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33.33% Revenge Of The Lotus Princess / Chapter 3: #3- A stunning man?!

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Chapter 3: #3- A stunning man?!

"You witch!"

Surprised, Jin Ning looked up to see a beautiful girl stomp into the room, and... pounce onto her?!


"You idiot! Killing yourself over that douche? How stupid!"The girl chided her, but her body was trembling as she held Jin Ning tightly. The latter didn't know what to do, so she only awkwardly patted her on the back. Oddly, Jin Ning didn't feel uncomfortable hugging her. It was as if the previous Xu Jin Ning really trusted and adored her.

"If you had died,"The girl hisses. "I would chop off his d*ck and paste it on his forehead!"

Really interesting...

Thought Jin Ning, as she pulls herself away from the embrace of the angry girl. "Listen,"Jin Ning began, as she held the other girl by the shoulders. "I forgot my memories...So I forgot who you are too! Ahem...sorry but who are you?"

Chen Xi was horrified. She was so happy when she heard of the news that 'Jin Ning' was alive, and immediately dropped her concubine in the middle of the night to rush to see her. In the end, she was forgotten? How could this be?!

"Don't joke with me!"Chen Xi frowns.

Jin Ning scratched her head awkwardly. "I really did forget! Just tell me who you are!"

At this moment, Chen Xi erupted in great rage. She grasped the sword which was in her hilt tightly, and looked at Jin Ning.

"Forget my previous words. From now on, that damn prince will be known as a d*ckhead!"

After finishing her words, Chen Xi spun and rushed towards the door. Fortunately for the Prince, Jin Ning had quickly gripped onto her arm, preventing her from hurting the Prince's little brother.

"Hey! Don't do it!"Jin Ning hisses, as Chen Xi glowered at her.

"Let go of me! I don't care what you say, I must take revenge on him!"She says determinedly, and got ready to leave again.

Once again, Jin Ning extended her slender arm and grabbed onto Chen Xi. Chen Xi struggled initially but soon realised that she couldn't move!

"How did you become so strong?"Chen Xi was shocked. In the past, when Chen Xi simply shook her arm, Xu Jin Ning would fall like a frail willow tree in a storm. However now, not only could she not shake her off, her grip was unusually strong!

Upon realising her mistake, Jin Ning quickly released her grip on her arm. "Eh...I must have been too agitated! Anyways, why dirty your hands in dealing with him?"

"Then what? Are you not going to do anything to him again? No way!"Chen Xi was upset.

Jin Ning gave Chen Xi a sly smile.

"Trust me, I won't let him off easily."

After hearing her unusual words and demeanor, Chen Xi eyed her suspiciously. Her eyes bore into Chu Ning, and frowned, "You..Are you Jin Ning...?"

Chu Ning was shocked, but she quickly hid her emotions. She snorted, "What do you mean? I'm Jin Ning! It was how that Prince treated me that I became like this. I must take revenge on him!"

Chen Xi pondered, and quickly dismissed her suspicions. She was being silly, how could she not be Jin Ning? If she truly was not Jin Ning, she wouldn't be able to move about so avidly. It was common knowledge that a possessed person would be stiff, and their actions would seem jerky and forced!

"Sorry, I don't know what I've been thinking lately,"Chen Xi apologizes, before lightly clutching Jin Ning's hands and murmur, "But if you need help in seeking revenge, come find me! I'll help you no matter what!"

Listening to her moving words, Jin Ning was touched. After her mother had passed away, no one was this devoted and loyal to her. She smiled bitterly, before pulling Chen Xi into her embrace.

"Thank you,"She smiles, and Chen Xi ruffled her hair chuckling,"Silly. What are best friends for?"

At this moment, the door to Jin Ning's room was lightly pushed open. A gorgeous woman peeks into the room, and her pretty eyes widen with happiness and disbelief as they land on Jin Ning's figure. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_40888874200779658">!_40888874200779658</a> for visiting.

"Ah Jin! Our daughter is truly awake! Come quick!"She shouts happily, running into the room and lightly feeling Jin Ning's face.

Chen Xi understandingly withdrew from the room and stood outside to let the family have their sweet reunion.

"Oh my precious. Mother and Father was so worried!"She sniffles lightly, snaking her slender arms around Jin Ning's waist, and pulling her in for a tight, motherly hug. Another

man raced towards Jin Ning. His posture showing his power and dominance. He looked at his daughter, and sighed in relief.

He was ready to kill the Prince Hu An, but thankfully Shu Lian reached him in time and informed him of the great news.

"Father, Mother!"Jin Ning greets them sweetly. She was surprised at how comfortably she addressed two strangers as her parents, but she understood that it was because she was in Xu Jin Ning's body.

"En!"Xu Ning nods happily, her eyes shining with love as she embraces her daughter. Xu Jin simply ruffled her hair in response.

If anyone would tread into the room now, they would be greeted by the moving scene of a family rejoicing upon a sweet reunion.

"My precious, you must be hungry after waking up. Mother will cook your favourite porridge with century egg,"Xu Ning smiles at Jin Ning.

Coincidentally, Jin Ning's stomach rumbled responsively, and her mouth twitched in embarrassment. Seeing this, Xu Ning laughs melodiously,"Oh, I'll cook it now. Wait for me, darling."

Jin Ning was then left alone with the imposing Xu Jin. She lifted her small head to look at him, and he sighed and flicked her forehead."Silly, how much more do you have to make us worry? For the sake of that useless Prince, you committed suicide..."

He paused and shut his eyes, breathing deeply.

"Don't do that again, understand? There's so many outstanding men out there who are much better than Hu An! Promise me, Jin Ning, that you would stop pursuing the Prince?"

He opened his eyes, but they were devoid of hope. Xu Jin sighed internally. He had said this so many times, but Jin Ning was still determined to obtain him. This time would be in vain as well!

"Alright Father,"Jin Ning smiles, and Xu Jin's heart shook.

She...She agreed?!

"Good! I have many outstanding young men that I know. Father will introduce you to them immediately!"He says excitedly. Happy! He was so happy! His darling daughter had finally come around!

Jin Ning smiled helplessly.

"Father, your daughter is still young,"She rubbed her nose, and Xu Jin grinned,"No worries! I will reserve them for you!"

Jin Ning was speechless.

Was this cheap father of hers buying vegetables? What did he mean by reserve!

Jin Ning shook her head at that thought. She still needed to be able to cultivate. She wouldn't have time to mess around with love.

Speaking about cultivation...

"Father, do you happen to know how to obtain a drop of White Spring?"She asks him, and Xu Jin quietened down to think.

"Hmm..To obtain a drop of White Spring, you would need to venture into the Spring Sect! They have a white spring there. However, they treasure the spring and its every single drop like their own child. Why do you want to know?"

Jin Ning shook her head. "Nothing much. I was just curious."

Xu Jin simply smiled and patted her head lovingly. "Your mother should be done with the porridge, let's go and taste it!"

He takes Jin Ning's hand in his, with a lit lantern in the other, and brings her out of her room. Her eyes widened, and she couldn't help but marvel at the beauty of the Lotus Manor.

It was especially beautiful at night.

There were four courtyards, and a beautiful floating garden was situated in the middle, with a cross-shaped bridge connecting all four courtyards. Glowing lotus flowers floated peacefully on the crystal clear water, and when Jin Ning stared deep into the pond, she could see Koi fishes frolicking happily. Turtles of different colours could be seen swimming in the water as well. The largest courtyard belonged to her mother and father, and the smaller courtyard to its left was hers, while the one on the right belonged to her brother. The courtyard south of her parents's was where the maidservants and butlers lived in.

"Pretty..."Jin Ning mumbled quietly to herself in amazement. Xu Jin noticed his daughter's reaction and mused,"Why, you've been living in this manor for eighteen years. You are acting like you haven't seen it before!"

Jin Ning smiled sheepishly to herself. If only Xu Jin knew that he was actually speaking the truth...

"Perhaps the accident made me more receptive to beautiful things! Speaking of that, Father you look more handsome today!"She jokes with him, and Xu Jin laughed heartily.

Suddenly, Jin Ning heard footsteps from her right. She subconsciously glanced in the direction and saw a stunning man rushing towards her. Before she could react, the man had pulled her into his embrace.


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