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25% Return of the Antagonistic Lady Boss / Chapter 10: The Lady Boss Enjoys Rapid Dispatch of an Opponent

The Lady Boss Enjoys Rapid Dispatch of an Opponent - Return of the Antagonistic Lady Boss - Chapter 10 by Niuniu Honey full book limited free

Chapter 10: The Lady Boss Enjoys Rapid Dispatch of an Opponent

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Qu Xue fainted.

It was worth it!

No one would believe that Chen Xiaoqian would do it.

Even Yu Minglang, who was examining the land on the building next to her could not believe it.

His staff went on and on introducing the situation of the land but he did not hear a word. His binoculars 'slipped' and aimed at Chen Xiaoqian's home.

He saw Chen Xiaoqian flipping the table and holding someone hostage. Everything happened so suddenly and he frowned when he saw that she scratched Qu Xue.

However, the next scene made Yu Minglang blush. He quickly aimed the binoculars in another direction.

"Little boss?" Qiao Zhen saw he was acting weird.

"Continue to observe!" Yu Minglang never thought that the Zhou Zhiruo look-alike would do such a thing.

It stung his eyes.

The broken piece of the plate may not be very sharp, but it could pierce through clothing.

Qu Xue was not hurt, she only saw Chen Xiaoqian give her a strange smile.

Chen Xiaoqian threw the broken piece. She then put her finger through the hole that she made and tore it.

Qu Xue's clothing was torn open and Chen Xiaoqian took a bet.

She remembered that after Qu Xue married her father, she became a rich woman. She often drove her Land Rover to the village to show off to her mother.

True enough, when everything was exposed, Chen Lin's facial expression changed. Jia Xiufang was again stunned.

"Xue'er, this is…" Qu Xue stayed at her place. She never went out and had no time to look for a partner.

Jia Xiufang remembered what her daughter said to her in the afternoon. Chen Lin went to the toilet in the middle of the night and Qu Xue wore hot pants…

"Here, explain to me. What is this?" Chen Xiaoqian pointed at Qu Xue and asked calmly.

'Weren't you so smug when you show this off to my mother? Come on now, here's your chance to show it all off!'

Qu Xue screamed and ran toward the back of the house.

Chen Lin stood still, as though he was being exposed. He was angry, in fact, he was enraged.

Chen Xiaoqian stood amidst the mess, calm as ever. Admiring people's facial expressions. It was like a beautiful melody to her.

The joy of skipping the grinding entanglement in the middle and reaching climax—this was the way a lady boss dispatched an opponent. 

The joy of no one knowing what her next step was.

"You're dead meat…" Chen Lin returned to his senses and wanted to hit Chen Xiaoqian.

"Are you heartbroken that I hit her? You hit my mom for no reason, but you can't stand that I hit the other woman. Or maybe I should have asked you what those things were, FATHER?"

She uttered the last word calmly, with emphasis.

Chen Lin stood very still like he was being frozen in frame. What Chen Xiaoqian said got to him.

Jia Xiufang sat on the floor and started crying.

"Chen Lin, you scum! We came from the village together. I worked so hard, I washed the clothes with cold water in the winter. Now I have arthritis, how could you do this to me! Ahhh…!"

"Stop wailing, what nonsense are you talking about?"

Chen Lin was confused. He did not know how to respond to this. How did the matter escalated quickly?

"The two of you go inside the house to settle this, don't make a fool of yourselves in front of our neighbors!" Chen Xiaoqian said while looking at Chen Lin coldly, "If you dare hit my mother again, I'll burn this house down!"

"Stop talking nonsense!" Chen Lin did not speak as firmly as just now.

Something was wrong with the girl.

Chen Xiaoqian's parents would not have been that afraid if she only changed a little, but she had turned into a completely different person. She used such unexpected tactics that left everyone stunned. It was as if she had pulled out her ultimate skill card.

At that very moment, Yu Minglang was watching her with the binoculars when he thought of a term used by his professor in military school—the aesthetic of violence.

Suddenly, there was a fire.

Chen Xiaoqian pushed her glasses. She watched as the fire burned and enjoyed the warmth as she could not stand the coldness in her eyes. 

Chen Lin and Jia Xiufang stopped fighting and rushed to the house to put out the fire with water.

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At this moment, Chen Xiaoqian walked outside the house and sat by the roadside. She raised her head and admired the big, round moon. 

She felt calm when doing all these. There was a sense of comfort plus she did not have the urge to wash her hands. 'I must be bad to the bones,' she thought.

Oh well, she was alright with that.

It was a chaotic scene in the courtyard. Clouds of grey smoke curled through the sky while a scent of burning buildings permeated the air.

The Chen couple was in trepidation after witnessing what Chen Xiaoqian did. They were caught off guard. 

After a few moments of silence, Chen Lin wiped his face and said, "This girl must have been possessed by an evil spirit. Go to Tunzi tomorrow and find someone to perform Samdambi for her."

It was terrifying.

Jia Xiufang returned to her senses after being in a daze. She hit Chen Lin's arm and asked, "Tell me, did you do that to Xue'er?!"

He was the only man here. Qu Xue never left the house. Who else could it be?! 

"What nonsense are you talking about? I didn't! Qian'er is crazy, are you going crazy too?" Chen Lin said with great guilt.

"I want the truth now!" Jia Xiufang grabbed Chen Lin's sleeve tightly.

"Crazy woman!" Chen Lin shook off Jia Xiufang's hand and left the mess in the courtyard.

Jia Xiufang wailed in the courtyard for a few moments. Then she stood up and took a broom to sweep while continuing to sob.

Chen Xiaoqian eyes were closed at this moment as she was enjoying the evening breeze. She was right about her parent's reaction.

Chen Lin could not face the accusation that Jia Xiufang made. He escaped and went to play mahjong.

Her mother…was probably crying while imagining that it was all a dream. Father would coax her tomorrow and she would let it go. However, they would pick it up every time they fought. Just when Jia Xiufang thought she had information that could be used against him, she annoyed him and pushed him further. 

Chen Xiaoqian came across many women like this, who were neither evil nor smart.

She was right about everyone's reaction and had already planned the next step. However, her stomach was growling. She put her hands in her pocket, but there was no money there.

"Nothing to eat, nothing to wear. The enemy will supply us!1" An end credit song from a TV series was playing and Chen Xiaoqian pushed her glasses.

Very well, the song was practically foreshadowing. It was decided...

  1. Lyric from the "Guerrillas' Song", a Chinese patriotic song from the War of Resistance Against Japan.

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