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Rock Lee the Insane! original

Rock Lee the Insane!

Author: Haven_of_books

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Chapter 1: God Comes to Visit


Lying down inside of a dark room, a young boy that looked extremely sickly was lying in his bed. In front of his bed was a television which showed a scene of a man with huge eyebrows puncturing his chest with his thumb.

The man while running then looked up towards what looked to be a godly being looking down at him with interest.

And with a roar the man who seemed to want to defy this god began to go on the assault. With punches that tore and broke his very being, he laid into the god seemingly coming out on top of the exchange.

But the young man in his bed couldn't help feel his breathing start to slowly fall away from his control. With every broken bone in the mans body, the young one began to die.

And with a barrage of punches capable of sending pillars of air pressure towards the godly being, the man finally broke through his defense and injured him. And with those crumbling defenses, the young mans breathing had also ceased to proceed normally.

Now suffocating, the young man didn't seem to mind it at all as he watched his idol get into a stance he had seen millions of times.


Causing the air around him to fly away from him from the sheer pressure emitting from himself. His comrades couldn't help but look at him with confusion and awe.

The mans student who had promised to burn this scene into his eyes had even raised up a level of his sensei's technique just to endure it. And with time, the mans aura had began to twist and turn as if something was wanting to emerge and destroy the enemy in front of him.

Taking the shape of a dragon, the aura and the man both stared directly at the god. The combined action of the two could have been a representation of the man becoming a dragon.

"I, Madara, declare you the strongest!" The god said in excitement as his blood has began to boil at this new dragons power.

"FLOW!" The dragon yelled before running at speeds that his comrades could not see. In their eyes, it could only be considered a flash of deadly red.

Madara seeing this attack widened his eyes in fear of his life. He wanted to dodge; but the dragons attack was so powerful that it bended the space around him entrapping him.

Readying his staff, He prepared to take the blow head on in hopes of surviving it. And as the kick finally landed and began to dig Madara back, the lack of oxygen inside of his brain made the young man pass out.


Fortunately or Unfortunately for our main character. He didn't die but was instead saved.


Waking up, he looked to his left and saw a man that looked exactly like a guy from a certain anime. Noticing the young mans attention, the man stretched lazily in the wooden chair next to his bed before tugging lightly on his suits collar.

His suit was an unnatural black which had started to make the boy feel uncomfortable. Noticing his discomfort the god opened his mouth to speak.


Immediately after speaking a sentence too loud for him to make out, the young mans ears had burst and his Brain had extreme damage. Passing out yet again, the god looked at the damage he caused in shock before signing.

Sending a beam of extremely dark light inside of the kid, he healed up all the damage he did effortlessly. Once awake, the kid immediately went into panic remembering the pain he experienced.

"Ooaaah...." The kid began to sound out while holding his head in pain. Once the pain resided, he looked over to left once again and muttered some words.

"What are you?"

Raising his eyebrow, the familiar faced man looked at the television with a thoughtful expression before moving his gaze back towards him. And with a smirk, he calmly replied to his question.

"I'm God. Or at least the closest thing to one kid." He said smugly before pointing towards the kid with interest inside his eyes.

"Say kid, do you feel that your life is a complete waste? I'd carefully think your answer over too...." A light of remorse then flashed through his eyes. "I don't like liars you see."

"...." Still afraid of the being in front of him, he nervously swallowed before answering. "Yes, I do."

Scanning his face for lies, God seemed to nod before another light flashed through his eyes. And as if realizing something was off, he looked towards the kid in confusion.

"Say kid? Why are you the only human in a 10 km radius? I mean, I get the being alone thing. But a kid your age really shouldn't be walking down the path of a NEET ya know."

"I'm not a NEET." The kid immediately denied with a flat expression causing the God to smirk. "I'm dying."

Still smirking and unfazed, the God scanned his body making him shiver. It felt like his whole entire being was naked in front of the entity.

"Hoooh?" The God sounded out before looking at the kid with the same smirk. "You smoke kid? Because that's some serious cancer you got in those lungs kid. But not just that, you where born prematurely right?"

Immediately realizing this God was a dick and had a sense of humor. The kid lowered his guard a bit and smirked towards the God.

"How did you know I was premature?" He asked casually while weakly moving his hand towards a bottle present in his bedside. Noticing his lack of ability to reach it, he sighed before looking at God for help.

Noticing him asking for help, God gave him the glass with a remorse full look. And as he brought the glass to his lips to take a sip, God said something which made him feel weird.

"My daughter was born prematurely....." The god said in a uncomfortable and saddening tone. Taking notice of his mood, he decided to change up the subject.

"You asked why I'm out here alone right?" The kid asked making the God look at him once again. Smiling bitterly, the young one looked at the water inside of the cup.

"They sent me here to die." He said while closing his eyes. "They couldn't afford to waste their time on a bastard son that was already weak. I was probably kicked out here just because of the money they had to blow on me for my cancer treatment."

"I mean I kind of understand where they are coming from. They have a perfectly fine and bright child who's actually legitimate to take over their businesses now. If I had to deal with a sickly child who was just blowing away money....."

Looking towards the television; he saw the man who was once a dragon slowly turning to ash. "I would probably do the same....."


Noticing the Gods silence, he slowly moved his eyes towards him. What he saw and witnessed would probably still scare him for days to come. A chilly and oppressive aura came out of the God as his eyes where fully blacked out.

And with a cold and angry tone, he said one word.


"Theresa Banks, Richard Banks." He unconsciously replied due to the aura bearing down on him.

And with a deadly and cold smile, The god chuckled a bit before suddenly returning to normal. The aura around him had also went back to its home which was himself.

"They're dead now." He said causally causing the kid to flinch.

"....." The kid was shocked at the gods words and just stared at him. 'Isn't God supposed to be merciful?'

"What kid?" The God said in an annoyed tone. "They simply irked me that's all."

'Oh yeah..... God's are also wrathful.....'

God then moved his gaze towards the show on the screen and raised an eyebrow. "Naruto huh? I guess that could work."

"What could work?" The kid asked in confusion clearly unable to read his actions.

Turning his gaze back towards the kid, he smirked before asking a question.

"What's your favorite character in Naruto kid? And at what age would you like to reincarnate into them?" God asked while staring at the kid intently. 'If you pick Orochimaru, I'll erase your soul right here and now.'

Shocked at the implications of God's question. His face immediately turned serious before spitting out his choice.

"Rock Lee, age 5 please." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_18295443305091405/god-comes-to-visit_49128329780979228">!_18295443305091405/god-comes-to-visit_49128329780979228</a> for visiting.

'Rock L-.... oh yeah sick body and all.' God thought to himself before casually swiping his hand causing a tear in space to form. 'Well I got stuff to do so I might as well make this quick.'

Searching through the infinite amount of realities and worlds, he soon found the world of Naruto and its original timeline. He simply copy and pasted the entirety of the world creating an alternate but exact copy of the time line.

He of course didn't want to affect the original timeline of Naruto since that would cause immense chaos. And he didn't want to deal with said chaos

Finding a time when Lee was biologically 5 years old. He frowned as he saw that the original Lee was unconscious.

Next to him where 3 older children chucking and making jokes about beating him up for money next week. 'These kids go, they'll die in their first mission and gennins anyway. Plus they harmed the body I'll be using for my experiment....'

Casually erasing them from all existing timelines, he brought his attention to Lee and decided to erase his soul as well. There was already so many existing souls of the same people, he didn't really care anymore.

Now ready to implant the kids soul inside of Rock Lee, he looked towards the kid with a smirk. 'Hope you turn out alright kid, sending a mortal soul through multiple realities is..... harmful.... to say the least.'

"Get ready kid, this is going to hurt like a bitch.'


Turning the kids body into atoms, he grabbed the soul and gave it a protective barrier before throwing it towards the body of Rock Lee. Already giving his spell the intent, he casually closed the portal and teleported away to some place unknown to mortal eyes.

But on the television, the man turning to ashes soon was saved by a blonde hair kid. Putting his hand on top of the mans chest, he managed to light the flame that was fading in his heart again.

And that was a flame of life. But I feel that the man would call it.....



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