Three people watching from different angles at the same time!

They saw Yu Minglang, who seemed not to be interested in women, pulling back and forth with a woman. His sister-in-law and uncle got excited when they saw that. His father's friend took a binoculars to see clearly and he even called Yu Minglang's father to give him the live broadcast.

"Quick, call father and mother. Yu Minglang brought a girl home!" The sister-in-law remembered the last time she got home and the mother-in-law was sad.

She said Yu Minglang was already at an age that was suitable to get married but he refused to go on blind dates.

Last week they tricked him to meet with the daughter of an old friend. He threw a tantrum and left saying that he had work to do.

Then, he did not come home for a whole week!

Being the good daughter-in-law that she was, she needed to share something as exciting as this with her mother-in-law!

Make the call! Eh? The line was busy?

The uncle and the old friend called at the same time. Naturally, the line was busy.

The whole Yu family learned about it in ten minutes.

The cold youngest son of the family not only brought a woman home, he held her hands and they ran after one another. They seemed to be very close(?)!

"... Father Yu, would Minglang be a gentleman? He hasn't brought the woman to meet with us, how could he bring her home straight? I don't want to be a granny so soon. What about the wedding? Grandfather wouldn't allow a westernised wedding ceremony. The chinese style wedding ceremony takes a long time. If her tummy got bigger it wouldn't look nice. She has to wear a cheongsam for the toasting ceremony. And it shows the waist line."

Mother Yu was in the hospital resting today. She got worried when she heard that her son did such a wonderful thing. No, not a worrying thing.

Father Yu was a righteous man and he was loud.

"You're overthinking this. He's just bringing a woman home and you are talking about a wedding already? I've never seen this girl. If we don't share the same political views, then she will not be part of the family! I'll go and have a look. And investigate how she responds, and see if she is the right material for this family."

Yu's mother punched him and all the awe-inspiring authority diminished. Not only that she was twisting his ear.

"Silly old man! Why are you so loud! What investigation. (Pfft) Why do you need to interview your future daughter-in-law with the way you interview staff? You're to blame if my son became a bachelor all his life!"

"Silly old woman, let go! Stop using your hand on me! I won't go and investigate…" Father Yu managed to save some of his awe-inspiring authority. Then, his wife stepped on his toes.

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"I'm not using my hand, I used my leg! You're terrible! This was all your fault! It's all your fault that Minglang is behaving like this! You were in the air force and you forced him to join the airforce. He rebelled by joining the army and fighting every day. Now that he is back, he has no intention of getting married. This must be the repercussions of being in contact with all men day in and day out. It's all your fault!" 

"He was born a rebel, it had nothing to do with me!" Father Yu still remained tough after his ear was being twisted by the wife. At the very least he had 'tough lips1'.

"It's still your fault! He was just one year old and you used what you learned in the air force on him. You made the kids stack tofu. And you woke them up with a trumpet. You set strict timing for meals, run every day, are you human? Look what you've done. Other than the eldest Mingli, is there anyone else that's normal?"

When her children sat down, they sat with such straight posture and they emitted strong masculinity. Maybe too strong! All men in the house! Mother Yu was worried about them.

"I don't care! You mold the children like that and now if you dare scare away any potential daughter-in-law, I will not forgive you. I…I will go back to my mothers!"

"Alright, I won't go. Can you please stop crying." Father Yu always retreated when mother Yu threatened to go back to her mothers. Glad it was still working now.

Mother Yu smiled immediately.

"Let me go, I'll go and have a look at how the girl looks. No, I'll go in an hour." Mother Yu stopped. If they were being intimate and she went in. It may scare him and may even cause him to be infertile. Then he will need to see his sister-in-law for treatment.

Yu Minglang's sister-in-law, Yu Zhaozhao, was the one that tattletales just now. She was a gynaecologist.

"I can't let my daughter-in-law think that I'm difficult to handle. I'll wait." Mother Yu stared at the clock. She waited for the long hand on the clock to go one round. She brought some soup to see him. She pretended to care for her son and created an opportunity to accidentally meet the girl.


"Old woman, you got excited before even meeting the girl. How do you know if your son picked the right person. What if she was wrong for him?" Father Yu muttered.

Mother Yu stared at him and asked, "How dare you question my son's judgement? My son has a double master's degree, I repeat, DOUBLE MASTER'S DEGREE! Do you know what that means? If you didn't stop him he would have gotten his PhD!"

Father Yu groaned and said, "I asked him to become a pilot, but he went and got a double master's degree. Even if he had one hundred master's degrees it is no use. People who don't know how to fly a plane are idiots!"

Mother Yu got angry that he had the audacity to call her favorite son an idiot! She pulled his ear and chased him out, "Get out, get out of here, go and sleep with your planes and don't come back!"

After she kicked that stubborn old man out, mother Yu stared at the clock.

'Time, can't you go any faster?' She was looking forward to the 'accidental meeting'.

Were they being intimate still?

Not at all, Yu Minglang was enduring the beating from Xiaoqian.

After being pulled to Yu Minglang's house with the door locked, Xiaoqian started hitting Yu Minglang.

She kicked and punched him. Yu Minglang tried to dodge in the beginning. Then Xiaoqian glared at him. He asked, "You want to escape?"

So, Yu Minglang stood still and let her hit him. It did not hurt at all.

Xiaoqian would not actually hit him. She stopped after kicking him twice and glared at him and asked, "What do you really want?"

"Hand over the negatives and photos. Give up on blackmailing and extortion."


"Then I won't let you go."

"You're being unreasonable!"

Yu Minglang was silent and he looked at the ceiling. He thought to himself, 'Mm, you were right, I am being unreasonable.'

  1. Someone who is reluctant to admit a mistake.

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