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13.11% Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game / Chapter 15: A joke from someone trying to be arrogant

A joke from someone trying to be arrogant - Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game - Chapter 15 by Saubi1234 full book limited free

Chapter 15: A joke from someone trying to be arrogant

Qin Tian then chatted with Yang Ming. He asked Yang Ming a few things about their destination.

His reincarnation still didn't know much since he boarded the ship, and Yang Ming himself only learned a few things after hearing the explanation from his sect envoy.

According to Yang Ming, all of the sects that were on the ship were from the territory of the Xue kingdom. It was a very powerful Kingdom in the God Shark continent. And the ancestor of that kingdom is said to be an elder of the Giant Bamboo sect.

Qin Tian had never heard of the Xue kingdom but he knew the Giant Bamboo sect. It was an Imperial sect founded by the Ancient Bamboo Emperor.

As the name suggests, the Ancient Bamboo Emperor is a Demon born from a bamboo.

Qin Tian didn't know much about the Ancient Bamboo Emperor because he was an emperor born in the early eras of the sixteen heavens, and he wasn't the emperor with many brilliant stories either.

He had only heard that he was from Demon Heaven, but he ended up moving to Nirvana Heaven.

Nor did he know much about the Giant Bamboo sect. One of the few that he knew was that the sect was said to have an ancient bamboo forest that was taken by the Ancient Bamboo Emperor from the demon heaven. The Ancient Bamboo Emperor himself is said to be born from that bamboo forest.

Even though the sect had never produced another emperor, they still produced powerful paragons in every era so that they can endure until now. And most of the paragons were also born from that ancient bamboo forest.

As for the sect to which Yang Ming joined, it was called the Split Mountain sect.


About a few hours later, suddenly a news spread throughout the ship. It was news about Prince Xue wanting to hold a banquet.

The news said that Prince Xue invited everyone on the ship. No matter what their identity was, they were allowed to come to the banquet.

It was said that he had even bought the wolf fish that Yi Shi had caught to serve at the banquet.

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"Looks like this little brat wants to gather all the players on this ship." Qin Tian could immediately guess the little prince's purpose from holding the banquet.

"This is also a good opportunity for me." He nodded.

Apart from meeting the little prince, Qin Tian wanted to use the banquet to increase his cultivation.

A banquet held by a prince would naturally be attended by many top characters like Yi Shi, and they obviously had a lot of cultivation resources in their bodies. He planned to infiltrate their storage ring and absorb the cultivation resources they had.

"Brother Qin, let's go to that banquet! I really want to taste the wolf fish meat. I also want to see that royal prince." Yang Ming immediately invited him excitedly after he heard the news.

"Okay." Qin Tian nodded with a calm expression.

After that, they then left the room, and they went straight to the deck of the ship.

But the banquet was not held on the deck of the ship, instead, it was held in the main hall of the ship. In order to go there, Qin Tian and Yang Ming had to go through the deck of the ship.

While they were on their way, Yang Ming suddenly pulled him towards a group of men and women.

"Brother Qin, they are the ones who will join the Split Mountain sect." Yang Ming said while pointing at those people.

Qin Tian then looked at them and found that they were not very different from Yang Ming. Just from the clothes they wore and their attitude, he could tell that they were also people with completely no background. And they all only have the cultivation of the Spiritual Apprentice third layer.

But among them, there was one man who looked a little different. Even though his cultivation was the same as the people beside him, he was wearing a white silk robe which made him stand out very much in the group. But what stood out the most about him was his expression that looked cynical as he stared at the people beside him.

From the gesture of his body, he looked like he was uncomfortable with the people beside him.

When Qin Tian and Yang Ming arrived before them, several of them immediately greeted them with friendly expressions.

"Yang Ming, you came too!" A short man with a hooked nose spoke.

"Well," Yang Ming replied.

He then pulled Qin Tian forward. "Let me introduce you!, this is my brother I talked about earlier. His name is Qin Tian. How, he looks great right?" He said in a high tone. He looked proud as he introduced Qin Tian to them.

"Wow. He sure has beautiful hair and eyes." Several girls spoke immediately after Yang Ming said his name. They looked him up and down as if they were staring at a rare animal.

"His body is very thin, but I think he would be very handsome if he dressed up."

"Hahaha, you're really lucky bro, girls obviously like you a lot. I'm sure none of them will reject you if you propose to them." The men also spoke in friendly tones.

'....' Qin Tian

But Qin Tian is very satisfied with their friendly attitude. They were completely different from the people he had known in his past life.

"But," he then looked at the young man in the white robe.

Unlike the others who were friendly, the man looked at him with an expression of disgust.

Qin Tian felt funny when he saw the man's expression. It might be natural for a top character like Yi Shi to look at him with an expression of disgust, but that man, apart from his slightly nicer outfit, he was basically no different from Yang Ming and the others.

"Someone who hasn't even become a Spiritual Apprentice wants to join the sect, this is a complete joke." He then spoke.

'....' '....' '....'

"Chu Zhen, what are you saying? Are you insulting my brother?" Yang Ming was immediately furious when he heard Chu Zhen's words.

Not only him, the others also showed displeasure on their faces.

"Chu Zhen, why are you always being so arrogant? Do you think you're great just because you come from a rich family? But didn't you end up joining the same sect as us. And your cultivation is also still in the third layer, you are no different from us." Said the short man who first greeted Yang Ming.

"That's right. What qualifications do you have that you can look down on us?" The others also started talking.

Chu Zhen's face immediately turned green when he heard their words.

Qin Tian shook his head. He really had to refrain from laughing.

He had met many top characters who were overbearing, but this was the first time he had met someone like Chu Zhen. He is not a great person but he tries to be arrogant and looks down on other people.

There might be a lot of people like him, but maybe because his status in his past life was very high, he didn't have the chance to meet people like that.

"Ignore him, let's go." He said as he tapped Yang Ming on the shoulder.

"Mm." Yang Ming nodded. "Let's go." He also said to the others.

After which, they immediately moved from there. They all ignored Chu Zhen who was still stunned. The man only woke up from his daydreams after they were 10 meters away from him.

Saubi1234 Saubi1234

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