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2.77% Returning To Campus As A Cultivator / Chapter 1: Chapter One Return to Earth
Returning To Campus As A Cultivator Returning To Campus As A Cultivator original

Returning To Campus As A Cultivator


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Chapter 1: Chapter One Return to Earth

The scorching sun shone down on the young man lying in a pile of weeds, his expression somewhat strange.

"I left Earth to cultivate immortality for a thousand years, and after being struck by heavenly tribulation and destroyed, I actually reincarnated back on Earth!?" Chu Yi couldn't believe it.

After checking his body's condition briefly, he found that his cultivation was completely gone. However, he was prepared for this.

"Well then, starting over from scratch."

Muttering to himself as he was about to get up, suddenly there were rustling sounds coming from the grass. A woman wearing denim shorts crouched down unexpectedly.

Chu Yi opened his mouth wide in shock.

No way!

Does this woman want that?

Should I call out...?

Chu Yi covered his mouth and widened his eyes.

But he still spoke up: "Miss, don't relieve yourself anywhere you please."

The figure in front of him visibly trembled while half-crouching with her body stiffened...

Mechanically turning her head around,

Chu Yi finally saw that she was an extremely elegant beauty approaching thirty years old with black-framed glasses. She had more maturity and generosity than a young girl and exuded charm befitting her age.

Their eyes met each other's; the scene became awkward for a moment.


The elegant beauty let out a scream before hastily pulling up her pants while stepping into black high heels. She quickly fled away with quick steps clacking against the ground beneath them.

With strong willpower intact upon rebirth like this one time again - Chu Yi naturally wouldn't be tempted by such superficial beauty but just found it amusing instead. He had only just returned yet already encountered such an incident!

However before leaving himself though - an angry voice filled with fury came through:

"Bastard! You dare peep at me, this lady?" Qin Ran returned after leaving, her beautiful eyes filled with anger as she wished to tear the man in front of her apart.

She had just come back from abroad and was feeling a bit unwell due to jet lag. Her stomach wasn't comfortable but there were no restrooms around in the wilderness so she could only relieve herself on the spot. Who would have thought that someone would peep at her?

"Give it up, with your figure you can barely pass." Chu Yi shrugged his shoulders; this was simply a fact. He had roamed through the immortal realm and possessed formidable strength - those big powers competed against each other trying to send beauties his way: goddesses, witches, saintesses... what kind of women hadn't he seen? But none of them moved him.

In his heart, there was only one person.

However, Qin Ran heard something else entirely from these words - being ridiculed by a man like this for the first time in thirty years made her teeth itch with hatred.

Especially since he had both hands stuffed into his pockets while looking relaxed and carefree without taking notice of her presence whatsoever - making her even more furious!

"Oh yeah, your pants aren't put on properly." Chu Yi reminded sincerely.

Qin Ran panickedly lowered her head for a look only to see that her underwear was still exposed outside causing an indignant blush across her fair neck.


Perhaps too angry, she directly took off her high heels and smashed them towards the man in front of her.

Chu Yi's face was full of black lines. In the past, enemies would throw weapons at him, but now it had become high heels.

Easily dodging it, he didn't want to get entangled with this woman any longer and smiled: "Weren't you in a hurry just now? Don't feel like it anymore?"

Qin Ran's face suddenly changed!

Reminded by Chu Yi like this, the feeling that had been suppressed resurfaced again. Her stomach growled and her delicate features twisted slightly.

Her eyes were filled with tears as she glared fiercely at Chu Yi before running away in a strange posture with her legs together.

"It seems a bit excessive." Chu Yi touched his nose and shook his head. "Forget it. She is a stranger anyway. I shouldn't see her again."

Watching the woman leave from behind, Chu Yi's smile suddenly froze on his face.

"Wait a minute, this woman looks familiar."

"Oh no! It's actually her!"

It wasn't until now that he recognized this woman. If he hadn't miscalculated, he had only graduated from university for just over a year and finally became an intern teacher at Jiujiang Third High School.

And this beauty who just left was the new principal!

That is to say, his immediate superior - Qin Ran.

A conflicted expression played out on Chu Yi's face as even someone of his temperament couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

"In my previous life because of my cousin's reason she opposed me everywhere wanting to expel me; in this life I have even looked at her butt and teased her so wouldn't she want to torture me to death?"

Chu Yi sighed then regained composure: "But speaking of which...this woman has kind intentions towards me."

His family background was quite special.

His father came from the uppersocial class of the Chu family in the provincial capital of Jiangnan Province, Chu Jia. The Chu family had a high status and managed a large number of real estate and technology companies that were famous throughout Jiangnan Province.

Unfortunately, his father refused to succumb to the arranged marriage by his family and instead secretly married a stranger woman.

The Chu family was furious. As a result, they offended the woman who was originally supposed to be their in-law. Even for several years after that incident, things didn't go well for them which was also related to this matter.

What made them even more angry was that after giving birth to one son and one daughter, that woman disappeared without a trace. Even with all of Chu's power at their disposal they couldn't find any clues about her whereabouts.

Chu Shanhe became disheartened and brought Chu Yi and Chu Mu with him to Jiujiang City.

As for Qin Ran, it had something to do with his cousin; among all members of the huge Chu Family only few cared about his family - Cousin Yunyun being one of them.

Chu Yunyun has always wanted the Chu family to return home, but unfortunately both Chu Yi and Chu Shanhe are stubborn personalities. So she can only ask her best friend Qin Ran for help and try to make Chu Yi lose his job. Once he has no other choice, he will naturally return to the Chu family.

"Mom, who are you really? I didn't know your identity for so many years in my past life. I must find out in this life."

Chu Yi was heartbroken. When his mother left, he was only four years old and had a very vague impression of her. His younger sister had just been born at that time.

During that period of time, his father Chu Shanhe kept drinking and aged ten years faster.

Especially since there wasn't even a photo of their mother at home, it was too abnormal; obviously there were hidden secrets inside.

"In my past life, I was too weak without any power. In this life, you owe me everything and must repay me one hundred times over."

He returned in this lifetime only for his family, friends and the girl who took a knife for him before dying.

The wrath of Yan Wang caused millions of corpses to fall with blood flowing thousands of miles away.

However, at this moment Chu Yi is not much stronger than an ordinary person.

His body is empty with no spiritual energy left; quite helpless indeed.

"A thousand-year cultivation needs to be restarted."

There are eight levels in cultivating immortality: acquired nature (postnatal), innate nature (prenatal), seed path (germination), dao mansion (foundation building), primordial infant (core formation), divine communication (nascent soul transformation), immortal sovereign (spiritual ascension) and supreme being (immortal transcendence).

In his past life's cultivation level reached Immortal Sovereign which made him invincible under Supreme Being level cultivators .

"I don't need to rush into cultivation. I must find a place with abundant spiritual energy..."

As he spoke, he took out his phone and looked at the date.

"Wait, today seems to be the school staff gathering day before school starts."

"So does that mean I will see that woman again soon?"

At the thought of this, Chu Yi couldn't help but feel a headache.


Jiujiang City is located in the southern part of Jiangnan Province and can barely be considered as a second-tier city.

Chu Yi arrived at Kaisheng Hotel which is a four-star hotel and ranks among top three hotels locally.

The school had already booked a large hall. When Chu Yi arrived, he saw Vice Principal introducing Qin Ran to teachers from various grades.

Qin Ran was wearing professional western-style clothing with just the right smile on her lips.

"Little Chu has come?" The Vice Principal's eyes were sharp as he introduced Chu Yi: "This is our new principal Qin Ran. She has obtained her Ph.D. degree in America and she's beautiful too! From now on she'll be your boss; you still have three months left until you become permanent staff so make sure you perform well in front of Principal Qin."

"Principal Qin, this is Chu Yi who teaches Chinese for Class 18 Grade One. He interned here for one month before summer vacation."

Chu Yi awkwardly looked towards Qin Ran only to see her face more colorful than kaleidoscope colors.

"Chu Yi?" Qin Ran smiled insincerely.

"Principal Qin, hello! Nice meeting you for the first time; please take care of me." Chu Yi forced himself to smile despite twitching facial muscles but after all these years living as an immortal person his skin was thick enough so he extended his hand forward .

Qin Ran suppressed her anger and regained her composure showing off some coldness along with leadership authority without shaking hands with Chu Yi. She looked him up and down with her eyes before pushing her glasses slightly with her middle finger.

"I'm looking forward to your performance in the future."

Chu Yi's face twitched.

It was over, he had completely offended this woman...

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