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Chapter 77: Sweet Morning (R-18)

From last night's dual cultivation, Feng Guan has gained the most benefits. She was at the peak of the Body Refining Realm yesterday.

Because of the dual cultivation of the last night, Feng Guan's cultivation base also broke through to the Spirit Gathering Realm. Her Spirit Qi also became purer after absorbing Yang Qi of Feng Yun.

Feng Yun also didn't hold back from releasing the Yang Qi inside both Women, because he knew that it would help them to get stronger.

Feng Yun also got some benefits after sex, he reached the peak of the Spirit Gathering realm, only one step away from breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Realm.


In the morning.

When Feng Yun woke up, he was surprised to see that Feng Guan and Yan Zilan were still sleeping, they were lying peacefully with their heads on his chest, both occupying their own half of his body.

Even if he wanted to move right now, he couldn't as their legs were wrapped around his thighs, causing him to be unable to move without waking them up.

Feng Yun looked at two naked women who laying on his chest, sleeping peacefully without any worries and concern. He caressed their chins with fingers and kissed them on their forehead, but they were still sleeping, did not show any sign of waking up.

Their big bare breast pressed on his chest, giving him an incredible soft sensation, Feng Yun couldn't help but taste these sweet breasts again.

His penis was already hard because of the morning habit and having two naked beautiful women laying on top of him didn't help to stop his urges to touch their body. He started rubbing their backs gently, feeling their fair skin, and began massaging lower and lower until he reached their perky bottoms.

"AAhh... Feng Yun...No..." Both of them moaned and woken up as Feng Yun squeezed their round weighty ass.

"Good morning wives!" Feng Yun looked at them greeted them.

"Good morning husband." Both Feng Guan and Yan Zilan were stunned, a warm feeling rose in their hearts as Feng Yun greeted them by calling them, wives. After looking at his face for a few seconds, they also greeted him back with two kisses on his cheeks on both sides.

"Yun'er, thank you." Feng Guan gave Feng Yun a light kiss on his lips, because of Feng Yun's dual cultivation, she broke through to the Spirit Gathering Realm, saving much time and months of efforts.

"Husband, how can you so aroused, even after having sex the entire night?" Yan Zilan said when she looked at the Feng Yun's dick, that was standing like a proud sword ready to pierce through the heaven.

"What can I say, my wives' body is just too sexy." Feng Yun looked at Yan Zilan and said as squeezed their asses with his hands.

"Ahh..." Yan Zilan and Feng Guan moaned slightly.

"Let us help make it relieve." Yan Zilan touched Feng Yun's dick gently and said as she moved downward, with her Feng Guan also moved towards his erect dick.

After having sex the entire night, Yan Zilan and Feng Guan were not embarrassed because of each other. Both of them touch his dick with their soft hands and massage his testicles.

Soon Yan Zilan started licking and sucking the crown of Feng Yun's dick while moving her soft hands around it, masturbating the shaft and Feng Guan started playing with his testicles, alternating between the mouth and one of her hands.

"Ughhh..." their movement made Feng Yun groan in pleasure, even if they were a bit clumsy, but they were soon adapting the process and make it better.

Within some minutes, their movements also improved and became more passionate. Yan Zilan sucked his dick deeper in her mouth, every time she bobbed as her head goes up and down, and Feng Guan started licking and sucking his testicles like she was devouring her favorite candy.

They switched their roles from time to time, sometimes it was Yan Zilan sucking his penis while Feng Guan was sucking his testicles, while sometimes it was Feng Guan was sucking his penis while Yan Zilan massaged and sucked on his testicles.

Feng Yun looked at two women who were busy pleasuring him with their heart content. Feng Yun rubbed their hair with hands, encouraging them. After getting his encouragement, their movement also became quicker, making Feng Yun groaned with pleasure.

Soon Feng Yun started to feel that pressure building in his lower abdomen, indicating that he about to cum. As Feng Yun's dick about to ejaculate, Feng Guan swallowed his penis deep into her throat, ready to take his semen.

"I'm cummingg..." Feng Yun couldn't hold back and spurted his semen.

Feng Yun released his semen inside the mouth of Feng Guan, Feng Guan directly drank his semen without any delay.

"Not fair Sister Guan, I want some too." Yan Zilan said as she also wanted to taste Feng Yun's semen.

"Sorry Sister Zilan, Here take it." Feng Guan took out the penis from her mouth and gave it to Yan Zilan. Yan Zilan immediately put it inside her mouth as to not let a single drop of Feng Yun's semen go to waste. Just like Feng Guan, Yan Zilan also enjoyed drinking Feng Yun's semen.

As Feng Yun's ejaculation finally ended, Yan Zilan took his dick out of her mouth. Both women have a blissful expression on their faces as they enjoyed the taste of Feng Yun's semen.

"Why does your sperm taste so good?" Feng Guan couldn't help but ask, Yan Zilan was also curious expression as she heard this question. Both of them looked at Feng Yun for an answer.

Although they heard from some other women that men's semen tasted good but it was not sweet as Feng Yun.

"Maybe because of my pure Yang Qi that was mixed in with sperm or could be due to my Ancient bloodline." Feng Yun explained to them about his Ancient Fire Demon bloodline also its nature.

"Mm." Yan Zilan and Feng Guan both nodded their head after hearing Feng Yun.

"Okay let's woke up, father should be waiting for us." Feng Yun said and got up from the bed, started wearing clothing.

Yan Zilan and Feng Guan also got up from the bed, coming closer to Feng Yun, they helped him to get dressed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Soon three people got dressed and stepped out of Feng Yun's room.

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