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6.14% Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game / Chapter 6: Extracting Spiritual Sources

Extracting Spiritual Sources - Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game - Chapter 6 by Saubi1234 full book limited free

Chapter 6: Extracting Spiritual Sources

"I wonder if there are other players on this ship?" Said Qin Tian.

"Sixteen heavens may be large enough to separate everyone on earth to different places, but I don't think the game system will send everyone to different places."

It's not that there isn't a game with a very large world, but any game with such a world will usually send several people in the same location so that they can fight together.

Qin Tian didn't think too much, he then walked to the left side of the hallway. His reincarnation still memorized a few streets on the ship, so he wasn't confused about choosing a path.

Of course, he could cultivate in the hallway of that ship, but it would be too conspicuous if he cultivated there. Even though he did not see anyone in the hallway, he occasionally felt a spiritual sense emanating from the doors in the hallway. He had not currently reached the level where he could cultivate while walking.

A few moments later, he arrived at the end of the hallway and there were several other hallway there.

He then chose the hallway where there was a staircase that descended downwards.

He chose that hallway because it was rare for people to go there because down there was actually the residence of the magical beasts that belonged to the people on that ship.

Besides, he wanted to try out one of the Primordial God Body's special abilities on those magical beasts. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The length of the stairs was about 8 meters. After arriving at the end of the stairs, he saw several hallway there. The hallway were not very long, only about 5 meters and at each end of the passage he saw a hall.

The halls were a bit dark so he couldn't quite tell what was inside, but there was an occasional beast sound from inside.

The hall was divided according to the strength of the magic beasts that resided there.

Since his strength was still weak, he ended up choosing to walk towards the hall that housed the weakest magical beasts.

Arriving at the door of the hall, he immediately stepped into it. Only after he had entered the hall could he see everything in there quite clearly.

Inside the hall, he saw many magical beasts. Most of them are horses and birds. Of course, there are also some wild animals such as monkeys, lions, tigers and snakes.

They are all separated by different cages.

The basic difference between them and the animals on earth is their size which is almost three times as large.

"Now then, I wonder if I can extract spiritual sources in your bodies." Qin Tian smiled faintly when he saw them.

He looked around to make sure no one was there before he walked over to a young monkey who looked very tame.

Although that young monkey's size is not very large, but its cultivation has probably almost broken through to the second layer of Spiritual Apprentice. Qin Tian chose the young monkey as his first try because it looked like it wouldn't attack if he did something to it. Of course, it was also because he believed the young monkey was still not smart enough to understand what was happening to its body when he was doing something to its body.

After arriving in front of the young monkey's cage, he sat down in a squatting position.

The young monkey looked at him with curious eyes but he only smiled in response.

He then spread his spiritual sense towards the monkey. Even though it had a higher cultivation than him, it was still not enough to stop his spiritual sense emanating from the Primordial God Body, his spiritual sense could easily enter the monkey's body.

The monkey still didn't move but it started looking at him with wary eyes.

When his spiritual sense enters its spiritual world, the monkey also watches over its spiritual world.

Within that monkey spiritual world, Qin Tian saw 8 spiritual sources.

The spiritual source is shaped like a diamond, and the stronger the spiritual source is, the darker it will be.

Seeing the spiritual sources within that monkey spiritual world, Qin Tian couldn't help but smile faintly.

He then enveloped the two spiritual sources of the monkey with his spiritual sense, after which, he then absorbed the two spiritual sources into his body.

He was able to do this quite easily as the monkey was still silent as two of its spiritual sources flew out of its spiritual world.

"Please stay quiet, little monkey." Qin Tian spoke in a soft voice.


After the two spiritual sources left the monkey's body, Qin Tian immediately activated his cultivation method to suck the two spiritual sources into his body.

He did not know how long it would take to absorb a spiritual source because it was not spiritual energy.

What made him curious was how much spiritual energy he could gather from a single spiritual source.

Even though one spiritual source was made of a combination of 100 spiritual energies, but he knew there was no way one spiritual source extracted could produce another 100 spiritual energies. It would have been fine if there were 50 spiritual energies left, but he guessed the amount would be less than that.

Since this was his first try, he chose to absorb one spiritual source first.

As soon as that spiritual source entered his body, his body immediately began extracting that spiritual source.

The speed at which his body extracting the spiritual source was actually faster than he had expected.

Within every second, he saw his spiritual energy statistic change at a rapid pace.







<Cultivation: None> / <Spiritual Source: 0/1>

<Spiritual Energy: 50> (Note: 100 spiritual energies can be converted into 1 spiritual source. The speed at which spiritual energy converts to spiritual sources depends on the player's talent.)

Within five seconds, the spiritual energy in his body which was only 20 before had reached 50.

But after that, he discovered that the spiritual source had already been completely extracted.

Just as he was about to absorb the second spiritual source, the monkey that was previously still sitting suddenly jumped at him. If the cage wasn't in its way, the monkey would have landed on his face.

The monkey's eyes turned red and a few tears fell from its eyes.

"A, a, a, a," The monkey suddenly screamed.

Even though the monkey's scream wasn't very loud, it still shocked Qin Tian so much that he almost jumped.

"Shit." He immediately looked around at the other magical beasts. He could only regain his composure when he saw that the other magical beasts were still calm. The monkey may be too small to attract their attention.

But even though there was no commotion, Qin Tian finally chose to quit. He was worried that the monkey would become even more scared. Apart from that, he also felt pity when he saw the monkey's expression.

He immediately stood up and ran from there.

When he arrived at the door of the hall, the monkey stopped screaming. Qin Tian immediately stopped running and looked back one more time.

"I can't stop now. I only need 50 more spiritual energy to become a Spiritual Apprentice."

He then looked at the other magical beasts. He was looking for a magical beast that looked tame.

After a while, he saw the white mare that looked like it was still very young. Even though the white mare might not be as tame as the previous monkey, he was sure it was more tame than the other magical beasts.

He then walked over to the white mare.

"I have to do it fast." He said in a low voice as he arrived in front of the white mare.

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