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100% Rooh e yaram / Chapter 1: WoW

WoW - Rooh e yaram - Chapter 1 by Zameer_Haider full book limited free

Rooh e yaram Rooh e yaram original

Rooh e yaram

Author: Zameer_Haider

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Chapter 1: WoW

This scene is from Ras Al Khaimah, a very large city in Dubai. This city is also called Ras Al Khaimah because there are small houses with observations from the tents

Which are on the beach

He did not come to do such small things himself but at that time the question was his loft hand sharf

He who has been with her since childhood has been an equal participant in everything she does.

He could not leave her alone today. He was in a large prison in Dubai at the time. His loyal companion could not leave the one who killed him like this

It was true that Dawn had no love for him, no heartfelt attachment to him. He was encouraged to give his life for him and Dawn needed such people

It was one o'clock at night. The city of Ras Al Khaimah was as desolate and quiet during the day as it was full of lights at night

And Dawn was often accustomed to doing his work in the light because he knew that sin kills the car, not his sin but his way of hiding sin

That is why he did everything openly and did not make any mistake in any of his work

Maybe that's why at the age of 32 he was an underworld cardan. As soon as he stepped into the world of sins, Dawn spilled insects somewhere in this city called Dawn

The baby of Dubai knew Don Dadiol but no one knew his shape

He worked so neatly and cleverly that Khidr did not even know the standing

Sharaf was not innocent, he also sinned somewhere but he did not do what was being blamed for him and Dawn did not approve that anyone on his team should be targeted in this way

He had nothing to do with people he meant, neither friendship nor enmity but

Wasiq Malik had loaded him from the front, accused him of his loft hand sharf and got him inside the jail and that was what was bothering Don

Wasiq Malik, who had threatened him on the phone that he would take Sharif to the gallows. At that time he was hiding in one of these small houses

He had told Wasiq Malik that it was better to come forward and talk to him than to hide, but he did not believe Wasiq Malik, which is why Sharif has been in jail for more than a week today

He was Dawn's lift hand. He had no shortage of anything in prison. C 'TV' bed was Dawn's special servant. Everything was provided to him

But more than prison, Dawn needed it here, which is why he had to be out

He came out of a narrow alley and entered a house where some of his men sat on the ground with a man with guns on his head

He came quietly and sat on the sofa, with no impression on his face

Wasiq Malik took a small look and looked at his face. Sneak black hair which was covered in the forehead even though it was tied in a pony at the back. Red and white color. Green eyes light beard a little sprain. That's when He used to talk, a dimple would be visible on his cheek. But this man was not laughing to this day, anyone who saw the dimple of his cheek was talking to him

Indeed, he will be doomsday even if the Arab prince laughs

When there were no cutting times, he did not want to bark. He spoke to Sean Bayanazi sitting on the sofa in front of him

So far, his time in front of Wasiq Malik Kodan has been well estimated

He had come to such a small area and sat in hiding, but Dawn also found him here

Excuse me, Devil, I made a mistake. I will do as you say. Please don't kill me

As soon as he realized that he could no longer escape Dawn, he began to cry

You need proof, don't I just give you proof that my man is innocent. He quickly got up from the ground when his men pressed the gun and put it back

What do you think if I could get here? Is it difficult for me to get evidence from you? He started asking with his eyes in his eyes

By the way, it has worked very neatly. You liked the way you work. The country was feeling its fun flying in its tone

What do you think is that it is difficult for me to get rid of Sharaf. No, I can get him out of jail whenever I want. Such he said with two fingers of his hand, flirting in front of his eyes

You know why I'm looking for you in the land of Wasiq, not for Sharaf but for the girls whose video you have

The girls are in Bahethafah Turkey but their cover videos are still with you today

I'm not here for Sharaf, but these girls Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Remove the original print of this video in front of me and do the rest yourself. You only have 10 minutes now

He said, rolling his eyes in her eyes

But now there's nothing I can do. That video has been released on the site. Now the crooked people will have seen it

Is this your last decision? Dawn put a gun to his head and cut his word

Don't wait I do something Don't kill me He started begging again

Ten minutes Dawn's tone was brutal

And then the man standing in front of him began to show his deeds. This man was willing to do anything to save his life. He would call one side with trembling hands, sometimes on the other side. While his men were searching his house.

Because the record of all his men was very clear and he did not want any such false evidence against Sharaf

And then within ten minutes, the same thing happened to these girls from every other video site of all kinds

The girls who came here for a honeymoon with their husband after the wedding. The country intended to make a lot of money by installing cameras in hotel rooms and making videos of them

The couples probably didn't even know what was going to happen to them. But Devil knew he knew how his life could be ruined

Devil, I have done all kinds of print remo but he stopped

But what. ? He ran angrily

A print of these videos has been delivered to Pakistan. Hearing this, Devil glanced at Kharaye Khidr on his right who said that his country is very clean and very good. There is no cover in his country. But Now Pakistan was also running along with the world Khidr could not get his eyes off it No matter, I will get out of Pakistan. A week later, Siddique's daughter Masoomah is coming here. I will tell her she will bring it. Khidr offered a solution. So Dawn got up and stood up and now he has no work here. Was

Then he turned back and came back in front of her and stopped

You know, people who have no one of their respect the mother and daughters of others, but today you have proved that this is completely wrong

The girls you made that video of were also starting their lives. Just think if that video had reached these girls, would they ever be able to look at themselves in life?

Steal, rob, kill, but Devil will not allow adultery

You were a good man he stopped

There were butts

Before giving the country a chance to understand the story, the bullet went to Chile and the existence of the front became lifeless

She woke up at seven in the morning. The work was so much longer today than it was in the day, that she didn't even have time to read the contemporary. There was no opportunity to breathe from the morning. She was getting ready inside with her two sisters Tania Maria There was a pleasure in his hand

She had been dragged into the kitchen since morning. All she had to do was leave the house before three o'clock because Amy had ordered that her form not show to anyone until the relatives left. It was so small that no one could sit in hiding There were only two rooms in the whole house, one where their daughters Rania Tania and Maria lived, the other room where Amy lived, and the third kitchen was such a small house that the person standing outside could see the whole room

So Amy ordered that as soon as the food was made and all the work was done, she would get up quickly and go to Fatima B's house

Because she didn't want her stepdaughter to ruin her daughters' work again. She had been in a daze since morning. And it was a coincidence today that my mother had not slapped her in the morning

She was only allowed to go to Fatima Bibi's house wherein the afternoon she read the Qur'an to the children whose Fatima Bibi paid her mother

In addition, the parents of the child parents would have given him something if he had no use in the existence of the soul, then when would the organization have taken him out of this house

After all, she was a child by her husband's deception

Her husband had two marriages. The first marriage was to an organization of which he had three daughters. In case he did not have a son, he married a second marriage but in secret from the organization

When the organization found out, it was too late, son, he did not even have another wife, just an unseen being came into the soul

That innocent girl loved everyone but no one loved her here except Fatima Bibi

That innocent girl had lost her childhood. She was 19 years old. She matriculated in the government school but could not continue her academic career. She wanted to read, she wanted to be something but she couldn't do anything

There was no love in his part if there was anything then the slap of three sisters or Amy they would make their mark on his face at the rate of dozens a day

The inferior girl did not even love herself. She was allowed to go to Fatima Bibi's house only because she gave her mother five thousand rupees a month

Fatima Bibi knew what was going on in this house with her. The soul came to her from childhood that she was very dear to that lovely girl

His mother's name was Noor. And his father did not love him. His mother named him Roh Noor, meaning that she was his mother's soul. It took away the memories of his childhood. Just a few days When his mother left him in the stumbling blocks of the world, his father left forever. He didn't mean to pick her up and bring her to her stepmother one loves stepchildren too. Her father never looked at her with love and at the age of seven she became an orphan

Her stepmother, who was a little afraid of her husband not saying anything to her, ended up taking away her childhood at the age of seven. The organization said in clear words that the bread of free. You will not get to work seven-year-old child who can't even change his clothes. The soul picked up the Jaro in his small hands. He was not allowed to sit down and eat. He who survives gets the same food

She didn't cry, she was used to all these things

She was not allowed to make a sound, she was also human, she also got angry but when she got angry she would throw herself out

Amy's little room had just one bed, she had a sleeping space on the ground

She did not know when she had this mat, but since she was asleep she had been given this cracked old mat

Until Matriculation, which was a government school in his neighborhood, it was also the kindness of Fatima Bibi who prayed for her mother and got her into school. She was very good at reading. If she keeps reading like this, something can happen when she passed the matriculation at the age of 15, Amy said that she would learn the workings of the house, what she learned, everything came to her

She had been doing everything since childhood. But she was not allowed to speak in front of anyone. If a guest or a relative came into her house by mistake, she would think that maybe this girl is dumb

Her youngest sister Maria was also 6 years older than her and the three were still virgins. Before that, a relationship came to Rania, but when they saw the soul in front, they said that we have to marry her if you If approved After which the soul did not know how many wounds were on the poor's body. Amy would start hitting him on the talk. That's why my daughter's relationship broke up with what came before her

She was crying, but she cried all night about who she heard, and the insensitive woman whom people called mother slept unawarely

She knew she had no one in the world and Fatima Bibi was just prose. She would just put five thousand rupees in her name on her mother's palm. She was allowed to stay out of the house for an hour. Not only did Fatima Bibi want to go home and somewhere, she only shared her sorrow with Fatima Bibi and seeing her wounds, that merciful woman often cried and says

The day is not far away when a prince will come into your life and take you out of this world and take you with him. Will give you happiness will fulfill your every wish. Hearing their words, she would laugh

Princes come into the life of princesses Fatima Bibi

No prince would come into my life if he had come

to be continued

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