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55.17% Ride Or Die With Me / Chapter 16: Jeon Jungwoo.

Jeon Jungwoo. - Ride Or Die With Me - Chapter 16 by eshal_shahnawaz full book limited free

Chapter 16: Jeon Jungwoo.

1 week later,

Naeun got out of the mansion with Lisa behind her. She was planning to go out to eat but Jinhyun stopped her before she could leave.

"Where are you going?"

"To get some fresh air and eat. Lisa was getting bored here so I decided to take her out."

"Fine. But don't try to do something, ok?"

"Why would I try to do something?"

The pair reached a cafe and they both sat down at a table. She saw Taehyun's guards outside the shop and when they got assured that Naeun wasn't about to do something, they left in their cars. Naeun then started talking.

"Since Task #2 is completed what next?"

Lisa looked at her confused, "What are-?"

"Task no. 3."

Lisa noticed a guy stand up and walk towards their table and sit down. He was no other than Agent 002.

"Don't worry. The CCTV will not be working for the whole day."

"What's Task no. 3?"

"Get a higher position in the gang."

"Like Top 5?"

"Yeah whatever that is. By the way who's that girl?" he pointed at Lisa who was busy admiring the little puppy near their table.

"Oh, are you talking about me? I'm Lisa."

"You know I have to kill her, she heard our conversation."

"Sorry, what conversation. Can you repeat it?"

"It's ok. She has amnesia. She doesn't remember anything." Naeun ensured.

"Pity. She'll forget my handsome face that girls die to see." Jihoon flirted.

"Agent 002 not now. I had to bring her or the others would be suspicious."

"Understandable. Well, I'll be leaving now. Bye."

He got up, putting on his sunglasses, and walked out of the room.

"Naeun I think I'm in love."

"What! With Agent 002? That loser?"

"He's handsome. He seemed worried about you."

"We're close friends probably that's why," Naeun said and they got up leaving the cafe.

11:00 p.m.

Naeun came back from work and entered the mansion. It looked dark. Why were all the lights off? The boys weren't home because of work but Lisa was. But again she was all up for saving electricity. Naeun entered Lisa's room and saw her sleeping with no night light on. She fixed her blanket and went out of the room heading towards hers.

Upon entering her room she blinked thinking she was hallucinating. Her room was dark but moonlight entered through the window and by it she saw the silhouette of someone sitting on the bed. Anybody else in her place would have run thinking it was a ghost but Naeun knew it was a person.

It couldn't be one of the guys because they never entered her room. The guy noticed her and attacked her but she held his fist before it could hit her. He grabbed her hand and flipped her over and she landed on the ground hitting her head hard. She could easily push the guy off but she was shocked for a second. Her instincts told her he was somebody she had fought with before.

He was now on top of her holding both her fists in his hands. Naeun blinked her eyes and tried to see his face but it was dark.

"Who are you?" she asked but before the guy could reply the sound of running footsteps could be heard and Lisa entered the room. She turned on the lights.

Naeun's eyes widened seeing the guy on top of her who was staring deep into her eyes. It was no other then...

Jeon Jungwoo.

He got up from her and ordered Naeun and Lisa both to come downstairs with him. Right now he was sitting on the couch like a boss while Naeun was standing facing him. Lisa brought him a glass of water which he had asked for and handed it to him.

"Is it cold?" He asked.

"Yes, but it is bad for your health."

"Who were you again?" He asked sipping the water.

"Oh, I am kidnapped by your gang and was sleeping when I heard noises."

Jungwoo looked at her like she sprouted horns. He chuckled before saying, "Ok kidnapped girl who doesn't look like she was kidnapped. You can go back to sleeping peacefully in a kidnapper's house."

Lisa looked at Naeun who nodded indicating she should go. Lisa left leaving Naeun and Jungwoo alone. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"And who are you miss?"

"You don't know me?" Naeun asked surprised. What she did to him was not something that easy to forget. How could he not remember her?

"Were you sleeping in my room?"

"Yes, I was." Naeun decided to play along.

"One thing I hate the most is when I came back from prison, opened my cupboard for comfortable clothes and instead, found a girl's skirt."


"That must have been very uncomfortable."

"Exactly! Are you a kidnapped girl too?"

"No, I am part of the gang."

"Are you my replacement?"

"Hell no! I just joined the gang and work in the planning department."

Before Jungwoo could say anything further, the main door opened and Jinhyun walked into the room. Seeing Jungwoo he smiled widely and getting up they both shared a brotherly hug.

"How did you get out of prison, you brat?" He asked after breaking the hug.

"Well since you all didn't plan to get me out I had to find a way myself."

"We were planning to but in due time."

"You know I hate waiting."

"Well now since you're out Agent 007 will start causing troubles."

"Damn that monster!" Jungwoo exclaimed.

"Do you remember what she looked like?"

Naeun crossed her fingers waiting for the whole thing to blow.

"I can't remember her face."

"What! How?"

"Yeah how!?" Naeun thought.

"They gave me a sort of a drug to make me lose my consciousness. I think it messed up my mind and made me forget her face."

"Jungwoo, I am Jinhyun, your best brother. And we work for Bulletproof gang."

"I do remember you and the others sadly," Jinhyun slapped him in the back earning a chuckle from him. "But I just don't remember her face that's all."

"Well now don't worry. You should go and rest in your room. You must be tired."

"Where am I going to sleep?" Naeun asked.

"You can move your stuff in Taehyun's room for now."

"Wait is she in a relationship with Taehyun or something?" Jungwoo asked with widened eyes.

"I was sleeping in your room too does that mean I am in a relationship with you!?"

"Naeun is everything okay between you and Taehyun?" Jinhyun asked.

"Yes, why?"

"You seem upset. Let's talk."

"No need."

"Come on out with me in the garden. We need to talk."

"What a nuisance."

Jinhyun and Naeun went out of the room leaving Jungwoo dumbfounded behind. Did his friend and closest brother leave him alone just for a girl!? And Taehyun even settled on a woman which was shocking for him.

"So many things changed in such a short time." He thought.

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