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15.12% Rise of the White Dragon / Chapter 30: Chapter 30: Energy Crystal

Chapter 30: Energy Crystal - Rise of the White Dragon - Chapter 30 by Lruska full book limited free

Chapter 30: Chapter 30: Energy Crystal

After anchoring the boat, Luan left his cell phone and wallet inside the boat and dived into the water. As he swam deeper, he felt the strange energy growing stronger.

'Is this coming from an Energy Crystal?' The closer Luan got, the more he was sure it was an energy crystal.

Energy crystals were very useful for cultivators, as they were rich in energy from Heaven and Earth and, as the name would suggest, made up of very pure energy.


- At the same time, at the Majestic Palace Hotel. -

"Haven't you found her yet!?" Wagner Hamibo was furious. "Damn sh$t! How can they not find her after so long? Are you telling me that the girl I slept with was not Ingrid, the girl that Luan is interested in, but her sister, Monica?"

"Yes, Young Master," a man in a black suit said respectfully, "As we tried to find the girl, we ended up discovering that she was actually Ingrid's older sister."

"F#ck, I want her here. Find her for me!" Wagner Hamibo said aggressively, kicking a table.

"Young Master, should we kill her?" The man asked, cautiously.

"Huh? Kill her? Are you f#cking crazy? I want to… marry her?! I mean, I want to make her my lover! She's too good to die." Wagner Hamibo said a little confused. He didn't understand why he had such a strong feeling for this girl that he only had sex with once.


Luan reached the bottom of the sea and saw the energy crystal shining. The size of the crystal was the size of a pineapple, even the shape was similar. Luan took the crystal with his hand and the crystal shone brightly because whenever an energy crystal would come into contact with a very strong energy source, it would stay active. Luan roughly assumed that this crystal had existed here for at least a thousand years.

Luan swam holding the energy crystal, heading towards where the boat was anchored. As he had not touched the anchor to the bottom of the sea, the boat ended up drifting a little, but it did not go very far, and soon Luan reached the boat. Placing the crystal on the deck, Luan climbed up into the boat.

Using his Qi to dry off, Luan thought, 'I'm just going to take another look...'

He was already satisfied to find this energy crystal, since if a formation was created using this, it would be even better than the formation he had made back at the hotel. In addition, because it was an energy crystal that was about a thousand years old, even if it ran out of energy, the crystal supplied itself with energy from Heaven and Earth.

Another thing he could do with this energy crystal was to create weapons of the Fourth Order. However, Luan had no such intention, and neither did he have the other materials necessary to create a weapon of the Fourth Order.

- Two hours later. -

"Unfortunately I didn't find anything else, but luckily I found this energy crystal," Luan murmured and decided to return to shore.

Seeing that there was no one close, instead of starting the engine, Luan took a paddle from the boat in case of emergency and started to row. The boat's speed reached almost 100 kilometers per hour with Luan rowing using only some of his strength. He ended up paddling 4 times faster than the maximum speed of the motorboat.

When Luan began to see the two islands he had seen before, he stopped rowing and started the boat's engine and headed towards where he had rented the boat.

"Mr. Luan, you came back early." The man who rented the motorboat smiled warmly when he saw Luan reach the shore.

"Yes," Luan replied with a wave.

Taking the crystal from the motorboat, Luan left. Logically, in order not to draw unnecessary attention, he did not use his Qi when handling it, or else the energy crystal would shine even more than a 60-volt lamp.

"..." The man looked strangely at what Luan was carrying, but said nothing. He thought it was better not to ask and so he remained silent while watching Luan walk away.

When Luan was out of sight, the man murmured, "What a strange boy..."


"Welcome back, Mr. Luan Dimas." As soon as she saw Luan come in through the entrance door, Samantha immediately greeted him with a welcoming smile. She felt calmer now; when she spoke to Ingrid earlier, she "discovered" that Cristina was Luan's cousin.

"I'm back." Luan greeted her and headed for the elevator.

Arriving at suite 916, Luan passed the card and the door was opened.

"Luan?! Welcome!" Ingrid, who heard the sound of the door opening, received Luan with a smile.

"En. I'm back." Luan returned the smile.

"Are you hungry?" Ingrid asked. "Cristina and I made meat soup."

"Yes, I am, thanks. I'll just put this here first and take a shower." As soon as he said that, Luan walked into his room and placed the crystal in his closet.

Minutes later, Luan returned after taking a shower and putting on a more casual outfit, being silk shorts and a black short-sleeved shirt.

Upon arriving at the kitchen, Luan helped himself to a plate of soup. While Luan ate, Ingrid and Cristina stayed in the living room.

Having finished eating the soup, Luan washed the dishes he used and went into the living room. Sitting on the couch next to Ingrid and Cristina, Luan said, "On the 5th of this month, I'm going back to Jurerê Internacional. Will you girls come with me?"

"Yes," Cristina responded immediately.

"Yes, but my mother..." Ingrid was concerned that the Zing Clan would end up doing something bad to her mother.

"I understand your concern, but you don't have to think too much about it. I wouldn't ask you to come before first solving the problem with the Zing Clan," Luan said, reassuring her.

"That's nice. In that case, I'd be willing to go with you," Ingrid said.

At the time Luan entered the Qi Refining stage, he was already confident he could get rid of the Zing Clan, but that was only with 50% certainty. Now that he had found an energy crystal, he decided to use all of the formation and create as many pills as possible and increase his physical strength to 31 or 32 times stronger than an ordinary man. If he did this, the chances of him succeeding in getting rid of the Zing Clan were about 80%.

While the two girls went to sleep, Luan went to the training room and started creating Qi Collection Pills.

Because it was dependent on the flames created from his Qi and them now being purer flames, the chances of creating Superior quality pills had increased. As for creating any Heaven and Earth quality pills, Luan did not have so much hope with the inferior materials available to him.

With the cauldron in front of him, Luan, who was sitting on the floor, used his flames while placing the ingredients to create the Qi Collection Pill. Unlike artificially created flames, Luan could create flames inside the oven and burn the impurities of medicinal herbs more proficiently.

It was almost 5 am when Luan finished using all the medicinal herbs, creating a total of 50 pills: 35 Qi Collection Pills and 15 Water Pills. Of them, 10 were Superior Qi Collection Pills and 5 were Superior Water Pills. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Because of the amount of energy he expended using the formation, it weakened the formation by a lot and it would probably last a maximum of 2 more days.

Luan took a Superior Water Pill and swallowed it. In his body, the pill started to purify the residual impurities he had. Because the pill had such a potent effect and the fact that Luan had digested poorer quality pills before, Luan felt compelled to go to the bathroom...

_ _

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{Edited by: Azurtha}

Lruska Lruska

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