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Grasp the Dao - Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game - Chapter 34 by Saubi1234 full book limited free

Chapter 34: Grasp the Dao

Qin Tian then put the book into his storage ring.

As he looked at the virtual screen in front of him, he couldn't help but be shocked when he saw his aunt's nickname status suddenly change from offline to online. Her nickname is Snow_Goose which really doesn't match her identity.

But Qin Tian chose not to contact her.

After that, he then took out a thin book from inside his storage ring. It is a record of a martial arts technique.

Yuan Ji gave him several high-level mortal techniques but only one caught his interest.


(Mountain Jumping Technique.)

High level mortal technique

Price: 1000 spiritual energy

"Do you want to buy it?"

"Yes." Qin Tian answered.

Even though he underestimated mortal level techniques, but he had no other choice but to buy them because he was currently completely lacking in martial techniques.

He chose that technique because it could help him make complex movements.


"Mountain Jumping Technique has been added to your body."


<Nickname: Jian>

<Race: Human>

<Body: Primordial God Body>

Unlocked skills:

<Divine Perception>

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<Bloodline: Primordial Bloodline>

<Soul: Primordial Soul>

Cultivation Technique:

<Longevity Scripture (First Stage: Can absorb four spiritual energies in 1 second.)>

Martial Arts Techniques:

<Iron Dragon Fist (First Stage: Can release 100kg of strength with one spiritual source.)>

<Mountain Jumping Technique (High level mortal technique)>

<Cultivation: Spiritual Apprentice ninth layer> / <Spiritual Source: 100/100>

<Spiritual Energy: 4000> (Note: 100 spiritual energies can be converted into 1 spiritual source. The speed at which spiritual energy converts to spiritual sources depends on the player's talent.)


He immediately lost a thousand spiritual energies after that.

"But even by paying for it with spiritual energy, players still have to practice the technique to master it."

He found that even though the technique appeared in his memory, he did not master it right away. It was different from when he added the previous two techniques where he had instantly mastered them. (Longevity Scripture and Iron Dragon Fist)

Right after that, he suddenly received a new message from the system.


"Do you want to immediately master the Mountain Jumping Technique?"

Price: 3000 spiritual energy.


Qin Tian immediately refused after seeing that.

Others might need it but he didn't because with the Primordial God Body, he could master every single martial technique easily no matter how difficult they were, not to mention just mortal grade martial arts.

He was just observing the technique, and he had already begun to master it.

"Huh." He exhaled a breath.

After that, he walked towards the door of the room.

Even though he could break through at any time, he still chose to hold back his cultivation. The reason he did that was because Yuan Ji had previously said that one week later, the sect would open one of their spiritual places to junior disciples. And now it's been almost a week.

He was deliberately holding back his cultivation because he was planning to enter that place too.

Even though he hasn't revealed his cultivation yet, but he has already obtained the status of a junior disciple so he is also qualified to enter it.


He opened the door to his room.

As he walked out of his room, he let off his aura a little. It was to show that he had turned from an ordinary human to a Spiritual Apprentice. And he showed the aura of the spiritual apprentice second layer.

When he arrived at the living room, he saw Dina cleaning the furniture in the living room.

When the girl saw him, she immediately walked towards him. "Big brother." She greeted with an innocent smile.

"Emmm." Qin Tian nodded. "By the way, you don't have to keep doing those chores." Said Qin Tian as he looked at the furniture in the living room.

The place where he lives is a mansion. For a little girl like her to work cleaning the entire mansion was really very tiring.

He, of course, could not treat children on earth the same way he would treat children in sixteen heavens.

If what the child protection commission finds out about what he is doing, he may have to deal with them.

"They will get dirty if they are not cleaned." Answer the girl.

"That is easy." Qin Tian then waved his palm.

The wind blew from his palm, and they then spread throughout the living room. In the instant after, all the dust in the living room immediately disappeared without a trace.

"You can easily clean this entire place as long as you have the strength." Said Qin Tian.

After saying that, he then took out an apple from his storage ring. It is a spiritual apple.

Although that apple couldn't be compared to a spiritual dragon fruit, it could at least help humans who were just starting cultivation break through to the first layer of Spiritual Apprentice.

But to Qin Tian's surprise, the girl suddenly shook her head. "Why cultivate? It's boring, it's better to use my hands and feet. I've never used them in the real world."


Qin Tian immediately fell silent when he heard the girl's words.

"Could it be that she also can't use her hands and feet in the real world?" Qin Tian couldn't help but feel sad as he looked at the girl.

"By the way, which country do you live in?" Qin Tian then asked.

The girl's accent when she spoke sounded so foreign that Qin Tian suspected that she came from a rather remote country.

There are many countries on earth. While most of these countries are very developed, there are still some countries that are poor for certain reasons such as war.

"Mmm, do you know the biggest island in the world, big brother Qin? Borneo Island, that's where I live. My father and mother are soldiers who protect our country." She answered with a proud smile.

Qin Tian was a little surprised when he heard the answer, but he let out a sigh of relief after hearing that.

Although the island of Borneo is a bit left behind because most of its territory is still forest, he never heard of any wars there.


A while later, he went to the mansion's courtyard.

He did nothing there but lie down on the grass staring up at the wide sky.

Of course, he didn't just lie down doing nothing.

"Eternal Light Technique! Who would have thought that it managed to render Sixteen Heavens without nights for one era."

"But, I will also create my own technique. And it must be more powerful than the Eternal Light Technique."

After saying that, he started to close his eyes.

As a player, he could not use the techniques in that world directly without going through the game system.

But he could still grasp the Dao in order to create his own technique.

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