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83.33% Rise Of The Swarm / Chapter 5: Chapter 4 Demonic Rabbit (Part 2)

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Chapter 5: Chapter 4 Demonic Rabbit (Part 2)

'Fuck' *screeching sound*

I cursed out as the pain of being tortured and not being able to pass out was too much.

I tried to evade the rapid attacks but the rabbit wouldn't allow me to move as it now started attacking the legs I was trying to stand one, which just show cased the prowess of this beast.

' Why am I so weak?' I asked myself as I was at the brink of giving up, but that's when my question was answered.

[You have not chosen a focus yet]

'What is a focus?'

[Focuses are abilities that are constantly practiced to understand and develop new abilities that are related to the focus.]

'Almost like a skill tree?'

[It is partly like a skill tree, however It is more complexed and has more things to take into consideration.]

'Okay but, can't I just evolve into an 'adult Zerg' to save me the trouble?'

Zerg are a race of creatures that constantly strive for genetic perfection by evolving and improving their genetic structure by conquering and assimilating different races into their race, creating a diverse group of Zergs which is one of the reasons why they are a force to be reckoned with in Starcraft.

[ You could evolve if you wish, however without a focus you would not last a week especially since you are a insectoid carbon-based life form which are one of weakest creatures in the known universe.]

'Okay... then where can I learn a Focus.'

At first I wanted to argue with it but I couldn't as I was still being tortured, so could only comply.

[ By using the system Shop]

'Wait I have that, why didn't you tell me.'

[ You never asked.]

' What the bleeding hell is wrong with you.' which is what I wanted to say but I controlled my temper because I knew what the system could give the system could take away.

'How do you I access the Shop?' I asked calmly.

[ The same way you would access your status, by saying SHOP and then the shop menu will appear.]

'Shop.' I said without any hesitation.


AMOUNT : 15000 Bp(biopoints)







A blue screen appeared right in front of me just like how my status screen did, except this one had Shop written on top with many different options.

I opened the Focus tab and was bombarded by many different focuses to learn, from Hydromancy all the way to Body Enchantment, the list was endless as I kept on scrolling down to see what focuses best suited for my current situation, however I couldn't find anything, so I asked the system for help

' System can you please categorize every Focus and show me which ones are best suited for me.'

[ OK... Done]

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MASTERY (Categorized) :

~Psychokinesis: 10000 Bp

~Telepathy: 5000 Bp

~Clairsentience: 7500 Bp


I was taken aback by the low amount of abilities I could learn in this form because of all the Zerg units in the Starcraft universe the Zerg larvae are one of the weakest however they make up for their inability to fight with their ability to evolve into any Zerg given the right conditions.

Simply put without the larvae there wouldn't be any swarm to begin with, to the point where when Terrans went out on missions to exterminate Zerg hives, the larvae are top priority as they could evolve into drones then would ultimately evolve into a hatchery thus starting a new hive of Zergs.

This is also one of the reasons why Zergs were so feared by everyone, friend and foe as their were like a diseases that if you didn't kept in check would find a way to survive and rapidly start corrupting and killing you before you could even notice

However this was not relevant to my current situation, what was is that I needed to choose which ability can help me out.

' Argh,... System can I have a description of all the skills.' I grimace as I felt my legs being ripped off and growing back again only to be ripped off again, the pain was too much

[ Loading description...

~Psychokinesis: a psychic ability that's allows a person to influence an object without any physical interaction.

~Telepathy: a vicarious transmission of information from one person to another without using any known sensory channels or physical interaction.

~Clairsentience: ability to learn secrets long forgotten, to glimpse into the immediate future and have predictions of the far future and to know what is normally unknowable


After looking at the descriptions I finally knew what I wanted to take.

[ Would you like to choose Psychokinesis as you current Focus? [YES] or[ NO]

I choose psychokinesis because it was my only viable choice if i wanted to fight back even if its description was vague, it had to be better then clairsentience which was only useful if i wanted to find out where it kept its bunny por- Ah I meant secrets, yes secrets, and telepathy which was nothing more then an anti-gossip ability.


[ *Ding* Loading request...]

[*Ding*Transaction complete]


A few minutes earlier...

In a cave shrouded by darkness, screeches and howls could be heard echoing with no sign of pause, however this sounds were not human, no it was something else.

Deeper inside this cave a horrendous scene was was taking place as a Demonic rabbit was torturing a maggot-like creature that had a segmented, multi-legged body with a mucous-like substance trailing behind it and a peculiar marking of a sun and a moon on its back, however the marking did not make it peculiar but color of the marking which was purple instead of the standard black.

At first the demonic rabbit tortured the creature by biting its joints causing it to become immobile, but after seeing the regenerative skill of the creature the rabbit started to rip off the creature's legs one by one, a sense of pleasure came to the rabbit as it looked at the agony it brought to the creature's face.

After a few minutes of its continuous torture the creatures stopped screeching as its eyes closed and it body stopped regenerating. Seeing this the rabbit began to worry, however not because the creature could be dead but because its fun would have to end.

It could not let that happen so it cautiously hopped closer to the creature, started sniffing the creature to check for early signs of necrosis and using its ears to hear if the creature's heart was still beating. However suddenly the creature's eyes opened but they were glowing a blue light that made it seem like a Celestial had descended.

As the rabbit looked into its eyes it felt like its very soul quiver, telling it to ran as far as possible however it could not because it was trapped in place by an unknown force, not allowing it to move a paw. The creature started to regenerate as dead skin cells started to be replaced by new and improved skin cells at a faster pace when compared to its earlier regeneration, it was a miraculous site to be seen.

When the creature was fully healed it laid its eyes on the rabbit that was currently struggling to break free from its trap, however the creature started to crawl towards the rabbit, which caused rabbit to break out a cold sweat in fear that it might wet itself.

As the creature got closer and closer, so close in fact that it was one foot away form the rabbit it started to examine it carefully causing the rabbit feel as if all its secrets had been exposed just by the constant glare, then all the sudden the creature lunged straight at the rabbit's neck, locking it jaws and increasing the pressure as the rabbit struggled for survival but ultimately got its wind pipes crushed and suffocated to death.


A/N: Hi guys and gals sorry to be the bring of bad news, however I will be writing my final exams in the following two weeks, so I won't be posting anything, until am done.

A/N: The next novel I will be posting is World Gods.

Actually it was a tie between World Gods and Evil God ( I guess people like God protagonists 🤷‍♂️), however I chose World Gods because I really want to see if am good at world building.

Bye and thanks for reading.

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