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An Ability - Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game - Chapter 5 by Saubi1234 full book limited free

Chapter 5: An Ability

Qin Tian then closed his eyes and started trying to cultivate.

But just an instant after he closed his eyes, he then opened them again. He did that because he suddenly heard the sound of the game system in his mind.

"Warning: You are prohibited from using cultivation techniques and martial arts techniques that do not originate from the system. You must complete missions to obtain cultivation techniques and martial arts techniques from the system."

When he heard that voice, he could feel a kind of rejection as he tried to cultivate using the cultivation techniques in his memory.

"This." Qin Tian was shocked by the system created by that game system.

"But that cultivation technique looks like it can be used here. This world might really be the real world. If this were just a game world made of data sets, cultivation techniques shouldn't have any effect on it."

Even though his guess had not been fully proven, he was becoming more and more convinced by it.

"Humph, now I can only cultivate using the Longevity Scripture." He shook his head.

After which, he closed his eyes again.

As he began to practice cultivation methods, he could feel the spiritual energy around him. He then used his spiritual sense to absorb them.

For others, they have to purify the spiritual energy first before absorbing it into the body.

But while he was cultivating, he found his body could easily absorb the spiritual energy around him.



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Within twenty seconds, he had managed to absorb 20 spiritual energies.

He then opened his eyes and stopped cultivating. He did that because the spiritual energy in the room had run out.

There is a limit to the radius a person can absorb spiritual energy. For those who only possessed a mortal body and were just starting to cultivate, they might only be able to absorb spiritual energy within a 1 meter radius around them.

Qin Tian with his Primordial God Body can absorb spiritual energy within a 20 meter radius around him.

Usually a 1 meter area contains 1 spiritual energy.

And once the spiritual energy in an area is absorbed, the spiritual energy in that area will usually run out or become empty, and it will take some time before the area has spiritual energy once again.

Spiritual energy is not like air which is always moving to fill an empty place. Unless they are moved, they will never move from where they appeared.

Why is it like that? Even Qin Tian doesn't know why. Even the Heavenly Emperor and Ancient Gods who have lived for a long time might be ignorant. Lol, (but I find such a theory to be more reliable.)

And why is that still happening while the ship is moving?

First, the spiritual energy in the ship is generated by the ship itself.

Spiritual energy actually appears everywhere including in a ship.

As for the spiritual energies outside that the ship had passed through, they had been absorbed by the ship so that the people inside the ship could not get to them.

To move the ship, it takes a lot of energy. And in order to save costs, they would use up all kinds of energy that the ship could absorb.

For those who didn't have the cultivation resources, they could only change places whenever the spiritual energy in the place where they cultivated ran out.

If they chose to wait, they would have to wait 10 to 60 minutes before spiritual energy appeared again, depending on how fertile the place was. In some places that were very fertile, the spiritual energy in that place could reappear right after it was used up.

He then got up from the bed.

After that, he looked at the stats one more time, and found that they had changed.

<Cultivation: None> / <Spiritual Source: 0/1>

<Spiritual Energy: 20> (Note: 100 spiritual energies can be converted into 1 spiritual source. The speed at which spiritual energy converts to spiritual sources depends on the player's talent.)

The spiritual energy that was originally 0 has changed to 20.

"Not bad." He nodded in satisfaction when he saw that.

After which, he then shifted his gaze towards the mission list.

There were many missions, but he chose the one at the top.

<Mission level 1: Become a Spiritual Apprentice.>

<Reward: The system will help unlock one of the Primordial God Body's abilities. (Divine Perception)>

Qin Tian then opened up more detailed information from (Divine Perception). But the moment he read the information, he was immediately stunned because it really was a rather absurd ability.

It was actually an ability that allowed his spiritual sense to penetrate any object and could not be detected even when he was absorbing spiritual energy.

Of course, it wouldn't be strange for those who were stronger to hide their spiritual sense in front of those who were weaker, but they wouldn't be able to do it in front of those who were stronger.

But this (Divine Perception), it could actually evade detection from even a much stronger expert than him no matter how strong they were.

"This ability is truly too heaven-defying. Doesn't that mean I can enter other people's storage rings and then absorb the cultivation resources that are in there." "After all, there aren't many people in this world watching over their storage rings all the time."

After saying that, he then turned his gaze towards the room door.

"Looks like I have to find another place to cultivate." He says.

"Even though this is only a ship, but I smell a lot of wealth here." He smiled faintly.

For the people from the desert island, who would join the sects in the Shark God continent, they naturally brought a lot of cultivation resources with them. Most of the clans there would give almost all of their resources if any of their descendants were accepted by the sects in the Shark God continent.

He then walked towards the door and immediately opened the door after he arrived at the door.


After the door opened, he immediately stepped out of the room.

Outside the room, what he found was a very long hallway. And many room doors in that hallway.


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