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98.51% Rise of the Adventurer: Sea Dragon Nest Quest / Chapter 266: Chapter - 266

Chapter - 266 - Rise of the Adventurer: Sea Dragon Nest Quest - Chapter 266 by Gian_Evalle full book limited free

Chapter 266: Chapter - 266

A revolution is not a bed of roses. A revolution is a struggle between the future and the past. ~Fidel Castro

Part 6



From the flippant perspective given by Togarino and Pista Rambutan beforehand.

A band of desperation, as the agony and despair began emerging to the receptive mind of a certain person. Togarino the lost Sea Monster, standing tall from the bottommost part of Pista Rambutan's utmost consciousness, has finally been able to convey the inconceivable utterances conservatively inclining to its norms of possessing.

As his mind abruptly went closed for seconds, the amount of time having spared from Togarino was plentiful enough to obtain his entire attention towards the perplexed Pista Rambutan.

[Use me, again! Submit yourself and render all your strength to me]

The proud, prolific words coming from Togarino were unnervingly astounding to pertain. Pista was apparently gullible to determine the borderline between right and wrong. As his thoughts already cladding with vengeance and infuriation, seeking prowess in such heinous and hideous mean would likely unminded to be obtained at all. Considering how urgent and desperate he was in order to win not just from battle;

But also to their lives wanting to survive the uncanning circumstances.

Deceptions and misunderstandings were frantically the things being occurred whenever you draw contacts from the one extremely ambiguous the most. As by far Pista spontaneously made notable for the manifested being's disturbing experiences he'd previously rectifying. It was simply unforgettable to reminisce adding for the newly obtained prowess he repulsively contained was thoroughly wielding.

[I had made a contract with the Jewish-Enochian Supreme Possessor himself. I wouldn't want to break that thing!]

"What if you broke it all of a sudden, what happens to you if you do that?"

[Hmmm? To put this simply, you will die from the 'Enochian Curses'. I would send myself back to the grave where my death was previously held, and returning to the ground where suffering and despair even from my grave had been enticed everlastingly.]

[Amongst the 8 Primordial Race Resemblances pledging to implore contracts from one distinctive person to another. The Jewish-Enochian Race Resemblances has certainly the most prominent in the means of developing contracts anyhow the things would apparently be made.]

[Any unwanted break from the contracts you made will certainly allowing the entirety of your existence to be cursed exponentially to the lowermost part of your demise.]

[Especially when it comes to the Possessors of the Supreme Awakening... Multiple cases of people were eventually died in an unknown occurrence considering the number of contracts they made simply left breaking for their own reasons... The village burned into ashes, monsters uncommonly surging in the middle of the day, the Sun turned sour and red, and the night has appeared longer than they anticipated. All of which happened for at least 3 concurrent days as it means of their penalties.]

[Breaking those contracts and promises would deem to my reputations into deep shame, and allowing these pathetic lives and villages to run those flames by themselves for more than weeks or more... Don't make it fool and consider my offer as a gift of peaceful appreciation.] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Togarino sincerely sharing his utmost thoughts and perception to the naive and prudent Pista Rambutan. Still, the decisions he had inclined from the very beginning was quite straightforward;

That instantly allowing Togarino to concede his utmost submission, both Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.

[Besides, I'm deeply afraid for other contracts and promises the Jewish-Enochian Supreme Possessor made from others, the way he took actions on dealing the Minotaurs makes me more convincing for their lives dubiously sparing by the end of this fight.]

[This gives me chills to have him fighting alongside. But then, no matter what are those reckless promises he had made, makes me eager to help as soon as he survives and live without having any debts to pay off.]

By the time Pista's spiritual presence began rested to the realm that candidly isolated. The entirety of his body has thoroughly confessed to Togarino at once. Generally encompassing with absurd, negative Awakening Essence firsthand which eventually allowing the conscious steads of Ricardo Demetrio to alarm and resilient.


Unexpectedly appearing from other people's utmost awareness, yet audaciously planned by the conscious stead of few certain individuals. As Nala Aang and Lito Matthysse, whose already expecting Togarino to appear in a crucial situation. Spontaneously ordering him to restrain from his plan that only he and Rivai Furiman could able to pertain.

"Hahahaha! You young inferior dares to hold me around make this gut more itching for no reason. Please enough kidding and continue healing that young weakling over there... Pista was already crying just to see it in agony and despair." He continually nodding his focus towards them at first, consciencelessly discerning for their abscond restlessness and reluctance that unknowingly unable to push forward amidst insanity and turbulence.

"Guess It couldn't be helped but to do this only a few people around here."

Out of curiosity, Togarino slightly nodding his head towards the right. In which the strong, infuriating cascade of Entity Awakening Essence directly funneled towards him. It was the Entity Supreme Possessor that Togarino highly concluded. Still, the utmost admiration he solely inclined were nothing to be given apart from the Jewish-Enochian Supreme Possessor's profound existence at all.

[The days I previously lived, was far worse and unpleasant to inhabit compared to this lukewarm generation.]

"You think? Good thing you made it through to have this world full of uncertainties."

[What I mean was the people possessing the Supreme Awakening, you old lad are still weak and unripe to cultivate... How could a fragile man like you be able to wield the Supreme Awakening? This generation is full of frauds and deceptions... A simple cause of a problem can be deal into war, where the death of people is inevitably certain and just.]

Soon as he left the premises, Togarino sharply nodding his attentions towards Ricardo Demetrio once again. Confiding a certain word that simply allows feeling downtrodden and anxious, like the one realizing the truth of disparity that utterly distinguishing the lines between courage and cowardice.

[Good thing you picked the 'Entity'. If not, you certainly ended up dead before you even stepped foot for yourself even further.]

Combusting a massive amount of negative Essence throughout the surface, Togarino cautiously vanishing from the eyes of Specialized Adventurers at once. Deliberately assaulting towards the center of the fraught where Rivai Furiman still amassing his utmost steads fighting against the uncanning Minotaurs.

A silent sounded disturbances had finally alleviating from the side of the reluctant Specialized Adventurers. Their conscious breathing had firstly relieving deeming the negative Essence they spontaneously felt began perishing for a second. Nala and Lito were the two completely felt aghast and adamant the most, thinking for their lives already made concluded soon as they confronted the atrociously possessed Sea Monster without certain hesitation. Enviousness and helplessness were the things the Adventurers felt at that time with astounding anticipation being made coming from them.

"What luck had been bestowed towards us! Thinking for that monster would eventually turn himself into our side would be seemed unexpected."

"More or less, another kind of scheme that these people will make in order for us to intimidate and alarming."

"Ha! An aid coming from a possessed being? Don't screw with me! Just look what he had done to Sir. Ricardo, completely made humiliated in a single word without us knowing what they're talking about entirely."

"A person having their trust to a 'Monster' is simply calling a monster as well... How cunning that is."

"Haha... Hahahaha! Indeed!"

The words of absurdity and peculiarities they made were simply frightening. Nala and Lito were hardly able to contain themselves by simply ignoring all of their perceptions being thrown simultaneously. Concentrating their utmost perseverance on aiding Misho Santa was definitively significant and susceptible to pertain at the moment. Yet, their malicious and close-minded intuitions were roughly unstoppable to ignore in accordance to their utmost patience absurdly unable to contain anymore.

Nala attempting to confront 3 extravagant Adventures at once. It eventually made ceased considering the amount of Awakening Essence rampantly overflowing through their surfaces in a spur of a moment. Minding for the kind of Essence, conclusively Entity, completely made their actions and abscond disparity halted.

As Ricardo Demetrio, humbly exhibiting his nonchalant thoughts of realization with regards to all decisions and discretion he selfishly made throughout his entire life.

"I guess lending the ears to other people isn't that bad at all... Hahahaha! This is the first time I have received some humility and discordant since then. For 25 years since the last time, I reached my tongue inside my thoughts before it spitting. This gave me chills physically."

!Entity Supreme Awakening Ability!

!Dome Storm!

/Atmosphere dramatically condensing./

/Air spontaneously dropping./

/Entity Essence stupendously outraging./

By generally placing Ricardo's both palms to the ground for a second, the Awakening Spherical enchantment had immediately spurring. The ground began breaking shortly, whereas the dome that everyone currently isolating started to expand rampantly.

~System Notification... Opened.

Message: Awakening usage has been rising exponentially. Consider reducing the amount of combustion at gradual pacing.

~~System Notification ... Opened.

[Possessor's status]

Awakening Status: 67% / 100%

Eye Status: 45% / 100%

Activated: Right (Active) / Left (Active)

Stages: Supreme

Race Possessed: Entity

Magic Status: Active

Manapool: 27% / 100%

Other Status:

Body Status: Active

Fatigue: 30% / 100%

Mental Status: Stable

Emotional Status: Stable

Physical Status: Stable

Psychological Status: Stable

Intellectual Status: Stable

Subsequently, all the focus the Specialized Adventures had thoroughly determined to their heads towards the Entity Supreme Awakening Possessor. Deliberately enchanting massive outbursts of Entity Supreme Awakening Essence, impulsively encompassing their ground as it goes through to the entirety of the circumferential torches. Mindfully noticed to the sharpened consciousness from the steads of Rivai Furiman and Togarino from the distance;

In which all of their movements have abruptly hastened and alleviated in a spur of a moment. Audaciously delivering the strong compact force of incursions that tremendously allowing the Minotaurs to heed the unwavering composure that they conspicuously made.


From the utmost perspective coming from the Jewish-Enochian Supreme Awakening Possessor. Simultaneous accounts of System Reports had dominantly appearing straight inside on his Right Eye.

~~System Notification...

~~System Notification...

~~System Notification...

As usual, he wouldn't mind ignoring every single one of them, considering the flow of messages spamming through inside his head would apparently allowing his focus to disturbed and disrupted in unpleasant occurrences. He couldn't be helped but to cover only his Right Eye out of discordances and restlessness he absurdly exasperating.

"To think this would be happen makes me urged to have its attention for the first time. I guess I will 'backreading' all of it after this."

Exhibiting his profound condition, seemingly unconservative to be knowing with regards to the utmost diagnostics given by the System. As Rivai, whose completely annoyed and unknowing for his abscond conditions that he is currently enticing throughout the battle, hardly able to discern every single detail that is made solely to him anymore. Completely relying upon his sharpened intuitions and convictions that he spontaneously manhandling for the past days of omitting.

'How come I am more irresponsible on having these for the past 6 months. Grandma, please help me!'

| Note: The System Notification and Messages Rivai constantly ignoring was utterly rising to at least 60. (And it still counting nevertheless.) |

Soon as his focus and attention promptly made discerning towards the conscious body of Pista Rambutan. He prudently wary and adamant, thinking for its uncanning emission of Awakening Essence completely negative and repulsive on concluding.

"Oh! Togarino-san! I can't believe you've made yourself here."

[Ha! So was you, young Jewish-Enochian Supreme Possessor.]

"Rivai, you can call me Rivai for short... I don't need that kind of entitlement either."

[Oh? As expected to the one worthy enough to die for.]



In a sudden discordant having through between the two. The Minotaurs, numerically at least 3 of them, have villainously took their charges towards them once and for all. Extensively expanding their Demi-Being Essence that wildly enticing towards Togarino and the Jewish-Enochian Supreme Possessor.

Sets of System Messages was spontaneously spurring for mere tenths of a second. As Rivai mindlessly disregarding all the attentions incisively persuading by the System, he profoundly taking his initial incursion towards the villainous Minotaurs in response very hastily and precisely.




Loud, deafening series of outbreaks had drastically occurred from the center. The Demi-Being Essence Rivai consciously manipulating was autonomously condensing, knowing that the Jewish-Enochian Essence he compulsively comprising wasn't deemed to react accordingly. Adding for its direct restrictions he prudently discerned since they first entered the second dungeon has completely allowed the emission to ceased and relinquished;

Without even glimpsing nor opening the System Reports and Notification at all.

Relying on only his sheer strength, insights, and courageousness would it deem for him to uphold towards the survivability he critically pertaining throughout the entire time of battle. Regardless of that, Togarino relatively does the same thing.

System Message: Minotaur's Cross-Bladed Scimitar -- (Released)

Intrinsically, Rivai prudently wielding the weapon Faramis of the Demi-Being bestowed upon him once and for all. Conveying a contrasting force of Essence that shortly imbued to the mentioned weapon.

A consecutive amount of charges and damages had been delivered. The center place they defiantly combating started to create an immense number of craters. Togarino was often appeared on Rivai's back deeming for the Minotaur's docile maliciousness completely focused and aiming solely at him. Regardly allowing their abscond advantages filling to the holes that making their movements ruffled and immobilized.

For the record; one Minotaur's ax began swinging towards East, channeling its brute, horrendous blow of strength able the to tremble spontaneously. Rivai deliberately evading the uncalled disturbances, in which Togarino was the one merging its counter-assault by thrusting the weapon directly to the Minotaur's armpit.

Vicious, repulsive series of arrows had been sensed from their sharpened presence from the distance. Intuitively nodding for its directions ultimately indicating towards the Specialized Adventurers.

Rivai and Togarino prudently discerning by the means of possibility for them to disregard the attacks unconventionally. They held determined, discreetly focusing their utmost attention towards the uncanning set of arrows that were being thrown unto them at any moment.

Rivai was held to approach every piece of enemies' attack as the enemies go rampant and ravaging only to him for the entire time. Whereas Togarino was also the one attacking the nonchalant Minotaurs from behind.

Without further hesitation, Rivai and Togarino decisively conducting their profound actions. Audaciously standing 50 meters straight from the conscious steads of the Entity Supreme Awakening Possessor. Desperately combusting the Jewish-Enochian Supreme Essence throughout the surface, frantically attempting to defy the outrageous order and pertinence given by the Minotaur Nest Dungeon Lair firsthand. Whereas Togarino on his part was intuitively confronting the one generally inferring to the arrows which already been transpiring towards the people.


/Wild, Bluish-Dark colored Essence gradually appearing./

/Strong, Jewish-Enochian Supreme Awakening Essence dramatically conspiring./

/Air and atmosphere were intrinsically pressing./

/Grounds and surfaces were astoundingly tremoring./

In a sudden course of disturbances. Rivai Furiman was ostensibly adamant, roughly disbelief for the sudden unprecedented occurrence that finally turning the tables down in an adequate configuration.

In which, the Jewish-Enochian Supreme Awakening Essence that seemingly impossible to pertain throughout the entire time was finally able to grasped and handling. In the sense of the Entity Supreme Awakening Essence that consciously dropped and emancipatedly scattering for the least 10 significant minutes beforehand.

Subsequently, he began cascading a tremendous amount of his profound primary Essence. Deliberately engulfed the same length of distance and stability as the Entity Supreme Essence promptly confining the entirety of the surface.

At the very least, 2 renowned Awakening Essence has finally witnessed by the conscious gists of the Specialized Adventurers, in the means of battle that slowly went uprising coming from them.



***To be Continued***

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