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3.5% Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game / Chapter 3: Yellow River of Reincarnation

Yellow River of Reincarnation - Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game - Chapter 3 by Saubi1234 full book limited free

Chapter 3: Yellow River of Reincarnation

At 12 o'clock midnight.

The Sixteen Heavens Game is finally officially released by Night-Heavan Company. It can already be downloaded on their official site.

Although the game had only been announced that night, the sensation caused by it caused news of the game to spread very quickly.

Plus, with the game's graphics that look one level more advanced than the other games, it only increases people's curiosity about the game.

When the game files were released, it only took a few moments before the number of people who downloaded the game reached hundreds of millions.

Qin Tian also downloaded the game, but he couldn't help but sigh as he watched the slow-moving download process. Even though the internet today is very fast, the files of this era also contain a very large amount of data.

Of course, another factor that causes the download process to be so slow is the large number of people downloading the game. Too many visitors obviously caused Night-Heaven Company's servers to go down.

"It literally takes 30 minutes, I never downloaded that long." Said Qin Tian as he looked at the estimated download time.

"Huh." He then got up from the chair.

Seeing that his room was spacious and full of facilities but there were no people, he could only sigh once again.

After buying the Primordial God Body, his aunt actually created an account for her and her two daughters, and she also bought some items for them.

After that, she suddenly left the villa due to some sudden business while Angela and Yingyue returned to their respective rooms.

Angela may be just like him, waiting for the game to be released, but he doesn't know what Yingyue is up to.

Qin Tian originally wanted to visit Yingyue, but in the end he chose to sit back down.

"Let the girl calm down first." He said in a low voice.

He understood why Shui Yingyue's personality had turned so cold. Among the people in the villa, that girl was probably the one suffering the most.

Angela's father's family is overseas, but Shui Yingyue's father's family is also in that country. Even though they lived in a different city, there were still some of their people in Z city.

Losing a lot of wealth as a result of the divorce made the family hate Qin Wenxin and even Shui Yingyue

They couldn't do anything to Qin Wenxin, hence, they took their anger out on Shui Yingyue more often than not.

Even when the girl was very young, they had caused trouble for her many times.


30 minutes later, the download is finally complete.

After installing the game on his computer, he immediately walked over to the sci-fi-designed capsule beside his bed.

There are many Virtual Reality equipment nowadays, from helmets to glasses that can be taken anywhere. However, the most advanced were the capsule-like equipment in his room.

Even though the function of all Virtual Reality equipment was the same, namely, sending human consciousness into the virtual world, the capsule-shaped equipment had many more additional features. At the very least, the user's body was much safer when using the capsule-shaped Virtual Reality equipment.

Simple Virtual Reality Equipment can only send human consciousness to the virtual world, but the capsule can check the body's condition at any time and send body condition information to the consciousness of users who are in the virtual world.

Arriving in front of the capsule, Qin Tian then pressed the blue button that was outside the capsule, and immediately the capsule opened.

The capsule walls were made of glass, from inside the capsule, everything outside could be seen clearly.

There is a simple mattress in the capsule and on top of it is a pair of black glasses that look very sophisticated.

Qin Tian then went into the capsule. He lay in the capsule before placing the sunglasses in front of his eyes.

There is a little blue button on the glasses. The moment he pressed that button, the capsule immediately closed.


The glass wall at the top of the capsule suddenly displayed a computer menu with many features.

Qin Tian didn't pay attention to those features because he was used to all of them.

After the computer menu appeared, his hand immediately pressed the enter button on the computer menu.

After he pressed the button, a robotic voice then echoed within the capsule.

(Your consciousness will be sent to the virtual world in 10 seconds.)







When the count reached 0, Qin Tian immediately lost his consciousness.

But that only lasted for a moment. As he regained consciousness, he found himself standing on a cloud.

In front of him was a giant virtual screen that displayed a list of the games stored on his computer.

He had played most of them already so he wasn't that interested in them anymore.

His gaze then fell on a simple image but there was the inscription (Sixteen Heaven) in the middle.

Qin Tian's eyes immediately lit up when he saw the image.

"Sixteen Heaven, I have returned." He spoke in a low voice.

His index finger then points to the image. With a small push, his index finger immediately pierced the image.

But after that, a black hole suddenly appeared behind the image, and it immediately sucked his body into it.


That experience is not a new experience. He had experienced that countless times every time he entered the world of virtual games.

After he passed through the black hole, he found himself appearing on top of a rocky ground so dark that his line of sight was very limited.

His figure in that place looked like a spirit. It has the shape of a human body but it has no face.

He wasn't the only person there, there were countless figures like him in that place. And their number continues to grow over time.

After playing many games, Qin Tian had already experienced various experiences when the game was just starting.

What was happening right now was not something strange to him. But somehow he felt something completely different.

"Night-Heaven Company, who exactly are you, why do you know the existence of Sixteen Heaven. Is it just a game or the real world?" Questions continued to fill Qin Tian's mind.

Before the appearance of Sixteen Heaven, Night-Heaven Company in his eyes was just an ordinary giant company. It is managed the same way as any other company. Even the shareholders of the company are not strangers.

Of course, Qin Tian had the desire to investigate them, but he knew that as a mortal, he would be unable to do anything to a giant company like them.

"Whether it's just a game or another world, I can definitely find out once I enter it.

The reason why Qin Tian said that was because he had many cultivation techniques in his memory. As long as he was in the real world, he could cultivate those cultivation techniques. He couldn't cultivate them on earth simply because there was no spiritual energy on earth. But if Sixteen Heaven games really were a real world, he would definitely be able to cultivate them there.


"Hu, I finally got in. I wonder how good this game is."

"I wonder if that guy who spent $ 250 million is here right now."

"After the most expensive item was sold, other rich gamers also bought this game item. I don't know what they were thinking."

"But with those items, they'll have more of an advantage in this game. You know, this game is really like a world of cultivation where talent and cultivation techniques are the most important thing."

Many conversations were heard as more people arrived. Unfortunately because they are exactly the same shape, no one can recognize each other.

"Hmmm…" A cold snort suddenly resounded as people were busy chatting.

It sounded low but it caused the space around the people to tremble.

They had not had time to react before they suddenly saw two blood red suns appear far above them.

The two suns emit light that illuminates the land below.

But when people finally saw because of the existence of light, they finally realized that the two suns that had suddenly appeared above them were not suns. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

They saw a giant figure in black robes behind the two suns. And the two suns are actually on the figure's head.

Seeing that gigantic figure, not to mention the others, even Qin Tian, ​​who had seen many beings in the sixteen heavens, was still stunned for a moment.

He didn't know how big it was, but it wasn't its size that stunned him. Rather, it was the appearance of that figure.

The figure's head looked like a fortress skull, and it was completely blood red.

There were many holes in the figure's robe, but inside the robe was neither flesh nor skull. What was there were only black flames that occasionally gushed out of the robe.

Not far behind the figure, was a black scythe with three blades.

The black scythe was not very big, it was only the size of a human body, but there was a very long chain on the black scythe, and the chain tied the neck of the giant figure.

The gigantic figure looked like it wanted to move downwards, but the chains binding its neck kept it unable to move any further than the scythe behind it.

"Finally there are human souls coming, I'm really lonely." The figure finally made a sound after it looked at the people below.

In virtual reality games, there are many sound effects that can terrify players, but as for Qin Tian who has heard many terrifying sounds in the sixteen heavens, he has never felt frightened by those sound effects. But when he heard the giant figure's voice, he really shivered.

But what surprised him even more was the information he received from the capsule. The information said that his real body suddenly broke out in a lot of cold sweat.

"As expected, this really isn't an ordinary game." Said Qin Tian.

"But what exactly is it?"

While Qin Tian was thinking about many things, the people around him were busy discussing the game.

Compared to Qin Tian, ​​they looked even more terrified. But they didn't think the same way Qin Tian was thinking.

When they felt the effect of the gigantic figure's voice, they thought it was due to the advancing game technology.

"I really want to eat all of you. All of you are just delicious souls to get rid of my hunger, unfortunately I can't do that."

"That damned man, why would he make a respectable person like me do such a lowly task." The giant figure continued to speak.

It stared at the people below as it spoke.

No one understood the meaning of its words. People thought it was just an NPC arranged by game makers, but Qin Tian felt there was a big secret behind its words.

"Listen humans, my job is to help all of you reincarnate into a world called Sixteen Heaven."

Right after the figure spoke, something suddenly appeared in the form of a long line right through the middle of them.

It was a very long yellow river. It is not known how long the river was, but it was about a hundred meters wide.

"You are currently only a speck of your complete soul, so you need to bathe in this river to grow your soul into a complete soul."

"Only after your souls are complete will you be able to go reincarnated to the sixteen heavens."


"Fuck, what's wrong with this game, why are they so wordy, can't they make up our characters and then send us straight to sixteen heavens."

"But the Night-Heaven Company really took this game very seriously, even in the early days, they already created such a complicated plot."

"Hahahaha, I thought this was really a lot of fun. It was as if we were really going to reincarnate into another world."


The giant figure above looked confused when it heard their words.

It made Qin Tian who was observing it secretly even more convinced of his thoughts.

"Is it really what that figure said, this is just a speck of my whole soul." Qin Tian wondered as he looked at his spirit-like body.

As a person who came from the cultivation world, he knew that was something that might happen.

He had also heard of the yellow river which was said to be able to restore one's soul even if the soul had only one small dot left.


He suddenly heard a chime in his ear.

After that, a virtual screen that was the game's account menu appeared before his eyes.

There he saw a message coming from someone with the nickname Yve. That is Angela's nickname. Previously he had added friendships to the game accounts of Angela, Yingyue, and his aunt. But apart from Angela, Yingyue and his aunt's game accounts are still not active.

He then opened the message sent by Angela.

"Where are you?" Asked Angela through the message.

In other games, there is usually a feature to track the whereabouts of people who are registered as friends, but in this game there is actually no such feature, which is very strange.

"There are lots of people and they all look the same, I don't know where I am." Qin Tian replied.

"I'm raising my hand, can you see me?"

"I saw a lot of people who were raising their hands."


The people only talked for a while, after they knew that the yellow river was the entrance to the sixteen heavens, they immediately stepped towards it. They didn't really think much about the words of someone they thought of as a game NPC.

Qin Tian also stepped into the river after ending the conversation with Angela.


A notification suddenly appeared.

(Notice: One account only has one life that is taken from a speck of your soul. If you die, all your account data will completely disappear. You can only create a new account if you want to continue playing.)

The notification might appear to everyone who was about to step into the river because they all suddenly stopped before their feet touched the river.

"Fuck, what kind of goddamn rule is this. How can die once makes us lose the account, shouldn't it be enough to revive the character when our character dies."

"Night-Heaven Company is really crazy, there is no game with such rules. Then what about those who buy expensive items? Why don't they give a warning before they buy?"

"This is definitely cheating, I will definitely sue you."

Many people cursed Night-Heaven Company when they heard the rule.

Even Qin Tian felt it was truly outrageous.


Suddenly another notification popped up.

(Notice: If you don't agree with our rules, you can choose to delete your account now. All the money you used to buy items from us will be returned to you.)

The people who spoke earlier immediately closed their mouths when they saw the contents of the new notification.

"Whatever!" Said Qin Tian with an expression of indifference.

After which, he immediately jumped into the yellow river.

The last time he died was during the final battle over Heaven's Will, but before that, he had gone through countless bloody battles. He didn't believe he would die before the final battle.


When his body fell into the river, he didn't feel like he had fallen into the water. On the contrary, he felt as if he had entered an endless dark abyss.

His consciousness started to fade little by little, and what he felt next was truly very similar to the feelings he felt before he died in the past.

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