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Chapter 13: Realm Of Darkness

It seemed as if Sherline was still hiding and eavesdropping on them and when she heard this, she suddenly popped out and said, "You want me to share the room with this loser?"

Lina immediately turned back only to find Sherline to be standing near the door and asking about that.

"Yes...", she replied with a low voice.

"WHY!?", Sherline shouted because it would have been uncomfortable for her to stay with a boy in the same room.

"How can you trust a boy and send him to my room to sleep all alone? What if he does something to me!", she was acting it out perfectly and was telling all the negative points.

"Stop your dumb reasons.", she walked towards her and wacked her head.

"He is a good boy so he won't do anything... right?", she tuned her gazes towards Jay when she said this.

Suddenly Jay felt shudders because of the sarcasm that was hidden behind her smile.

"Ya, I won't do anything...", he just smiled back as he said that.

"And even if he tried anything funny, you can beat him up right?", Lina turned towards Sherline and asked this.

"Oh ya... that's also true. He ain't strong anyway so I can beat him if he tries to do something!", she smiled while saying that.

Jay realised that in front of him two devils were standing because they knew how bad a boy can be as both of them had already seen such horny bastards.

"Thanks a lot for allowing me to stay tonight...", Jay expressed his gratitude for the favour which they showed to him.

"Ya, no worries...", said Lina but Sherline didn't say anything and just went back to her room.

Jay walked towards Lina and asked, "It's soon going to be night so is it fine if I go and sleep right now?"

Jay was totally exhausted due to all the things that had happened to him. His family was burned to death where her sister wasn't even spared either.

Also, the people who helped him were now nothing more than dead. He was sad from within when he though about that butg at the same time he was a bit happy since he had a chance to revive all of them.

Lina nodded her head after she heard his request. She saw that he had a gloomy expression and wanted to lighten him up so she said, "Why don't you come and have dinner with us first?"

Jay was hungry for an enitre day! He had been using his powers too all this time due to which he had completely forgot about eating.

When she suddenly said that, his stomach started to grumble so he accepted her offer and decided to eat along with them.

The food was delicious and immediately after eating that, Jay went to the room which he was alloted and had to actually share it with Sherl.


Jay yawns as he was sleepy right now and his stamina had been decreased too due to worrying a lot constantly.

So the moment he put himself on the soft blanket, he fell asleep.

Soon after he slept, Sherline walked inside the room only to find Jay occupying her space and sleeping carefreely.

"This punk...", she seemed irritated.

Sherline used to study abroad and lived with her dad who was an amazing angel. He was incharge of many importamt duties due to which he used to have frequent tranfers and Sherline, who also got awakened as an angel, decided to accompany him.

She was an A class 3 star angel who was highly talented.

There was another classification system too which was divided to even deeper level and were totally 6 - S, A, B, C, D and E.

This was made to clearly see the difference in the talents of the new comers or the already existing ones.

Sherline was always praised because of her extraordinary talent and men were always behind her due to her beauty so she was quite arrogant but wasn't bad from her heart.

But when she saw Jay, she got a different feeling from him. It seemed as if he didn't even care even after looking at her.

This hurt her pride and that was why she was trying to pick on him.

"I can't believe that I am being treated like this by a loser...", usually men would die to provide her a place to sit but Jay didn't even bother asking or waiting for her.


She slapped him really hard but that was of no use. It seemed as if he was in deep sleep but little did she know that he was doing something else.

She looked towards the floor where Jay was supposed to sleep but she couldn't possibly sleep on the floor right now.

So she pushed him a bit and slept on the same bed while sharing the same blanket.

"Tsk, what a mess...", after saying this she too fell asleep.




"Damn... just a bit more, a little bit more!", Jay's consciousness seemed to be saying that.

Something was happening inside which was changing the structure if different parts of his body.

"Huh...? Did it finish?", he suddenly opened his eyes only to find darkness around him.



"Yes! Perfect! I was able to enter the darkness realm!", he shouted with joy but that was his inner voice.

In reality he was still asleep and everything was taking place with his soul.

"Are you here... Zordan?", he asked with a dominating tone.

"...", but there was no reply. It was still pitch black and the silence kept on bugging him.

"Hmm, are you trying to hide or are you not answering my question?", he asked this because he could clearly fee; a presence just a few steps ahead of him.

"Invader... who are you? How did you find the entrance of this place?", suddenly a voice was heard.

"...", Jay kept quite for a while and listened to what the voice had to say.

"How do you know my name? WHO SENT YOU HERE!?", it seemed as if the pressure increased by ten folds but that had no effect on Jay and he was still standing calmly.

"Sigh... Zordan, do you realy can't recognise me?", his eyes were covered with black aura while his pupils had a red shine in it.

His voice was more than enough to cancel out the immense pressure that was being applied.

"I-it can't be...", said the voice.

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