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2.63% Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game / Chapter 2: Buy The Most Expensive Items

Buy The Most Expensive Items - Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game - Chapter 2 by Saubi1234 full book limited free

Chapter 2: Buy The Most Expensive Items

Looking at his aunt who was sitting in the main seat, Qin Tian couldn't help but think of how to get 250 million dollars from her.

Even though $ 250 million is a very large number, with her aunt's fortune, which is nearly $ 10 billion, $ 250 million is including the amount her aunt can provide at any time.

But, even the child of the richest person in the world might not dare to ask their parents 250 million dollars, not to mention Qin Tian who is only a nephew.

Qin Tian is a man with dignity. In fact, he had never spoken to ask his aunt for money, he had only ever accepted the money his aunt gave him.

However, the appearance of the Sixteen Heavens made him doubt how to act.

"Should I say it?" He wondered. "Auntie has always been interested in unusual things, she would probably use up her money if she found out what the Night-Heaven Company has done."

His thoughts made him fall into reverie. He only came to his senses when he heard Shui Yingyue's voice as she greeted her mother and older sister.

"Mom, sis." Said Shui Yingyue in a soft voice.

The younger ones should greet the older ones, that was the main rule in the villa.

"Um, aunt, sis." Qin Tian quickly greeted his aunt and Angela Qin after he woke up from his reverie.

But his rushed tone as he spoke only made his aunt and Angela Qin look at him even more strangely. In fact, they had been staring at him with strange eyes ever since he had appeared in the dining room.

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The strangeness of his expression couldn't be hidden from their eyes.

"What's the matter with you, little brother? Why does your face look like you're in serious trouble." Angela Qin suddenly asked.

She looked him in the eye as she spoke.

Unlike Shui Yingyue, who always showed a cold expression, Angela Qin was a cheerful woman who easily communicated with everyone.

Apart from that, she also has quite a hobby of playing games.

"Very rarely do you daydream like that." His aunt also spoke. "If you have a problem, you have to tell me. You know, in this city of Z, there is no problem that I can't solve." She smiled confidently as she spoke. But her eagle eyes stared intently into his eyes.

There, only Shui Yingyue seemed indifferent.

"Erm," two questions at once made Qin Tian confused about what to answer.

But his expression only made Angela Qin and his aunt continue to stare at him with strange expressions.

"Maybe." In the end, one word managed to get out of his mouth.

Of course, the answer took them by surprise. Even Shui Yingyue gave him a brief glance.

"Okay, you eat first. After that, tell everything to the aunt."

Whenever there was something to be discussed, they had to finish their meal first before speaking. That is the custom in that villa.

Qin Tian nodded and he started to take the food on the table. But his thoughts made his appetite disappear quickly. In the end, he only managed to swallow a few mouthfuls of rice as his aunt and two cousins ​​finished their meal.

But neither of them spoke even after they finished their meal, they just kept looking at him and waited for him to finish his meal.

"Huh." Qin Tian sighed. "In fact, this is just a ridiculous matter that is absolutely nothing to worry about." He finally started talking before he even finished his meal.

"Nothing will happen even if I don't do anything."

"Oh, but why do you look so troubled?" Angela Qin asked.

"You have to say it, Tian." Said his aunt.

Qin Tian was silent for a while, but after that he then took out his smartphone from his clothes pocket.

He then opened the Sixteen Heaven web site.

The loading of the website is still slow but it is faster than before.

After the website opened, Qin Tian then handed over his smartphone to his aunt.

"The Night-Heaven Company just did something strange." Said Qin Tian as he handed over his smartphone.

He handed over his smartphone because he wanted his aunt to see it for herself.

Although her aunt was not a gamer, she was, after all, a businesswoman who headed a large company. With her broad insight, there weren't many things in this world that she couldn't understand.

Her aunt received the smartphone that she handed over. She stared at him for a moment before she looked at the smartphone screen.

"Er." She had just started staring at the smartphone screen and she was already furrowing his brows.

Angela Qin who was already curious finally took out her own smartphone.

"What the hell." It was only a few moments before the two women screamed.

"What is the Night-Heaven Company trying to do?"

"Do they think their game is the real world. Hahahaha, they are selling game items at such a high price, I'm afraid they will be sued by the government."

"...." Qin Tian

"So Tian, ​​what do you think they are doing?" His aunt then asked him.

But after asking that question, she immediately asked another question.

"Oh, so what makes you look troubled, is it because you wanted to buy that game item?"


"Hahahaha, those items cost tens to hundreds of millions of dollars, are you sure you want to buy them, little brother?" Angela Qin chuckled.

Shui Yingyue, who had always been silent from earlier, finally looked at Qin Tian after she heard Angela Qin's words.

Her cold eyes looked surprised as she stared at Qin Tian. "You are crazy,." She finally spoke albeit in a low voice.

After speaking, she also took out her smartphone. She was clearly curious after she heard that the prices of game items could be in the tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Qin Tian could only smile wryly at the expressions of the three women.

Luckily his aunt is much calmer than her two daughters. She chose to ask once more, and this time she showed a serious expression.

"Tian, ​​why are you thinking of buying those game items?" She asked.

Even though the prices of those items were so ridiculous, she was clearly starting to feel curious.

"Mom." Shui Yingyue suddenly spoke, but her mother raised her hand to stop her from speaking.

"Let's listen to Tian's explanation first." She said in a stern tone.

Qin Tian naturally had an explanation but he couldn't say that unless he wanted to be sent to a mental hospital by his aunt.

"Ehmmm." Qin Tian cleared his throat. "There are reasons I can't say. But I'm sure they really are worth buying." He answered.

He stared at his aunt's face, waiting for how she would react after she heard his words.

But his aunt still didn't change her expression. Instead, she asked once again. "So which item do you want to buy?"

Qin Tian was a little surprised by his aunt's question. He felt strange hearing his aunt ask such a question.

But he still answered his aunt's question. "The items that interest me the most are the most expensive item they sell." Said Qin Tian.



Shui Yingyue who was sitting next to him suddenly patted the table quite hard. She then stood up from her chair.

"This is bullshit."

She then stared at Qin Tian, ​​anger flashing across her cold face.

"Is that all you can do?"

Looking at Shui Yingyue, Qin Tian could only sigh. She was clearly angry that he intended to spend so much money just on games.

"Calm down, Yingyue, why are you scolding your brother?" Qin Wuxin couldn't keep quiet as she watched her daughter get angry.

"I don't have a brother like him." She answered.

After saying that, she immediately turned around and walked away from there.

"Huh." Qin Wuxin sighed. "Yingyue is still cold until now."

"And whose fault is it?" Angela Qin looked at her mother with a sneer.

Of course, it was family matters that had caused Shui Yingyue's personality to turn cold.

"Okay, okay, let's go back to the previous conversation." Qin Wuxin changed the subject. She looked at Qin Tian once again.

"The price of the item you want to buy is 250 million dollars. Are you sure you will spend 250 million dollars on a game item?" She asked.

"Mm." Qin Tian nodded. He wondered why his aunt seemed so interested.

"If I have 250 million dollars, I'll use them to buy that item." Said Qin Tian.

"Wow, little brother, are you kidding?"

"I will definitely do that."

"Huu, you look so sure." Qin Wuxin spoke.

She then said something that made Qin Tian and Angela Qin stunned. "Why don't we go to your room first, we'll talk about it there."

She stood up from her chair after she said that.

"Ha, mom, are you kidding? Why do you look like you also want to buy that item?"

"Aunt." Qin Tian also hesitated.

"Just follow my words." Qin Wuxin waved her hand.

She then walked towards the stairs.


"Does she really want to buy it?" Qin Tian wondered inwardly.

He and Angela Qin then walked following Qin Wuxin behind.

The door to Shui Yingyue's room was tightly closed when they passed in front of her room, but they didn't try to disturb her.

They then entered Qin Tian's room.

After entering Qin Tian's room, they immediately walked over to the computer table.

Qin Tian's computer was still on and it was still displaying the Primordial God Body menu. Qin Tian let out a sigh of relief when he saw that the item was still unsold.

In fact, even the cheapest items still weren't selling. People may feel curious but the prices of these items are simply too high to get rid of their curiosity.

His aunt then stepped forward while he and Angela stood behind him.

"When you invest in something that will be profitable, putting out more capital means you will get more profit." He started talking.

Even though he was talking about business, there was clearly another meaning behind his words.

As Qin Tian tried to understand what his aunt meant, he saw her aunt's index finger suddenly touch the buy button in the Primordial God Body menu.


(Please make payment)

The robotic voice then echoes from the computer screen. After that, the computer screen changes to the payment menu.

Qin Tian and Angela looked at each other in confusion. They wondered if she was really going to pay for the item.

"What's wrong with aunt?" Qin Tian wondered inwardly.

He felt that his aunt's attitude had gotten weird ever since they started talking about the Night-Heaven Company.

"Tian." His aunt suddenly looked at him and called out to him.

"This is 250 million dollars. This is not small money. You know, the average citizen of the developed world only earns 10 dollars a day. 1 dollar is enough for an ordinary family for a simple dinner."

After saying that, she suddenly took out her smartphone.

She stared at the computer screen one more time for a few moments before touching the screen of her smartphone.

"Mom." Angela could no longer be calm when she saw what her mother was up to.

"It's my money, not yours, please be quiet." She glanced at Angela with sharp eyes.

After that, she looked back at Qin Tian.

"Since I took care of you, I consider you as my own child. I even prepared the same inheritance between you and my two daughters."

"I don't demand you to become someone who keeps growing, but at least I don't want the inheritance I gave you to end in vain."

"Now what I want to ask you is; how sure are you with that item?"

Qin Tian was almost breathless when he heard his aunt's words. His aunt's momentum as she spoke truly made Qin Tian who was once the Paragon of sixteen heavens feel like he was just a child.

Of course, it was also because of his mentality that had changed a lot since he lived in this world. But still it was still something he would never have imagined in the past.

Qin Tian knew, if his aunt were born in sixteen heavens, she would definitely become a great figure among all the women in sixteen heavens.

"I am very sure, aunt." He finally answered. "If it really is a useless thing, there is nothing else that would interest me in this world." He said in a stern tone.

Angela who was standing beside him widened her blue eyes when she heard his words.



(Payment has been confirmed)

(Jian, you have successfully purchased Primordial God Body, the item will be sent to your account inventory.)

A robotic voice echoed on the computer screen right after Qin Tian spoke.

Qin Tian's eyes immediately widened when he heard that voice. He looked at his aunt with an expression of disbelief.

As he looked at his aunt, the stern expression on his aunt's face suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a gentle smile.

'...' Qin Tian, ​​Angela.

The two of them didn't know what to say.

Of course, once the purchase was successful, Night-Heaven Company announced it immediately on their website.

(Primordial God Body has been purchased by Jian)

They only wrote short sentences, but it took the whole world by storm.

"God, someone actually spent 250 million dollars on a game item."

"Who is it? Is that the heir to the Rock family? I heard the Rock family heir loves to play games."

"I don't think so, that person goes by the name Jian, he should be an East Asian."

"No, I don't believe this, this is probably just a trick of the Night-Heaven Company to lure other rich people to buy their items."

"Ah, that's right, why don't I think about it, this is probably just a trick of the Night-Heaven Company to trick us all."


Night-Heaven Company did not respond to them. But after the most expensive item was sold, several other items also started to be bought. Of course, most of them were simply the cheapest items. It can be ascertained that the buyers are wealthy gamers.



Qin Tian's room door suddenly opened while he was still staring at his aunt.

The cold-faced Shui Yingyue then entered the room.

She walked towards Qin Tian and the others. Her gaze was immediately fixed on the computer screen after she arrived.

"You!" She looked at Qin Tian and her mother with an expression of disbelief.

"Okay, okay, Yingyue, it has happened and it can't be stopped anymore." Qin Wenxin spoke. Sheel then walked over to her daughter who was angry.

"Now Yingyue, can you use your skills to cover the tracks of this transaction. Even though the Night-Heaven Company guarantees the confidentiality of the transaction, I still can't rest easy if you haven't acted." She said while patting her daughter's shoulder.


Shui Yingyue was a genius woman who mastered a lot of science, but her greatest talent lay in programmers and hackers.

Her skills had already reached the peak level, she was one of the world's top hackers. And no one knows her abilities other than the four people in that villa.

However, even though Shui Yingyue was an expert programmer, and she was even quite interested in game creation, she was not that interested in playing games. That's totally different from most programmers and hackers who like to play games.

If she is asked, she will answer. "They become programmers because they really like games, but me because I love all kinds of science."


Even though Shui Yingyue looked angry, she still followed her mother's words. She took the smartphone in her mother's hand, after which, her two fingers began to touch the smartphone screen.

It took five minutes before she returned the smartphone to her mother.

"Well, I will not behave unfairly." Qin Wenxin started speaking again.

She looked alternately at Angela and Shui Yingyue. "Because I bought Tian the most expensive item, if you two also want items in the game, you can say it. I'll buy it for both of you."

"I might as well need to buy some for myself."

"Somehow I suddenly feel like there will be big changes in the coming time."



(I don't know what you guys think about the initial plot of this novel.

Well, some things may seem forced on this plot like how his aunt agreed to spend 250 million dollars, but I've been choosing this plot ever since it popped into my mind.

Of course, there was a reason why his aunt followed Qin Tian's words. It will be answered in the future.)

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