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Antabella's Conditions - Rome: Beginning with the Commander of the Legion - Chapter 5 by PIPI full book limited free

Chapter 5: Antabella's Conditions

Although angry, Cateus had no plans to punish Brian.

The entire 13th Army has been stationed here for several years.

According to the requirements of the Senate, it was not possible to attack Gaul on the initiative in order to prevent a war between Rome and the Gaul tribes.

After the Mario reforms, the Senate was to prevent the generals from supporting themselves.

All possible foreign wars are prohibited.

Therefore, the 13th Army has been stationed here for several years and has not been able to capture slaves. Until half a year ago, Brian came here to serve as the deputy commander of the army.

Arrested some Gaul nomads who were alone.

The Senate has repeatedly asked about this matter.

Brian claimed to arrest the Gaul soldiers who attempted to attack the legion.

Moreover, as the son of the Kota family, Brian has a very high network of contacts in the Senate and has a marriage relationship with the current consul Caesar (the uncle of Caesar the Great).

Every time the Senate mentioned this matter, it became a little muddy, and then it was gone.

And not only the 13th Legion but also other regiments close to the barbarian in the empire, such things also happen from time to time.

You must know that every legion commander is a senator in the Senate.

So Brian has dozens of supporters invisible.

"You immediately take someone to ask Brian. What is he going to do with the strength of the three brigades?"

The legion commander Kateus was still a little worried, so he said to a legion civic officer beside him.

It is no big deal to arrest hundreds of Gaul slaves.

At most, go to the Senate for wrangling.

But Brian took away the troops of the three brigades.

This guy doesn't really plan to attack the Gaul tribe actively, right?

You know, the Gaul tribe across the Red River Valley has a population of more than 200,000.

It is easy to gather 50,000 to 60,000 troops.

Even if the Roman Legion is strong, it is difficult to fight against 10 times its own strength.

If the Red River Valley and the Gaul tribe on the opposite side, concentrated tribal forces to pounce, the 13th Army may not be able to withstand it.

Even if it is defeated, it will definitely be a miserable victory.

Cateus could not bear the responsibility of rushing into war.

So now he has to figure out what exactly Brian wants to do?

At this moment, Brian continued to have a YunYu with Antabella.

"Now you can tell me your secret!"

Brian grabbed Antabella's clean chin with one hand and said, while the other hand was playing with the soft breast in front of the group of soldiers.

"Okay! I'm telling you now, my father Rolctos is seriously ill, the wizard in the tribe said he can't see the sun next month."

Antabella spoke without any emotional fluctuations but held Brian tightly in her arms.

The chief of the opposite tribe is dying. This is indeed an important message.

However, it is difficult to shake a tribe with such a population based on the strength of the 13th Legion alone.

What's more, now Brian is only the deputy commander of the army, and the power he can mobilize is extremely limited.

Although he knew that the other party's chief was dying, it didn't make much sense to Brian.

Brian motioned to the other party to continue.

"I, Antabella, also has the right to inherit the tribe!"

Antabella used her small hand to draw circles on Brian's chest.

"You mean, you want to be the chief of this Gaul tribe?"

"Well! As long as you support me, I will definitely become the chief of this tribe."

Antabella knew that this was her last chance.

If the man in front of her sold her as a slave, she would never have the opportunity to return to Gaul in the future. It would be even more nonsense to become the leader of the tribe.

But now that she is caught by Brian, it is both a crisis and an opportunity for her.

The Roman soldiers of this era can crush all the barbarians around.

If she can get Brian's support, it will greatly increase the possibility of her becoming the heir of the tribe. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-conditions_55523167002750894">;s-conditions_55523167002750894</a> for visiting.

"Then what will I do?"

Brian is a realistic person, without interest, he will never make a move.

"You can get me and a tribe with a population of more than 200,000!"

"When I defeat the Gaul tribe, I can still get your tribe!"

Brian has always had his own plans.

That is to become the emperor of the entire Roman Republic. The first step must start with the conquest of Gaul, just as Caesar did.

After conquering Gaul's victory, he returned to Rome and easily gained control of Rome.

To conquer Gaul is something Brian will do sooner or later.

"Deputy Commander Brian, you seem to be just a deputy commander of a legion. If you want to defeat our tribe, it will take at least 2 to 3 years."

Before, Antabella had already known Brian's identity and official position.

With the current identity of Brian, it is indeed necessary to perform a wave of operations (first Gao died the commander of the army) to defeat the high-rise tribe in front of him.

"And I can shorten this time for you, and when I master the entire tribe, I will provide you with a steady stream of personnel and gold."

"You have seen that there is a very large gold mine in this valley."

Brian was lost in thought at this time.

"Dingdong! Please choose"

"1. Reject the other party's proposal, accept him as a female slave, and reward him with 200 points."

"2. Reject the other party's proposal, sell it, and reward 1 attribute point."

"3. Agree to the other party's proposal, cooperate with it, return it to Gaul, and award 1,000 points."

The safest way at the moment is to directly deny the other party's proposal and accept it as a slave girl or sell it. Of course, the reward is extremely limited.

As for the third option, it is to agree to Antabella's proposal. Although it is accompanied by extremely high risks, the benefits are also very high.

Let alone the 1,000 points, if the population of the Gaul tribe can be drawn to 10,000 or 20,000 people to mine gold.

Then Brian can use the funds to quickly master the 13th Army.

After thinking about it for a long time, Brian chose 3.

"Very good! I accept your offer! From now on, you are no longer my slave, but my collaborator, Miss Antabella!"

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