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Clara - Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game - Chapter 28 by Saubi1234 full book limited free

Chapter 28: Clara

Driving a sports car was inconspicuous at the school because too many students came in expensive cars.

It is an international school. Apart from Asian people, almost half of the students who attend school there are from other countries. Most of them are the children of executives from foreign companies.

Yingyue then drove her car to the school parking lot. She seemed in a hurry as she drove.

After the car stopped, she immediately opened the car door and got out of the car at that moment.

Before she could take a step, Qin Tian spoke once again. "Ohhh, it's been years since I saw my sister blush."


This time the girl actually turned around. But her expression was very cold. She touches her glasses and speaks. "Qin Tian, ​​I will send you to a mental hospital if there is something wrong with your brain."

After saying that, she immediately turned around and walked away from there, leaving behind a playfully smiling Qin Tian.

"Is this a tsundere sister?"

Qin Tian shook his head.

He then took his bag before opening the car door.

At the moment he even carried two simple virtual equipment that were shaped like glasses. He was in case something happened to his body so that he could go straight to the sixteen heavens. He brought two because he was worried that one of them would take damage.

After that, he immediately walked towards the school building.

He actually didn't have many friends apart from a few students in the same class as him, so he didn't greet anyone as he walked towards his class.

Not long after, he arrived at the door of class 3-C.

As for Shui Yingyue, she was in class 3-A.

All class A no matter if it was grade 1, 2, or 3, they were on the third floor. Classes B are on the second floor, and classes C are on the first floor.

The students in class C were of course the students with the lowest scores.

Of course, being in class C doesn't mean Qin Tian is a stupid student. His soul, however, was once the soul of a Paragon. In terms of brain power, his brain could not be compared to the brains of most ordinary humans. At least he could easily remember every single thing.

However, just because someone has a strong brain does not mean that someone simply has high educational value. It also cannot determine whether a person is being smart. Even if he can remember everything, but what if he doesn't like reading books.

Of course, since this is an international school, even the dumbest of students have a much higher level of insight than most people.

Educated people can become ministers, but only those with a high level of insight can become kings.

As he entered the classroom, Qin Tian saw about twenty students in the class who made up two thirds of the total students.

Half of the students in the class were foreigners consisting of white people, black people, and middle easterners.

All the students spoke intimately regardless of their respective races.

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Except for certain interests, racism in high society is very rare. If the upper class society is also racist, their nation is destined to be a short-lived nation no matter how strong they are. At least that is what often happens in sixteen heavens.

In fact, this is also the case on earth, but humans who live short lives forget history very quickly.


There were several people waving at him as he entered the classroom. He smiled at them as he walked towards the table at the very back.

There was a fat man at the table he was addressing, and the man had already called out to him many times when he walked into the classroom.

"Qin, Qin, have you played it?" Asked the fat man. He showed his smartphone screen as he spoke.

That is of course the Sixteen Heaven Game website.

"I played it until 7 am." Qin Tian replied with a friendly smile. "How about you, Fatty Li?"

As he spoke, Qin Tian couldn't help but stare at the man's face.

There are several scars on his face.

Li Laoshan is the fat man's name. And he's not a minor character. His father, Li Qiye, was the second richest person in Z city. He had businesses scattered all over the earth.

Even though his aunt was the richest woman in town Z, there were ten men who were richer than her in that city.

"Wow." Li Laoshan immediately stared at him when he heard the answer.

"I wanted to play a little longer, but my mom stopped me in the middle of the game." He answered.

"You know, I wanted to buy an item in that game, but my father hit me straight before I even finished my words." He said while pointing at some of the punch marks on his face.

"By the way, what's your game nickname, let's be friends?" He asked.

"Ehmmm." Qin Tian cleared his throat immediately after he heard his question.

He then sat on a chair beside Li Laoshan.

"This is a secret!" He answered.


"Y-you…" He wanted to speak but his words were interrupted when a woman suddenly walked into the classroom.

It was a mixed Asian and European woman. She has pale white skin and golden hair like Europeans, but the Asian face and figure stand out so much that she doesn't look like a mixed woman if it weren't for her hair and skin color.

Her height is over 160cm which is quite tall for an Asian woman. Of course, because she was only 17 years old. In the next 2 years, she might be able to grow another 10cm.

What attracts the most attention of the woman's appearance are her golden eyes and her style which looks very feminine and refined.

She was carrying a stack of books that she was leaning against her chest, and it made her look like a virtuous woman.

But Qin Tian who knew her well enough knew that only her style looked feminine.

She was actually a class A student, and she was Shui Yingyue's best friend. Qin Tian also became friends with her because she also liked playing games. She can even be said to be a fanatic gamers.

Besides, one thing that was clear about her was that she liked him.

Clara is the woman's name, and she does not have a surname.

Qin Tian didn't know her background, but she was a very rich woman for a high school girl.

Many asked about her background, but she always said all the property she had was inherited from her parents.

Clara's aim in the class was clear to meet him as she immediately walked towards him after she entered the classroom.

Unlike other feminine women who sometimes smile shyly, this woman immediately shows a confident smile when she arrives in front of him.

"Is there something?" Qin Tian asked before he spoke.

"I just want to ask." Clara replied.

"I want to know your nickname?" She then asked.


"This is a secret." Qin Tian finally could only answer with the same answer as he answered Li Laoshan.

But Clara's question made him feel as if the woman was suspecting him.

Qin Tian couldn't help but think about whether there was any drawback to his nickname. But he didn't think there was anything strange about Jian's nickname that someone who knew him would attribute the nickname to him.

Of course, when he keeps his nickname a secret, his friends will probably start to suspect him.

He had already thought about the matter from the very beginning he bought the Primordial God Body.

Maybe if it was another game, he could easily create another account that he could show other people. But the problem is; The Sixteen Heaven game does not allow one person to have two accounts.

Things like that are actually not new because some games also make rules like that.

He might be able to make some excuses to Li Laoshan, but it was hard to hide something from a woman like Clara.

She might not be as genius as Shui Yingyue, but in terms of emotional intelligence and shrewdness, she was probably on the same level as his aunt.

Apart from that, she was also quite close to Shui Yingyue. Even though Shui Yingyue definitely wouldn't tell their family secrets, but if Clara tried to bother her, she might be able to reveal an gap.

"Oh, looks like you can't say it in front of a lot of people! All right, then you can tell me via Telegram." She says.

And she spoke with a confident expression as if what she said was the right thing.

"Okay, I'll be back now."

After that, she immediately turned around and walked towards the door with feminine steps.

'.....' Qin Tian.


Saubi1234 Saubi1234

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